IVM Releases

Fighting From The Ground Up Vol. 3

Indie Vision Music is proud to present “Fighting From The Ground Up Vol. 3” which is a sequel of sorts to the last one, released over a decade ago. This FREE Digital compilation will see a release on 10/13/23 and will feature over 50 songs from a variety of bands and artists. You will be able to download/stream this compilation over on our bandcamp page here. Artwork was done by Nate Parrish for Black Pastel Design Co. Buy a special edition Tshirt design with the album cover graphic right here.… Continued →

Derby City

Homeplate are a new band on Indie Vision Music. They are unleashing their debut 5 song ep titled “Derby City” on August 14th to all digital platforms and on CD. Pick up the CD right here. This is pop-punk so good and so loud that even your neighbors will take notice. Blow them all away with hopeful music, passionate music, and music that has something real to say. Music of substance and hope. FFO: A Day To Remember, State Champs, MxPx, Slick Shoes, At The Wayside, Four Year Strong, Value Pac, Knuckle Puck, and New Found Glory.… Continued →

Searching In The Sarchasm

On August 7th Grandpa Loves Rhinos release their smashing new full length effort titled “Searching In The Sarchasm”. The album is packed full of addictive melodies and unforgettable passion. It’s an album so jam packed full of different sounds and energy that you just wont be able to define it. This band escapes all genre classifications and instead comes up with a sound all their own. Check out Searching In The Sarchasm now on any digital platform or bandcamp right here.… Continued →

20 Year Anniversary Re-Release

Names Without Numbers just like Indie Vision Music, celebrated 20 year milestones this year. On July 3rd the band released “20 Year Anniversary Re-Release” version of their very first EP from year 2000. All remixed/remastered and with slightly different artwork. Buy here on Bandcamp or on any digital platform.… Continued →

Quarantine Sessions

Slow Coming Day released a wonderful new social distancing indie rock masterpiece titled “Quarantine Sessions” on May 22nd 2020. Check out the album on all digital platforms or on bandcamp here.… Continued →

P.S. Ep

No Lost Cause returned with a new EP titled “P.S.” via Indie Vision Music. Rock, Punk, and Ska join up in one cohesive formula of enjoyable music meant to inspire. Buy on CD from IVM here.… Continued →

Now and Again, Here

Indie Vision Music is proud to present a brand new EP from Brazilian based pop-punk/emo band – Inner 29. Full of catchy choruses and punchy guitar and piano driven pop-punk music. Fans of Something Corporate, Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K, Homegrown, Jimmy Eat World, Armor For Sleep, and Brandtson will find something to instantly enjoy about this new band.… Continued →

Ties That Bind

Mainframe return with their third release and best so far. 7 songs of pure melodic punk rock with a couple acoustic-punk lite tracks thrown in for a good measure. If you dug what the band accomplished in the past, you’re going to fall in love with this new album. Featuring the hit single “Not Going Ahead Without You”. In case you missed the news over the weekend, Mainframe has released their 3rd effort titled “Ties That Bind” featuring 5 plugged in rockin’, punk inspired tunes and 2 tracks that are sort of “unplugged” if you will and perfect for those long drives or moments when Coffee is needed most.… Continued →

The Foreigner Ep

After a decade of putting out albums and touring, Nebraskan singer-songwriter Orion Walsh will release “The Foreigner” EP with Indie Vision Music. Full of fun songs & storytelling, this is truly a mature step forward for this well-traveled troubadour. Walsh has previously released 7 albums with independent labels Sower Records & the Hunter Records, including “The Hitchhiker’s Son” produced by AJ Mogis (Bright Eyes, Cursive). He also released two full length albums with his band Slow Coming Day (Tooth & Nail Records). His accomplishments include releasing several songs for multiple compilations as well.… Continued →

Let The Trip Begin (Single)

Mainframe are back with a brand new single titled “Let The Trip Begin”. The song will release on April 19th 2019 through Indie Vision Music. The band will release a new album in summer 2019.… Continued →

The Blamed / The Satire - Split Ep

Indie Vision Music is proud to release the comeback release of the year. The Blamed and The Satire join forces to release a 5 song “Split Ep” through Indie Vision Music. Available for purchase on CD right here. On all digital networks beginning on November 30th.… Continued →

The Apathy Anthem - Single

Names Without Numbers release their 2nd new single for 2018 titled “The Apathy Anthem” through Indie Vision Music. The song will appear on the band’s new full length in 2019. Song is available now through all digital networks.… Continued →

