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Song of the Day: Rich Mullins - While The Nations Rage

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Indiana’s Richard Wayne Mullins is a vital part of the Christian music industry. Besides penning & performing one of the best worship songs of all time, “Awesome God”, he also was a very talented musician who was proficient with the piano & the dulcimer which can be heard on many of his songs. His first couple albums did not gather much radio play, but The World As Best As I Remember It Vol 1 & 2 garnished many songs heard all over the radio at the time. My first cd was actually his Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth. His lyrics were provocative & focused on his faith (he grew up as a Quaker”. This review is also long coming as his death occurred about 10 miles from where I live. I was in the military at the time & missed his funeral, but his impact lasted on me for my lifetime. I also cannot leave out the Ragamuffin concept that I first heard of from Rich. Although he has many songs which I would consider as some of the best in CCM, today’s SOTD was picked partially due to its Resurrection day lyrics & how we don’t have to worry about this world’s fighting’s & struggles. No matter how it appears, Jesus still is alive & all will face Him one day & His love needs to shine bright in this darkened world.


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April 20, 2021 10:11 am

I’m assuming you didn’t mean to give this one a 1/5 haha.

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