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I haven’t done a Video Flashback in ages. Sorry about that, been busy and what not. So without further waiting, I bring you this “classic” video from Dissertation Proposal On Employee Retention. off their first album for the song “All My Balloons” (Tooth & Nail Records). Which Children 18:3 album is your favorite?

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Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Dissertation Or Thesis On Robotics. and make sure to leave lots of comments telling the band how much you loved their music. Does Homework Help Learning.

I am a little late on today’s Video Flashback and I do apologize. Today’s Video in the Video Flashback series is “Paperthin Hymn” by the band Delimitation In A Doctoral Dissertation Proposal. . This song appears on the band’s 2005 Tooth & Nail release, “Never Take Friendship Personal”. How many Anberlin fans do we have here? Dissertation Fill In.

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Driver Eight and their song “Strange”. The album “Watermelon” was released on Tooth & Nail Records back in 1996. They only released one album then called it quits. It was a shame because they had major potential to be the next huge alt-rock band. I did see them a few times during their run and they were a fabulous live band. Hey Tooth & Nail, I really hope you’re planning a 20th Anniversary Fest down here in Orange County next year ;) Bring back some of these bands just for one night.

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Today’s Video Flashback is from Thesis A. ]

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Today’s Video Flashback is from Officer Negative. The first video is “End of the Beginning” (1996 Screaming Giant Records). The second video is from their recent reunion show last summer at The Stronghold. The quality on the Screaming Giant music videos were always kind of lo-fi since they were filmed in house by the G-Rock crew.

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Today’s Video Flashback is from Us Essay Writing Services go. with their 2006 song “You Decide” off “The Healing of Harms” (Flicker Records 2006). The band has come a long way (for better or worse) since their early days. Celebrate the music of Fireflight and make sure you pick up their latest album “Now” wherever music is sold. Many Benefits Of Community Service Essay.

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Watashi Wa with their song “All of Me” off the album “The Love of Life” (2003 Tooth & Nail Records). Members of this band have gone to play with Eager Seas, Lakes and Bonnie Dune. Seth even played guitar for Mxpx on a few tours. I hosted a show with this band back in 2001 before they signed with T&N and when they were still working with Bettie Rocket. Great guys with some of the best music around. They released two full lengths on Bettie Rocket, one full length on Tooth & Nail (there was a second full length on T&N under the ‘Watashi Wa’ name but it was originally meant as an Eager Seas release). Such solid music from a talented band.

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Today’s Video Flashback is from Detroit Ska band, , and their song “Jigsaw” from the 1998 album “Fight Of My Life” (KMG Records). The band recently announced that they have begun recording their new album, “The Sinner’s Songbook” which will hopefully see a release later this year.

Dakota Motor Co – Stand Up

Today’s Video Flashback is from the female led Alt-Rock band from the early 90’s, Dakota Motor Co. The song is “Stand Up”, off their “Welcome Race Fans” album (1994 Myrrh Records). The band released two major full lengths with original singer, Davia before she eventually quit and a new singer was brought in for their final album in 1996 (Atlantic Records). The members of this group have all gone on to do other things and music endeavors. Look them up.


Today’s Video Flashback is from Mxpx. I am featuring two songs/videos by them, one in 1995 “Teenage Politics” (From ‘Teenage Politics’ Tooth & Nail Records), and the other 2005 “Heard That Sound” (From ‘Panic’ Side One Dummy Records). I first got into this band in 1994 with their Pokinatcha album after some random dude recommend that I check out the cd at a Christian bookstore when I was in high school. I have followed them through each subsequent release over the years and have seen them multiple times live. So many good memories listening to Mxpx tunes. In celebration of my Birthday today (I’m 34!), check out these two videos and re-live the glory days. Enjoy! “Plans Within Plans” is available in stores now. Happy 20th anniversary Mxpx.

Acceptance – Different

Today’s Video Flashback is from the well loved and appreciated band, Acceptance. The song “Different” appeared on the “Phantoms” album (2005 Columbia Records).

