Announcement: Now Accepting Submissions for Fighting From The Ground Up Vol. 4, for an October Release

This is a little announcement from your friends at Indie Vision Music. I am beginning work on a sequel to last year’s mega compilation, “Fighting From The Ground Up Vol. 3”. I am aiming to release this follow up (Vol. 4) in early October of this year. I am currently opening up submissions for all bands and artists to contribute a song of their liking that is NEW, NEWER, NEWISH. Only songs that are within 1 year of release are welcome and/or are unreleased or better yet, BRAND NEW!!.… Continued →

July 14, 2024

Names Without Numbers - Box Fort Kingdom (Official Music Video)

I am finally getting around to posting up the incredible music video from one of my favorite indie bands, Names Without Numbers. They just dropped their brand new single through all digital networks and it is titled “Box Fort Kingdom”. The song was released in part by the label Fair Vaux. The band has a new release on the way with a collection of songs are absolutely phenomenal in every way. Check out the music video for “Box Fort Kingdom”, below.… Continued →

Dispraised - Off My Back (New Single)

For those of you in a hardcore punk mood, check out the brand new single from the aggressive, gritty, and heavy sounding punk rock group known as Dispraised. The song is titled “Off My Back” and to learn more about the song and thoughts behind it, click over on the bandcamp link below.… Continued →

Officer Negative Reunite and Working on New Album

Here we are in 2024 in the midst of festival season and reunions that just didn’t seem so likely years ago. Well, fortunately for us one of those bands by the name of Officer Negative, have reunited. Not only are they working on a new album but will also be playing live shows very soon. To see the new lineup (with some familiar faces), click below or visit their page on instagram: officernegative.official. So what are your favorite Officer Negative songs? If you want to buy merch from them, click this link here.… Continued →

July 13, 2024

REVIEW : Benjamin Daniel - The Rain Falls Sideways

Typically, when I get an album in advance, I dive right in. I play it on repeat. I soak in it for hours, digesting every word. Benjamin Daniel’s (Ben Kunz) latest album somehow alluded me. Maybe it was because it was in a Google Drive file or maybe it was because I was closer to the album this time around by helping with a music video. That’s not to say I never played through it or hadn’t already found some of my favorites, but admittedly listening through things post-release feels less spoiled than usual.… Continued →

New Releases: July 12, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Convictions – The Coastal Glow [Single]
  • Earth Groans – Deadbolt [Single]
  • Grace Graber – California [Single]
  • Heliograph – WEWANNABEFREE [Single]
  • Remedy Drive – Lights Up [Single]
  • Sower – THE SOIL [EP]
  • 3 Days Under – Fruit of the Flesh [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Fulton Lee, Nic D – Rollin [Single]
  • Henrik – Enjoy the view [Single]
  • Judah & the Lion – Body & Soul [Single]
  • Zion Goins – OKAY COWBOY
Electronic & EDM
  • Michaell D, DJ Devid Michiles – EveryBody Jump [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Daniel Hardin – Back To This [Single]
  • Sarah Sparks – I’m Fine [Single]
  • Skye Peterson, Thomas Austin – More and More Beautiful [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Cade Kellam – Idols [Single]
  • Darlene Zschech – Testament [EP]
  • FAITHFUL, Sarah Kroger – Send Rescue [Single]
  • Good Shepherd Collective – Live On
  • Logan and Katie – As For Me [Single]
  • Mackenzie Phillips – Perfect [Single]
  • Verses, Kristina Meyer – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 [Single]
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July 12, 2024


RIYL: Attalus, Valleyheart, sosaveme, My Epic, Manchester Orchestra, Copeland There are artists you run into tangentially – someone you know shares might follow them or you hear a clip of a track, but things get buried. I’m ashamed to say that Sower is one such project. From the very first notes of the project’s first EP, I couldn’t help but hear elements of many of my favorite bands. There’s a varied indie-rock sound which ranges from the fringes of post-hardcore to the glowy emo of bands like Mae and Copeland.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Erase - Mental Overload

One of the few bands in the Christian scene that played in the groove metal style (that slightly slower, but just as intense cousin of thrash) was the Canadian band Erase. I remember when Mental Overload first came out and it made a huge impact on the then-stagnating Christian metal scene. The band’s popularity was, in part, owed to Jason Campbell, the ex-Mortification drummer, who was not pulling duties on vocals and guitar. Sadly, they only released one album (for David Villalpando, AKA Burrito’s Morphine Records label) before going their separate ways.… Continued →

July 11, 2024

REVIEW : theLionhearted - Absolution (& Redemption)

It’s always interesting to hear artists re-record their older songs. Copeland has done it, Emery has done it, Car Seat Headrest has done it. But in the case of theLionhearted, this album is not so much a reimaging but a perfecting of songs that have become staples over the past few years. Mastermind Richie Pete Ares took these seven tracks and poured blood, sweat, and tears into rerecording them. The result is a far more polished and definitive form of the record. And quite frankly, if you haven’t listened to theLionhearted in years (or ever), this is a great place to start.… Continued →

