May 31, 2023

May 29, 2023

Song of the Day: Broken Flesh - Yeshua

Warning-Do NOT listen to this SOTD at full volume if you don’t like heavy worship music. I’ve know musician Kevin Tubby for a few years now since seeing him at several Audiofeed’s. I have also listen to his bands Obliteration & Death List before Broken Flesh. BF just released a live album which cleans up their live sound. I wanted to show the live video to show how fast their drummer is. Check em out if you already haven’t. & these lyrics too. Yeshua without you there is no life, father messiah into your hands i put my life, lion of the tribe of judah.… Continued →

May 28, 2023

REVIEW : Former Ruins - No Creature Is Hidden

I’ll be honest – Former Ruins’ (Levi Dylan Sikes) latest album is one I’m cautious to provide any sort of commentary on. It can be easy to be flippant with certain, or, to be frank, a majority of albums and not fully grasp the humanity behind them. And in many ways, that is the essence of No Creature Is Hidden – what does it mean to be a creature, to be seen, to hold fast to our weaknesses and beauty alike in the eyes of Christ Who saves?… Continued →

May 27, 2023

May 26, 2023

REVIEW : Fepeste - What You Don't Know

Borrowing its namesake from a Watashi Wa song, Colorado Springs-based Fepeste craft similarly-intricate, chill songs. Fepeste’s second album expands on its predecessor, opting for a greater focus on electric instrumentation and guest collaborations. The result is a surfy/psychedelic approach to songwriting anchored firmly in Scripture. These latest offerings may feel oddly seaborne given their origins in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, but rest assured Eric Jett and crew know what they’re doing. There’s a strong sense of simple honesty at play – the ruminations of an adult with children, navigating hectic life in our post-truth world.… Continued →

Check Out the Music of Nick Webber

I was just exposed to the music of Nick Webber by one of our writers – Casey G. He creates beautifully moving indie music that is both original and engaging. He’s one of a kind and for an “Indie” artist this is exceptional. Check out his new album “All The Nothing I Know” on all digital networks now, on bandcamp here (listen below), and read our review here. Check this out and you definitely won’t be sorry you did.… Continued →

Introducing: Teeth For Eyes (Feat. Members of Crux, Govt Hate Mail, Empty Tomb)

A brand new punk rock n’ roll band by the name of TEETH FOR EYES has emerged from the shadows and ready to get to business. The band recently posted their introductory pics which includes behind the scenes studio work. The band features some members of a mostly well-known punk band (to us anyway) called CRUX as well as other notable, associated acts such as Govt Hate Mail and Empty Tomb, among many others. Check them out on Instagram right here or @teethforeyes. Make sure to save, bookmark, or mentally record that account because much more to come including actual music, yay!… Continued →

Cultist - Suffering By My Own Hand (Feat. Jeremy Schaeffer of Earth Growns)

Check out the new song titled “Suffering By My Own Hand” by a new band that defines the word “Heavy” – Cultist. The songs features none other than Jeremy Schaeffer of another really heavy band deserving of recognition, Earth Groans. The band’s new album “Slow Suicide” and Facedown Records debut will release on July 21st 2023. Check out the song below. Pre-order right here in several different merch options.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Titanic - Dead Men's Bones

Titanic’s founder Bill Menchen has been active in the Christian metal scene since the 1980s, first with his band Redeemer, and later with a number of other metal-themed bands including Seventh Power, Menchen, Rev Seven, and perhaps his most well-known, Titanic. Although they formed in the 1990s, they still played traditional heavy metal without any hint of alternative, grunge, or punk, which were so prevalent in that decade. The only 90s influence in Titanic’s music was the updated sonics and production techniques, which added a lot more crunch to the guitar tones than what 80s metal was known for.… Continued →

May 24, 2023

May 22, 2023

REVIEW : Nick Webber - All the Nothing I Know

There are certain things that are assuredly deceptive in their simplicity – like the grainy, low-res, underexposed photo of some non-descript church which adorns Nick Webber’s latest album. In fact, if I hadn’t stumbled onto it prior to seeing the art, I think I might have skipped it entirely. I’ve crawled through Bandcamp quite a bit and I’m come to realize that bands who take their music seriously tend to pair it with artwork of a similar level. While the picture might not adequate describe the quality of All the Nothing I Know, it perhaps describes the thematic form – one that hazily trudges through pain, uncertainty, and cynicism.… Continued →

REVIEW : Dylan Case White - Remind Me Your Name

Dylan Case White’s debut LP, Remind Me Your Name, has been a long time in the making. Its genesis is fraught with the loss of entire songs, working remotely with Allen Odell for production, and the realization of musical concepts that go back years at this point. White’s previous work includes a project under the Spoken World moniker (which is NOT spoken word) and some demos from Glow in the Dark. And while these hinted at what he was capable of, Remind Me Your Name feels like the awaited fulfillment of some distant promise.… Continued →

May 21, 2023

Names Without Numbers "Winter Wars" Out Now!