Kids in the Way – Apparitions of Melody

Today’s Video Flashback is from Kids in the Way for their song “Apparitions of Melody” (2005 Flicker Records). Does anyone know what happened to the band’s reunion comeback?

Demon Hunter – Not Ready to Die

I know we already had a Video Flashback earlier this morning from Squad 5-0 but I felt that in celebration of Demon Hunter’s new album “True Defiance”, we’d offer a double dose of Video Flashback just for today. I have posted the Demon Hunter music video for “Not Ready to Die” off “Summer of Darkness” (2004 Solid State Records) and the band’s new video for “My Destiny” off “True Defiance” which released today April 10th. Enjoy both and let’s talk about our favorite Demon Hunter moments over the past 10 years! Pick up the band’s new album “True Defiance” now wherever good music is sold.

Squad 5-0 – I Don’t Want to Change the World

Today’s video flashback is from Squad 5-0 and their song “I Don’t Want to Change the World” (‘Self Titled’ 2002 Tooth & Nail Records). The band went through so many different phases over their run as a band and this is a fine example of their high points. The band will be reuniting this summer for Cornerstone Festival.


Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Thrice. Since the band is going on an extended hiatus this year, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at some of their videos over the years. The band has come a long way since their early “Identity Crisis” days. What album is your favorite? (“Deadbolt” Music Video – Embedding Not Allowed)

Pennylane – Riverside Waiting

Today’s Video Flashback is actually from one of the bands I worked with back in 2004. The band Pennylane from the great state of Hawaii released an independent “demo” that I really dug and thought it was catchy enough to re-release (and re-master) as “From Paradise to Parking Lots” back in the summer of 2004. The album quickly went out of print but you can download it here. Two members of this band went on to form The Relay, who are working on their debut right now. Singer, David Tamaoka, also released a solo ep a few years back that you can find on iTunes.

Starflyer 59 – A Housewife Love Song

Today’s Video Flashback is from the long running indie rock band, Starflyer 59. The song is “A Housewife Love Song” from the “Gold” album (1995 Tooth & Nail Records). I have also posted the video “No New Kinda Story” (2000 Tooth & Nail Records) below for a double shot this morning. Such a great band with a rich history of music recordings.

Relient K

Today’s Video Flashback is from Relient K and features five videos. First video is “Must Have Done Something Right” off the album “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” (Capitol 2007). I love this song. The second song is “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” off “Mhmmm” (2004 Gotee/Capitol). The third song is “Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like…” (2003 Gotee Records). Third video is “Pressing On” off “Anatomy of Tongue and Cheek”. Finally, the fifth video is “Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend off their 2000 “Self Titled” release (Gotee Records). It’s cool to see how far this band has come over the years.

Spoken – Promise

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Spoken for their song “Promise” off the 2003 release “Moment of Imperfect Clarity” (Tooth & Nail Records). This is a great, feel good song by Spoken and ranks as my favorite (of theirs). Check the video out below. I also posted a super old music video from Spoken for their song “Forevermore” off the “Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell” to give a taste of their pre-Tooth & Nail days. The band has also begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new album.

Man Alive – Say What You Want

Today’s Video Flashback is from Man Alive. This Israel based pop-punk band and I go way back. I remember carrying their early albums in my store and connecting with them through email. The band even played my “I’m Biggest Fan Vol. 2” show back in 2002 here in Orange County (no, they were not on I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 unfortunately). “Foreign Concepts” was my first introduction to the band back in 2001 (I still have the album). I followed them through each label they signed to and finally to The Militia Group which put out “Open Surgery” back in 2005. This song “Say What You Want” appeared on the album. The band went on to release their “Self Titled” album in 2008 on Israeli label, High Fiber (find it on iTunes). The band is currently on hiatus and members are currently doing their own projects now.