Better Eat Your Wheaties Ep

Finally, after all these months of waiting in anticipation following the smash hit success of their first single “What We Used To Do” the band Grandpa Loves Rhinos are ready to roll out their latest and greatest Ep ever titled “Better Eat Your Wheaties”. The 5 song Ep will release sometime next month (release date to be announced shortly). View the album cover and track listing below. The Ep will be available on very limited CD (4 panel Eco Wallet) via a preorder in the IVM webstore right here.… Continued →


Grandpa Loves Rhinos drop their first new song “What We Used To Do” via Indie Vision Music. New TBA Ep to be released this summer through IVM. Check out the band via Facebook here.… Continued →

Meet The Prettybads

The Prettybads will release “Meet The Prettybads” on IVM June 15th 2018 through Indie Vision Music. I am truly thrilled about this upcoming 20 song release from Houston, Texas based punk rock band, The Prettybads. “Meet The Prettybads” will release on June 15th through IVM and features gritty yet poppy punk rock songs with enough 50’s doo wop and Ramones undertones to keep you entertained for hours. Check out the new song “Johnny” below and pre-order the album on CD or Tape over on the IVM Storenvy page here.… Continued →

Last Place

Indie Vision Music is proud to announce the signing of IL. based ska-pop-punk band, Must Build Jacuzzi, to it’s growing roster of punk rock focused bands. Must Build Jacuzzi will release their new full length titled “Last Place” April 27th 2018 through IVM and available on CD/Tape/Digital. Pre-order right hereContinued →

Small Wars

IVM is proud to announce the upcoming ep release from new band out of TN. called Small Wars. The band mixes in elements of Punk and Rock to create a sound all their own. Featuring ex-members of Joey’s Loss, The Hotshot Freight Train, among other notable acts, the band seeks to bring their brand of social awareness and raucous punk rock to a world wide audience. The ep will feature 4 songs and will be released on a Transparent Orange 7″ vinyl as well as through all Digital networks.… Continued →

Burn The Boats Ep

The much anticipated new ep from secretive far-east punk rock band Mainframe will release on April 13th 2018 via Indie Vision Music. Get ready for a wild trip of melodic punk rock fun… Continued →

IVM Family & Friends Sampler 1

Indie Vision Music presents a brand new compilation featuring new and recent music from over 20 artists including Craig’s Brother, Dogwood, Pleading Guilty, Fire The Sun, Light The Way, At The Wayside, Voyagers, Blank Pages, Eaves, 2Minute Minor, and more. Get the compilation in digital format on cd right here.… Continued →

Undivided Devotion (Single)

Mainframe will release their new single “Undivided Devotion” in December 2017 on Indie Vision Music. This song will appear on the band’s new Ep “Burn The Boats” due out in 2018.… Continued →

Swing Set Summer (Single)

Indie Vision Music is proud to release the new single “Swing Set Summer” off the forthcoming full length by Ska-Pop-Punk band, Must Build Jacuzzi. The band’s debut IVM album will be released in February 2018. Single available on all digital networks.… Continued →

From Paradise to Parking Lots (2017 Remaster)

Indie Vision Music is excited to bring you the 2017 remaster of Pennylane’s now classic 2004 ep, “From Paradise to Parking Lots”. All 5 tracks + Intro have been carefully remastered by Sef over at Simpul Studio from the original disc submitted to IVM in 2003. It sounds better than ever. Get this ep for FREE right here on bandcamp or purchase on Cassette Tape right here. More news on Pennylane’s return coming soon.… Continued →

Self Titled Ep

We are excited to announce the newest release from Indie Vision Music, MAINFRAME “Self Titled” Ep. The Ep is now available wherever fine Digital Music is sold/streamed. Check out this action packed release from the mysterious punk rock band out of the Far East. This band’s music would appeal to fans of old Ghoti Hook, Ace Troubleshooter, MXPX, The Cootees, Huntingtons, Fenix Tx, Teenage Bottlerocket, Homegrown, Too Bad Eugene, and Shorthanded. Check out their new ep on Bandcamp right here or purchase on any digital network.… Continued →

A World Of Second Chances

Available At The Counter Sign to Indie Vision Music for Limited U.S. Release of “A World of Second Chances” on CD/Tape August 4th 2017Continued →

Superstructure (Single)

