Superstructure (Single)

Relase date : July 28, 2017

MAINFRAME “Superstructure” Single Available Beginning July 28th 2017 on all Digital Networks

Mainframe is a four-piece punk rock band bound together in the pursuit of what’s right. Members Noah (vox, guitar), Naomi (bass), Drew (drums), and Rachel (guitar, BGVs) met up in the Far East, where they decided to join up and send a shout out to the world.

In hard and fast new school fashion, Mainframe’s self-titled EP brings the ruckus with melodic tunes, big guitars, and unforgettable stories. The interestingly arranged songs address the issues of society by getting right to the heart of things. “Predictive Text” is about speaking for yourself rather than reciting the world’s script, and “Ready to Listen” gets introspective about making a life change, even when it seems too late.

Rachel’s attitude-heavy harmonies snake around Noah’s driving melodies to create an in-your-face edge. Sweet riffs roar from half-stacks on the left and the right. Drew holds down the beats, and unassuming Naomi even comes forward with a couple bass spotlights of her own!

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