July 5, 2024

New Releases: July 5, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Blatant/Unashamed – The Way of Cain [Single]
  • lamenter, GratitudeTX – Golgotha [Single]
  • Names Without Numbers – Box Fort Kingdom [Single]
  • Ravenhill – SWEET VANITY [Single]
  • Relentless Pursuit – To Fear Is to Live [EP]
  • Sower – the good soil (true conversion) [Single]
  • With Blood Comes Cleansing – The Flayed (Bartholomew) [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Matthew Parker – New Light [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Benjamin Daniel – The Rain Falls Sideways
  • Chase Tremaine, Theo MacMillan – New Wave [Single]
  • The Riverside – Cloak of the Sun [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Aryn Michelle – Wild [EP]
  • Austin Ludwig, Christian Singleton – Prayers Filled With Praises [Single]
  • From The Ground Up – Polaris [Single]
  • Ian Yates – Welcome To The Gift Of Being Wrong [Single]
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New Releases: June 28, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Brotality – It Feeds EP
  • Dire – Enemy [Single]
  • HolyName, Heal The Hurt – Stained Glass [Single]
  • Homeplate – Separate Anxiety [Single]
  • Islander – Grammy Nominated
  • Lacey Sturm – Kenotic Metanoia (Deluxe Edition)
  • The Lionhearted – Absolution (& Redemption)
  • Memphis May Fire – Paralyzed [Single]
  • My Epic – Loriella
  • NLM – The Modern Anthem [Single]
  • November Sky – Hide My Soul [Single]
  • Pipe Bomb – Concrete [Single
  • Stryper – End of Days [Single]
  • XIII Minutes – Cult Leader [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Andrew Ripp – Run
  • Dawson Hollow – Pixelated Haze
  • LOYALS – Up All Night [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Allie Crummy – Henny Penny
  • Kindred Valley – What Was Left [EP]
  • Northwest Stories – WAKE UP [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Colorvault – Waterfall [Single]
  • The Corner Room – Jeremiah 29:11-13 (English Standard Version)
  • Emilie Weiss – Genesis [Single]
  • Kenny & Claire – God Moves (Upon the Storm) [Single]
  • Mission House – The Whole Earth Is Full of Your Glory + Can’t Stay Down [Single]
  • OAKS – Judas [Single]
  • Ocean & The Ghost – Hard Way [Single]
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Song of the Day: The Living - Hideaway

One of the funnest and most interesting aspects of the Christian indie/punk/metal/whatever scene is that no matter how long you’ve been involved and no matter how much of an expert you may think you are, there are always new–or in this case, old–bands to discover. I found out about The Living via our friends over at Christian Tape Underground, a blog that specializes in unearthing rare and underground cassette tapes and demos from indie bands of all genres. The Living was a great little post-punk/goth rock band with lots of potential.… Continued →

July 1, 2024

Song of the Day: Bridgeshadows - I Hate Mirrors vs The Art of Letting Go

Industrial project Bridgeshadows is composed of KL (Kenneth Lemery) who has also been in a few different projects over the years. He has finally signed with Broken Curfew Records that has put out tons of heavy bands ie Abated Mass of Flesh amongst many others. He has recently released several songs like Hidden in the Rust & Razor, but here is his latest & a live goodie from the past.   Continued →

Poor Old Lu Straight Six Kickstarter Vinyl Campaign

Poor Old Lu have just announced that they are starting a kickstarter in mid-July, on the 15th to be exact, for the vinyl pressing of their classic album “Straight Six”. The album has been completely remastered and will be available on vinyl for the very first time EVER! They will have a couple “stretch goals” with some pretty amazing bonuses so you’ll want to check all that out. For now, follow their accounts on Facebook and Instagram for continuing updates. atPoorOldLu on instagram and Poor Old Lu Official on Facebook.… Continued →

Stryper - End of Days (Official Lyric Video)

Stryper are back and in a big way with their new lead single, “End of Days”. You can check out the song below which is available now on all digital networks and streaming sites. The band just recently released their acoustic record “To Hell With The Amps” that sounds quite amazing I must say. Give this new song a listen. The band also just revealed that they will embark on a 40th anniversary tour this September!… Continued →

June 29, 2024

Song of the Day: Evergreen Terrace - No Donnie, These Men Are Nihilist

So I just saw this band last night, June 28th 2024. I know this band isn’t “Christian” at all, but I remember this song being on “Christian” metal playlists back in the day. I also see that they played Furnacefest. They are a great reminder of 2000s metalcore which I always have had a fond taste for. And they did say they will be releasing new music here soon. Continued →

Introducing: The Hollow Present

I’d like to take a moment and introduce you all to a super NEW band by the name of The Hollow Present. How new? Well so new that their brand new single isn’t finished being recorded just yet. I bring awareness to the group due in part to the fact that long time former Indie Vision Music contributor and friend, David M., formerly of The Burial is a part of this new project alongside members of From The Shallows. I’ve been told their sound will be along the lines of Technical Death Metal.… Continued →

Homeplate Return With Brand New Song "Separate Anxiety"