Training for Utopia – Two Hands

Today’s Video Flashback is from Training for Utopia for their song “Two Hands” off “Plastic Soul Impalement” (1998 Solid State Records). This was the band Ryan Clark fronted before starting the whole Demon Hunter craze. Prior to that, he was in the band Focal Point which released a 7″ and full length on Tooth & Nail before calling it quits. Ryan’s brother Don Clark (Invisible Creature) was also in TFU. A little knowledge drop on you kids ;) [Wikipedia for TFU]

Strongarm – Trials

Today’s Video Flashback is from Strongarm for their song “Trials” off the “Atonement” album (1995 Tooth & Nail Records). This was the album that got me into the band the first time. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform on two different occasions with original vocalist back in the mid-90s and they were an explosive spirit-filled band. I loved these guys. This song/album features original vocalist Jason Berggren. Baggy pants for the win ;)

Jars of Clay – Crazy Times

Today’s Video Flashback is from world renowned Christian rock band, Jars of Clay, and their song “Crazy Times” off the “Much Afraid” album (1997 Essential Records). This band has come a long way and their sound is constantly changing over time to what it is today. Everyone has their own favorite Jars albums and mine just happen to be the few they put out in the 90’s. Of course don’t get me wrong, their new stuff is good too ;)

Further Seems Forever – The Sound

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Further Seems Forever and their song “The Sound” off of “How to Start a Fire” (2003 Tooth & Nail Records). This version of FSF featured vocalist Jason Gleason taking over the reigns from Chris Carrabba who went on to do bigger things with his band Dashboard Confessional. I was going to post the “Snowbirds and Townies” video but I always found it weird watching Jason pretend to sing over Chris’s vocals in the video. ha. This band also recently reunited with Chris back on vocals and word is coming soon about their plans….

The O.C. Supertones – Supertones Strike Back

Today’s double dose Saturday Video Flashback is from The O.C. Supertones and their song “Supertones Strike Back” from the album of the same name, “Supertones Strike Back” (1997 BEC Recordings). If you don’t know who The OC Supertones are, this is a perfect introduction.

Slick Shoes – Alone

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Slick Shoes and their song “Alone” off the “Self Titled” 2002 release on Tooth & Nail Records. The band had/has such a catchy pop-punk sound as evidenced on this track. Their Tooth & Nail albums were all great. It’s also interesting to note that when the band released their first ep on T&N, the singer (Ryan) was only 14! Crazy. The band has recently reunited and have begun playing shows. There is even talk of a new album.

Blindside – Pitiful

Today’s Video Flashback comes from Sweden based Post-Hardcore band, Blindside, and their song “Pitiful” (from “Silence” 2002 Atlantic Records). So many different viewpoints and opinions arise when talking about Blindside and their vast collection of music over the years. My personal favorite is still this album, although the 2011 release is also quite good. Discuss your favorite Blindside albums and how this band shaped your musical taste, below. Also, in case you missed last years’ video for “Our Love Saves Us”, you can find that below too.

Poor Old Lu – All Pretty For the TV

Today’s Video Flashback comes from the Alt-Rock band, Poor Old Lu, which released several (awesome) albums in the early to late 90’s on Alarma Records. The band attempted a short lived come back of sorts in 2002 with their Tooth & Nail album “The Waiting Room”. The band featured brothers Aaron Sprinkle (Fair/Rose Blossom Punch/Studio Producer/Solo) and Jesse Sprinkle (has gone on to play in bands like Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Morellas Forest, Serene, and solo work), Nick Barber (also of Fair), and Scott Hunter. The band were true pioneers but mostly were unknown outside the confines of the underground Christian market. This song “All Pretty For the TV” appeared on the band’s “Mindsize” album (1993 Alarma Records). “Sin” and “Mindsize” were some of my first “Christian” alt-rock purchases in the early 90’s while I was in high school after discovering the “scene” (again). Such a great band.