MAINFRAME “Superstructure” Single Available Beginning July 28th 2017 on all Digital Networks Mainframe is a four-piece punk rock band bound together in the pursuit of what’s right. Members Noah (vox, guitar), Naomi (bass), Drew (drums), and Rachel (guitar, BGVs) met up in the Far East, where they decided to join up and send a shout out to the world. In hard and fast new school fashion, Mainframe’s self-titled EP brings the ruckus with melodic tunes, big guitars, and unforgettable stories. The interestingly arranged songs address the issues of society by getting right to the heart of things.… Continued →


Indie Vision Music is proud to announce the next release in our catalog. The Sacramento, CA based punk rock band Light The Way have released their brand new 6 track ep titled “Dude, Lame” exclusively through Indie Vision Music, today April 29th. This fast paced, super melodic, and teeth shattering new Ep from Light The Way packs a short but potent punch. Songs will be playing back in your head for weeks. If you find yourself spinning music from bands like Set Your Goals, State Champs, Blink-182, New Found Glory, and even MxPx, you’ll instantly fall in love with the music of Light The Way.… Continued →

Photographs Ep

New Southern California pop-punk band Mainsail just released their debut titled “Photographs” (Ep) and I’m excited to work with them on a promotional level. While this is not an official IVM release, I am handling promotion for them. Please check out there ep below and purchase wherever fine digital music is sold. More to come….. Continued →

Grace Ep

Debut Ep from Northern California pop-punk act and first release on Indie Vision Music in 10 years! For fans of Set Your Goals, Blink 182, Four Year Strong, The Swellers, Yellowcard, Over It. Available now on all Digital networks.… Continued →

Verona (2017 Remaster)

2017 remaster of the “Verona” album by metal-core legends, Josiah. Remaster by Seth at Simpul Studio, January 2017. Available on Bandcamp, and all digital networks (soon). Continued →

Taking The Good With The Bad (2017 Remaster)

2017 Remaster of the first Indie Vision Music album from California based post hardcore/emo/punk band Dismissed. Originally released on CD back in March of 2003 with different artwork. Remastering job by Seth at Simpul Studio. Available on all digital networks on bandcamp. Continued →

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 3

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 3, a compilation featuring a wide variety of artists spanning different genres was released in January 2008 on Indie Vision Music.… Continued →

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 2

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 2, a compilation featuring a wide variety of artists spanning different genres was released in September 2007 on Indie Vision Music.… Continued →

Going Home

Quick and the Dead “Going Home” released on Indie Vision Music in September 2007 and then digitally in January of 2008. The Digital re-release features 2 bonus tracks “I Am To Blame”, and “The Bad Samaritan”. Check it out wherever fine digital music is sold/streamed.… Continued →

One in a Million Ep

The final Next in Line release of original music was in the form of this EP titled “One in a Million“. The ep featured 5 explosive tracks that drew you in and made you a fan of Anthony’s (Catalano) powerful commanding voice. I loved this band and I think this ep served as a fitting “final” release before Anthony went solo and later formed the duo “Little Hurricane” with his now wife, C.C. Originally released a joint venture between IndieVisionMusic.com and a ChristianPunk website and was our first “free download” (along with the Dismissed “Ep”).… Continued →

Dismissed Ep

Originally released independently as a joint venture between IndieVisionMusic.com and a ChristianPunk website (RIP). This was released online for free download shortly before IVM relaunched as a “webzine” in February of 2005. This magnificent collection of just 4 songs blew everyone away back in 2004 but went mostly unheard and the band decided to go in a different direction. They added a new drummer and changed their name to “Kings to You” after this release and put out the awesome full length “The Antidote” that you can find here (Free)Continued →

Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men

Joey’s Loss “Unwelcome Travelers and Other Brave Men” released in June of 2004 and marked the last label release until 2007. Former members of Joey’s Loss went on to play in The Hotshot Freight Train including lead vocalist Joshua Tipton.… Continued →

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 1

Hearts Bleed Passion Vol. 1, a compilation featuring a variety of artists spanning a diverse set of genres, was released in March of 2004 on Indie Vision Music.… Continued →


Next In Line “Traffic” released in September of 2003 on Indie Vision Music. Former front man and guitarist/songwriter Anthony Catalano now fronts the duo, Little Hurricane.… Continued →

Through Your Eyes

Forgotten Arrival “Through Your Eyes” released in September of 2003 on Indie Vision Music. Former front man Travis Aimer now leads the indie pop-punk band A Bright Sky.… Continued →