April 20, 2024

New Releases: April 12, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • August Burns Red – The Cleansing [Single]
  • The Blamed – Twenty21 (Twenty21 Version)
  • Brotality – Black Abandon
  • Convictions – Four Horses [Single]
  • Make Sure – June
  • Remedy Drive – Real Life [Single]
  • While We Were Sinners – Knife Edge [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Fulton Lee – Jet Ski [Single]
  • Henrik – Carolina blue [Single]
  • Jeremy James Whitaker – the thing that i needed [Single]
  • TRTLE – Driving [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Andy Hunter – Presence Vol_ 7
  • God’s Warrior – What I Do [EP]
  • Pembers – weeping and laughter [Single]
Folk & Signer/Songwriter
  • Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – For Some Reason [Single]
  • Jess Ray – Deserve [Single]
  • Jon Foreman – I Propose A Toast [Single]
  • Thomas Austin – Just Because It Didn’t Happen, Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True [Single]
  • Zach & Maggie – Muscadine
Worship & CCM
  • Alexander Pappas – A Great Awakening [Single]
  • Aryn Michelle – Call Us Yours [Single]
  • Civilized Creature – Imminent Ocean [Single]
  • Ellie Holcomb – All of My Days [EP]
  • Forrest Frank, Caleb Gordon – GOD IS GOOD [Single]
  • Grant Leslie – All For You [Single]
  • Illumination Project – Jesus Is The King [Single]
  • Inspiration Worship – Real
  • Jon Webster, WEB.
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April 19, 2024

Song of the Day: Peace 586 - Hear Me Now

SoCal rapper Peace 586 (born Rene Vasquez) has been hitting the hip-hop game hard since the late 80s (first as M.C. Peace), as a member of the seminal and innovative Freedom of Soul, and through numerous collaborations with artists like S.F.C., Jon Gibson, Scott Blackwell, J.C. and the Boyz, and many others. He went solo following the break-up of Freedom of Soul and released his first solo album in 1996. As impressive as that is, what’s even more impressive is the fact that he’s still been active as recently as 2023, releasing a full-length solo album on his own label.… Continued →

April 16, 2024

Hawthorne Heights, Thursday, Saosin, Anberlin, Armor for Sleep, Emery, and more on the "20 Years of Tears" Tour

A lineup that’ll blow most fans minds of that early to late 00’s emo (or whatever you want to call it cool guy) is heading for your town this summer. The “20 Years of Tears Tour” will feature Hawthorne Heights, Thursday, Saosin, Anberlin, I See Stars, Cartel, Armor For Sleep, Stick To Your Guns, Emery, and This Wild Life. Now not all the bands will be at every date so be sure to check the tour poster below for the line up on each date closest to you.… Continued →

Homeplate Goes Hard, No really they do!

I’ve heard a pre-release, unmastered copy of the new Homeplate album and it GOES HARD! I wasn’t expecting this but I do love it and can’t wait till all our IVM friends stumble upon it. Even though this isn’t an IVM release, I can’t help but sing it’s many praises and send a little promotion their way. This is a more grown up Homeplate and a more heavy sounding album both from a production standpoint and their musicianship in general. It reminds me of “Chuck” era Sum 41 (and the latest album) meets Strung Out meets Four Year Strong meets old AFI with a little modern hardcore thrown in for good measure.… Continued →

April 14, 2024

Introducing: Tom Nevers Field

I recently discovered this band through the fine folks at Small Step Records and I love the music. The ska-punk band is called Tom Nevers Field and they just dropped a new album “The Wisdom That Age Brings” last fall. Check out this song titled “Keep It Safe” and make sure to sing and dance along.… Continued →

The Blamed Release New Version of Classic 94' Album, "21"

The Blamed have re-recorded their now classic 1994 Tooth & Nail album debut, “21” and just released it this past week via The Charon Collective. You can listen to “Twenty21” on all digital networks now. You can buy it on Vinyl from the band right here. Thoughts? You can catch The Blamed alongside Living Sacrifice and Spoken in Tongues (which features lead vocals from Bill Power formerly of Blenderhead) on October 3rd in Birmingham Alabama in the lead up to Furnace Fest.… Continued →

April 12, 2024

Song of the Day: Drottnar - Cul-De-Sac

Impossibly difficult to categorize into any nice, neat genre, Norway’s Drottnar originally formed as Vitality, in 1996. They began playing death metal, but changed names when their sound shifted towards black metal. The band’s sound continued to evolve more and more, incorporating progressive and technical elements into something more avant-garde over time, while still retaining elements of black metal, death metal, and other extreme sounds. It is this level of experimentation and excellence that both sets them apart from their peers musically, and simultaneously makes their music less accessible to the general populace of listeners–even amongst fans of heavy music.… Continued →