Olivia the Band – Saturday

Today’s video flashback is from the Hawaiian pop-punk band, Olivia the Band. The song is “Saturday” off their “Self Titled” 2005 release (Provident/Sony BMG). I talked with these guys on multiple occasions and caught them live. They were a great band and great guys from one of my favorite states, Hawaii. Enjoy!

Living Sacrifice – Reject

Today’s Video Flashback is from a metal band most of would consider to be “Legends” of the music scene. They have a rich history and talent that many bands half their age wish they possessed. Many will argue about which Living Sacrifice album is their favorite and even my personal preference is slowly changing. Discuss this great band and their many contributions to the music scene, below. By the way, the song is “Reject” from the “Reborn” album (1997 Solid State Records).

Beloved – Aimless Endeavor

Today’s Video Flashback is the track “Aimless Endeavor” from the band Beloved off their 2003 Solid State release, “Failure On”. This band really perfected a style that is so prevalent in today’s music scene, yet they did it almost 10 years ago. The band was short lived however, releasing only an ep through Vindicated Records (later re-released by Solid State) and the one full length “Failure On”.

Five Iron Frenzy – Handbook for the Sellout

Today’s Video Flashback is from Five Iron Frenzy for their song/video “Handbook for the Sellout” taken from the album “Our Newest Album Ever” (1997 5 Minute Walk Records). There were only a few Five Iron Frenzy music videos made and this is one of them. This album and “Electric Boogaloo 2” rank as my favorite FIF releases. Check out the video below.

Off the Record – Death of Me

I am giving you a double dose of Video Flashback today since it’s Saturday and I am sure many of us are bored ;) Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Off the Record. This band released one album on Tooth & Nail Records (Remember When) before splitting and then signed with New School Records. They released a full length “Mulligan” (2002) and their finest release to date the “Nothing New” ep which released in 2004. This band had that So. Cal. skate punk sound down and really started going places with their last and final ep. This song “Death of Me” is off “Nothing New” ep (2004 New School Records).

Black Eyed Sceva – Justified

Today’s Video Flashback is from 90’s alt-rock band, Black Eyed Sceva for their song “Justified” from the album “Way Before the Flood” (1995 Five Minute Walk Records). Video is a little grainy as it appears someone either recorded from a VHS or filmed their TV. This band still ranks high on my list of favorite acts from the 90’s in the Christian rock scene. They released “Way Before the Flood” and an EP before changing their name to “Model Engine” and then released “Lean Years Tradition” in 97′. The band had some of the most intelligent, well thought out lyrics from any “Christian” band that I had heard. Check them out although you won’t be able to buy their music on iTunes, yet.

Stretch Arm Strong – For the Record

Today’s Video Flashback comes in the form of “For the Record” by hardcore band, Stretch Arm Strong. The song appears on the band’s 2001 Solid State Records release, “A Revolution Transmission”.

Dogwood – Building a Better Me

Today’s Video Flashback is from the band Dogwood with their video/song “Building a Better Me”. The song appears on the band’s album of the same name, “Building a Better Me” (2000 Tooth & Nail Records).

Stavesacre – An Eclipsing

Today’s Video Flashback is actually a double dose and comes in the form of two song froms Stavesacre. The song/video for “An Eclipsing” appeared on the band’s second album for Tooth & Nail titled “Absolutes” (1997). The second song/video is “It’s Beautiful Once You’re Out Here” off the 2006 release “How to Live With a Curse” (Abacus/Century Media). There is almost a 10 year break between these two videos so I thought i’d give you a double shot of awesome. If you’ve never heard of Stavesacre, I encourage you to check them out and pick up an album or two.

Project 86 – One Armed Man

I am going to start a new feature here at IVM called “Video Flashback”. It’ll just be a simple video from the past that will hopefully strike up some conversation and good memories. Today’s Video Flashback is Project 86 “One Armed Man”. I will try to post these daily. The song appears on the Project 86 album “Drawing Black Lines” (2000).