Homeplate are back with a brand new single titled “Separate Anxiety” and it is catchy as heck. There are rumors of a new EP or Album coming in the future so please give them a follow and check out all their music on Digital Networks. I’ve added the song to 2 Indie Vision Music Spotify playlists so you can listen there. Kudos to Small Step Records for giving these guys great promotion. Follow: at Homeplate.poppunk… Continued →

Starflyer 59 to Return With New Album "Lust For Gold" on August 16th

The much loved, critically acclaimed, and all around cherished indie rock legends, Starflyer 59, will return with their brand new record “Lust For Gold” on August 16th 2024 via Velvet Blue Music. The lead single “909” drops on July 19th. Check out a teaser for the song, below. Warning, it’s much too short and will lead the listener into withdrawal symptoms upon end of said teaser. Velvet Blue Music has some cool merch that is already out for you fans. They’ve got Tshirts and Patches out now and shipping, click here for the link.… Continued →

Slow Salvation Release Star Studded Collaboration on "Call A Friend"

Slow Salvation just dropped a star studded super collaboration on the track “Call A Friend” which is out now. Check out the video for the song, below. This song features musical collaborators Matt McCartie (Driver Eight, Theft) on drums and Heather Bray Heywood (Kissing Cousins, Giant Waste of Man) on bass. Such a fantastic song and this is a group one does not want to miss out on.… Continued →

June 28, 2024

R.I.P. Randy Layton

With only 6 months into 2024, it’s already been a tough year for Christian alternative music fans. Joining Brian Quincy Newcomb, Michael Knott and Ezekiel Vade in the heavenly throng is indie champion, journalist and label owner Randy Layton. Randy was the founder and owner of Alternative Records, who put out releases by the Seventy Sevens, Steve Scott, Robert Vaughn and the Shadows, and 2 Pound Planet, in addition to releasing very influential compilations, featuring music by the above artists plus Daniel Amos, Scratch Band (pre-Seventy Sevens), and others.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Sáwol - Kaiverrettu

I only discovered this band a few months ago when I acquired a huge box of Christian metal CDs. Sáwol come to us from Finland, which is no surprise considering that nation has the highest number of metal bands per capital out of all the countries in the entire world. For some reason I missed out on them, even though their debut was released in 2010 through Bullroser Records, whom I was familiar with. The CD I acquired was actually their 2007 debut, which I enjoyed immensely.… Continued →

June 27, 2024

June 26, 2024

'New' Francis track 20 years later!

Kevin & Anita Robinson (Viva Voce, Blue Giant) had a short-lived funk/soul project called Francis, that released a split release with Lackthereof about 20 years ago. This project even opened for Fugazi once in North Carolina (talking about indie cred)! The band is releasing a new track (well, sort of)–actually an unreleased track from 2004, which will be available tomorrow (June 27) on Bandcamp or Friday (June 28) on other streaming platforms, thanks to long-time label partner Velvet Blue Music. Kevin is a Middle School teacher in Alabama specializing in Multimedia Production and some of his students created this video for the song.… Continued →

June 25, 2024

2nd Single Released from new Good Saint Nathanael album

“Gravity” is the second single from the forthcoming I Write the Songs I Need full-length album from indie folkster Good Saint Nathanael. The single still speaks to past traumas songwriter Nate Allen has endured, but there’s clearly now some distance and perspective gained as the songs from the new album are lighter than 5 years ago. “Gravity” is now available for streaming or download. Additionally a video for the song has been released as well. Both can be found on the artist’s Bandcamp page: →

June 22, 2024

Good Saint Nathanael drops new single!

Good Saint Nathanael (Nate Allen of Destroy Nate Allen fame) has just dropped a brand new single called “Extension Chords,” in advance of a new full-length which is set to release next week. The indie folk artist has revealed that the new album will have a very different feel than 2019’s highly introspective Hide No Truth. The single can be downloaded via Bandcamp: →

New Releases: June 21, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Anberlin, Matty Mullins – Walk Alone [Single]
  • Asfirefalls – Catatonic Misery
  • Bloodlines – Holiness Cries [Single]
  • Brave Future – Demo EP [EP]
  • Brotality – The Bones Of God [Single]
  • Convictions – Buried In Thorns [Single]
  • Fallstar – Watermelon Blood [Single]
  • Fight The Fade – Next Sunrise [Single]
  • Flatfoot 56 – Electric Avenue [Single]
  • Fire from Heaven, Searching Serenity – Declaration Of Deviation [Single]
  • Gable Price and Friends – Jungle In The City [Single]
  • Ignescent – Radio Gaga [Single]
  • Lambs & Lions – Rebel Hymns of Grace
  • Millennial Reign – World on Fire
  • My Epic – Make Believe [Single]
  • The Protest – Take It Back [Single]
  • SafeKept – Smoke & Mirrors [Single]
  • Searching Serenity – Solace [Single]
  • Sower – rocky ground (false conversion) [Single]
  • Sower – thorns (false profession) [Single]
  • Then It Ends, Wolves At The Gate – Fraud [Single]
  • Torndown – Warriors [Single]
  • Undefeated – Insane [Single]
  • The Undertaking!
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