April 11, 2024


New Releases: April 5, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Confessions of a Traitor – Fatal Frame [Single]
  • Signum Regis – No Middle Ground [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Mat Kearney – Sumac [Single]
  • Vision of Leo – that cross (it will last forever) [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Alan Crown – Ten Reasons
  • Extol RIse – Exodus
  • God’s Warrior – The Greatest Purpose [EP]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Our Atlantic Roots – I Do [Single]
  • Tina Boonstra – No time to wait (at Old Chapel) [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Charming to the Last – You Never Fail [Single]
  • Chasing the Light – Of Freedom & Grace [EP]
  • Cross Gray – fill my cup again [Single]
  • Crowder, TobyMac – — [DASH] [Single]
  • for KING & COUNTRY, Lecrae, Stryper – To Hell With The Devil (RISE) [From the Inspired By Soundtrack “Unsung Hero”] [Single]
  • Grace Graber – SOLO [Single]
  • Kylie Odetta – Grace [Single]
  • Miss Angie – Fix me [Single]
  • Navy Jones – Be Still [Single]
  • OAKS, John Marc Kohl – Drop of Honey [Single]
  • Once & Future – hollow [Single]
  • Project of Love – Philippians 4 – God’s Peace [Single]
  • Rorie – How Much Love?
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April 7, 2024

April 6, 2024

Nate Parrish to Release Brand New Song On April 26th!

A favorite artist of mine (and I’m sure many of you as well) by the name of NATE PARRISH, is returning with another new song “I’m Alright” and will drop it on April 26th through his current label home, Fair Vaux. I’ve heard the song and I absolutely love it! I believe it is one of his best, if not THE best song he’s ever made. Make sure to set a reminder for April 26th and stream/download this song wherever you get your music. Catch Nate Parrish on Tour this fall!… Continued →

for KING & COUNTRY (Feat. Lecrae and Stryper) - To Hell With The Devil

for KING & COUNTRY have just released their version of the Stryper classic “To Hell With The Devil” featuring both Lecrae and the legends themselves, Stryper. The song will appear on the soundtrack for “Unsung Hero” a film being produced on behalf of for KING & COUNTRY and Kingdom Story Company. The film releases on April 26th at Theaters all across the country. Check out videos for the song cover and the film, below. Michael Sweet also put up a video explaining the video and different elements on facebook here.… Continued →

Riot For Romance - Sitting In View (Lyric Video)

Riot For Romance return with their 2nd EP and have released a lyric video to go along with it. The track is titled “Sitting In View” and you can view it below. Excellent indie rock from a band that have a unique style yet have songs that are memorable and instantly engaging. It’s an introspective, good mood kind of vibe I get from these songs. The new EP even features the band’s own take on the Radiohead classic “Karma Police”. I’ve included both songs below. If you’d like to purchase a physical Cassette copy of the EP, click here and get yours on the band’s own bandcamp page.… Continued →

April 5, 2024

Song of the Day: Glen Galaxy - Waters of Life

Glen Galaxy is perhaps best known for his work in two different San Diego-based experimental indie rock bands: Trumans Water and Soul-Junk. The former was a non-religious noisy indie rock band in the proper sense of the term. Soul-Junk was a truly experimental band dabbling in a dozen different genres with lyrics filled with Scripture. On the one hand, you never knew what you were going to get musically (would it be hip-hop or noisy punk?). On the other hand, you knew that each and every album or 7″ EP was going to be chock full of quirky scriptural renditions and psalms of praise.… Continued →

April 4, 2024

New Releases: March 29, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Glasslands – The Meek [Single]
  • Lightworker – Evergreen [Single]
  • Luxury – Maker [Single]
  • Meadows – Familiar With Pain 
  • Project 86 – OMNI, Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
  • Real Face – Knowing Venture [EP]
  • The Rocky Valentines – Erase 
  • Saved by Skarlet – Creation and Crisis [EP]
  • UnWorthy – Forsaken By God [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Forrest Frank – LOW KEY [Single]
  • Jaisua – clouds [Single]
  • Joseph O’Brien – like that you love me [Single]
  • SVRCINA – Loyal [Single]
  • Zion Goins – Virginia [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Gui Brazil, Mateus Novais – Because He Lives [Single]
  • JOSHUA LAZER, Stephen Willo – Deserve it all [Single]
  • Pembers – set apart [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Embleton – More than Me [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Austin Koukal, LOVKN – Rest [Single]
  • Colorvault – Fade and Melt [Single]
  • DAMIAN – Out Loud [Single]
  • Darla Baltazar – Soul Talk
  • From The Ground Up – In His Hands [Single]
  • The Fuzzy Robes – Midday Prayers [EP]
  • Jimmy Clifton – eastwest [Single]
  • Josiah Queen – Altars Over Stages [Single]
  • Liturgical Folk, Jon Guerra – Three Gifts [EP]
  • OLY – Dusk [Single]
  • Port Duo – WHY [Single]
  • Project of Love – Isaiah 37 – You Alone Are God [Single]
  • Ri-An – Made For More [Single]
  • Rob Ray – holy moments [Single]
  • Taylor Leonhardt – If We Ever Get To Heaven [Single]
  • Verses – Psalm 27:4 [Single]
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The Loss of My Wife