The absolutely stunning new single from my friends in Names Without Numbers titled “Winter Wars”, is out now on all digital networks and also streaming in the Pop Punk Dads Spotify playlist. This song reminds the listener of all the great times you had in the past with nostalgia running rampant throughout the entirety but not so overbearing that it’d distract one from drawing modern parallels to what’s so great about new music. I really dig the fast pace of the song right from the get-go.… Continued →

May 20, 2023

Song of the Day: Hospital - Pages

This nu metal band released some decent music in their 2001 release Stare. They fell off the music radar after they released a couple songs on some compilations. Then, The Charon Collective filled in the blanks when they released the band’s follow up If, Then a month or so ago. It contains those comp tracks Fault & Pages along with 3 more.   Continued →

May 19, 2023

Song of the Day: globalWAVEsystem - Deathstroke to Youth

It’s been a while since I’ve featured any industrial music, so this seems like a good time to remedy that. globalWAVEsystem has been around since the early 90s, playing a harsh form of electronic industrial or EBM. At times the music is danceable, but it had a much harsher, darker edge than Deitiphobia or November Commandment. Yet the songs were more structured than Mental Destruction or Blackhouse and there were never any guitars present. In fact, their niche take on the genre is probably what kept them from getting broader exposure and more fans than their counterparts in Mortal, Circle of Dust, and the aforementioned artists.… Continued →

May 17, 2023

US KIDS: An Alternative Music Revolution (Film)

Some exciting news has just surfaced. A couple independent filmmakers have moved forward with their plan to document the 2nd big revival that took place 1980-1995 which featured a collection of Christian Artists on a mission to reach the lost and seeking youth who were very much looking for answers and in need of a savior. Click this link here for the GoFundMe campaign that seeks to raise funds to cover some production costs. This follows on the heels of the recent box office success of the “Jesus Revolution” film as well as others like I Still Believe, I Can Only Imagine, and the Jesus Music documentary.… Continued →

Names Without Numbers "Winter Wars" May 19th

Names Without Numbers are releasing another new song and this one is titled “Winter Wars”. Song drops this Friday May 19th on all digital networks and streaming sites. Is there a reason you haven’t listening to NWN yet? Yeah I’m talking to you, the person reading this post right now. Drop what you’re doing and head over to your favorite streaming network or youtube and give these songs by one of our scene’s best kept secrets, a listen right now! “Winter Wars” out this Friday.… Continued →

Shawn Browning Releases New Songs and "Burning Bridges" Out May 26th

Shawn Browning of Grave Robber fame has embarked on a solo effort of sorts but in an entirely different direction from the horror punk stuff. It’s a really great sound and draws upon a vast landscape of late 80’s-90’s era alternative rock while keeping it modern and aggressive at points. You can’t help but be feel drawn into Shawn’s songs especially “Let Go, Hold On”. Check out the 3 new songs below (Plus he also released a song on Valentine’s Day). “Burning Bridges” out May 26th!… Continued →

Song of the Day: Siloam - Apathy

I first heard this song probably circa 1995 & was immediately intrigued. This Canadian band takes their name from John 9:7 where it talks about the pool of Siloam. Their drummer has a story of where he came to Jesus after almost dying of a drug overdose. This SOTD contains the following lyrics that still make sense to this day: Let’s blame the world’s demise on God’s design, Apathy.   Continued →

May 15, 2023

May 14, 2023

Pop Punk Moms - The Playlist

In honor of a special day that serves as a tribute to mothers across the world, I present a little IVM Playlist called “Pop Punk Moms“. Now mind you, not every song is cheery BUT, they are female fronted, angsty, and yet some happiness shines through on quite a few 😉 So head over here on Spotify (for those that use the service) and give it a listen. I have also embedded the playlist below this post if you want to sample it. Any other suggestions in this realm of tunes can do so in the comments below.… Continued →

May 13, 2023

May 12, 2023

Song of the Day: Twothirtyeight - Songs Will Write the Words

Early 2000s emo, you gotta love it! One of the best, and painfully one of the most obscure in the genre was twothirtyeight (or sometimes 238). The band hailed from Pensacola, FL in the state’s panhandle. Florida seemed to be a haven for emo and hardcore during that era, and many of those bands ended up on Birmingham, AL’s Takehold Records, and then eventually on Tooth & Nail when they bought Takehold’s roster and much of its back-catalogue. Twothirtyeight played a style of emo that minimized the hardcore influence and instead delved into a deeply emotional form of indie rock, like secular counterparts in Braid, Cursive, or Christie Front Drive.… Continued →

May 10, 2023

Song of the Day: Olivia the Band - 39

This pop punk band made waves back in the mid 2000s. This SOTD has always been my fave per its catchy music & lyrics.  Check em out. Every time it came He took the pain, He took away, And in our place He stands, Everyday, all day, He lived to die, He died to pay, And in our place He stands, Forty minus one, Sin caused undone, Black eye and spit, Innocence they hit,   Continued →

May 8, 2023

Song of the Day: (Un)Worthy - Heavy Worship

This metal band has a no holds barred evangelism message & do not waver the Christian label. This tune is like a lyrical theme song to every Christian band’s message. Check out these lyrics & the reason behind the song. What better place than here What better time than now Every tongue will confess And every knee shall Bow We preach a message of love They shake their fists in the air Our light shines in the darkness It’s no wonder they’re scared I can hear them curse His name I feel spit hit my face Religion shoved down their throats They never experienced grace This crowd is our congregation And this stage is our pulpit Others think this is noise We’re praising God with heavy worship Other Christians can’t seem to get it They’ve shut themselves off from the truth They won’t reach out to the least of these But this is what I was called to do Let them feel Your love See Your face Hear Your Word Know Your name Continued →

May 7, 2023

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