I debated posting this on my music site but I felt the need to share. On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, my wife, Charis Jones went home to be with the Lord. She was tragically taken from me after a nearly month and a half in 2 different hospitals battling end stage liver failure which had several complications of its own. Read on for my full story, her story actually. We lay her to rest next Wednesday and I know it’ll be an incredibly tough day.… Continued →

April 3, 2024

Introducing: Feeble Attempt

I’d like to introduce you all to this really killer new melodic/skate punk project called Feeble Attempt. It features members of MEANS and The Holly Springs Disaster and has a huge sound that is going to please fans of all these old school melodic punk bands as well as new school stuff just dropping in the scene. It’s quite astonishing how much I enjoy this and the album hasn’t even dropped yet. Did I mention it features a whole line up of guest vocalists from bands you might recognize (Hi Josh from Dogwood).… Continued →

Lightworker - Evergreen (New Song)

Lightworker just dropped another new track that’s hot like the sun and fiery like the depths of…well a bowl of carolina reapers! It’s a really great sounding song with unrelenting passion and melodic singing parts that keep you entertained throughout the length of the track. They really do remind me a little of Howard led Killswitch Engage which is a good thing because Joe Calderon is an insanely talented lead vocalist and screamer. These guys have a bright future with the release of “How The Beautiful Decay” (Out April 19th) and beyond.… Continued →

Squad 5-0 Documentary Trailer

A really cool look into the life and times of the band Squad 5-0 in the form of this documentary “Squad 5-0 is Here to Stay”. Check out the official trailer for this upcoming documentary right here below this message. Let us know your thoughts and feelings about the band and this wonderful looking documentary. It’ll be out soon on streaming services and a handful of in-person screenings. It’s so awesome that there are genuine people who care about some of these legacy artists enough to make things like documentaries, re-releases, write ups, etc.… Continued →

April 2, 2024

March 31, 2024

March 30, 2024

March 29, 2024

Song of the Day: Paradigm Shift - Grip

Paradigm Shift was an electronica duo based in the Dallas, TX metroplex. They released one full-length album (for N-Soul/Velocity) and a 4-song CD EP. Unfortunately, very little is known about the group despite lengthy web searches. And the common group name doesn’t help! The one and only full-length album was self-titled and featured some of the most creative electronica the Christian scene ever produced. In contrast to the over-saturated techno/rave scene as well as the popular praise-house genre (that often tended towards the generic), Paradigm Shift featured a creative take on house/breaks that featured both funky retro and forward-leaning/futuristic sounds.… Continued →

March 27, 2024

March 25, 2024

March 24, 2024

New Releases: March 22, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Abandon Kansas – Alligator (Live at Smoakstack)
  • Meadows – Fury For The Taking [Singe]
  • Then It Ends – Conflict [Singe]
  • Whitecross – Fear No Evil
Pop & Alternative
  • Daniel Hardin – Memory Salesman I
  • Fulton Lee – Roadrunner [Singe]
  • Henrik – Rich [Singe]
  • Isabella Erardi – Sad in San Diego [Singe]
  • Jason Wade – Stanley Climbfall (live)
  • Owl City – Coco Moon Deluxe
  • Vision of Leo – JESUS! [Singe]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Benjamin Daniel – The Rain Falls Sideways [Singe]
  • Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Suffering [Singe]
  • Skye Peterson – How I See The World [Singe]
  • Zane Vickery – Hydrangea [Singe]
Worship & CCM
  • Amy Grant – Songs From the Loft
  • Ben Trip – Need Your Love [Singe]
  • Citizens, Mitch Wong – hold him high [EP]
  • Civilized Creature – In Your Name [Singe]
  • Fount + Flame – O My Soul Will Sing [Singe]
  • OAKS – HIHLY & Lamentations [Singe]
  • The Porter’s Gate, Paul Zach – Spirit Move!
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