June 26, 2024

'New' Francis track 20 years later!

Kevin & Anita Robinson (Viva Voce, Blue Giant) had a short-lived funk/soul project called Francis, that released a split release with Lackthereof about 20 years ago. This project even opened for Fugazi once in North Carolina (talking about indie cred)! The band is releasing a new track (well, sort of)–actually an unreleased track from 2004, which will be available tomorrow (June 27) on Bandcamp or Friday (June 28) on other streaming platforms, thanks to long-time label partner Velvet Blue Music. Kevin is a Middle School teacher in Alabama specializing in Multimedia Production and some of his students created this video for the song.… Continued →

June 25, 2024

2nd Single Released from new Good Saint Nathanael album

“Gravity” is the second single from the forthcoming I Write the Songs I Need full-length album from indie folkster Good Saint Nathanael. The single still speaks to past traumas songwriter Nate Allen has endured, but there’s clearly now some distance and perspective gained as the songs from the new album are lighter than 5 years ago. “Gravity” is now available for streaming or download. Additionally a video for the song has been released as well. Both can be found on the artist’s Bandcamp page: →

June 22, 2024

Good Saint Nathanael drops new single!

Good Saint Nathanael (Nate Allen of Destroy Nate Allen fame) has just dropped a brand new single called “Extension Chords,” in advance of a new full-length which is set to release next week. The indie folk artist has revealed that the new album will have a very different feel than 2019’s highly introspective Hide No Truth. The single can be downloaded via Bandcamp: →

New Releases: June 21, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Anberlin, Matty Mullins – Walk Alone [Single]
  • Asfirefalls – Catatonic Misery
  • Bloodlines – Holiness Cries [Single]
  • Brave Future – Demo EP [EP]
  • Brotality – The Bones Of God [Single]
  • Convictions – Buried In Thorns [Single]
  • Fallstar – Watermelon Blood [Single]
  • Fight The Fade – Next Sunrise [Single]
  • Flatfoot 56 – Electric Avenue [Single]
  • Fire from Heaven, Searching Serenity – Declaration Of Deviation [Single]
  • Gable Price and Friends – Jungle In The City [Single]
  • Ignescent – Radio Gaga [Single]
  • Lambs & Lions – Rebel Hymns of Grace
  • Millennial Reign – World on Fire
  • My Epic – Make Believe [Single]
  • The Protest – Take It Back [Single]
  • SafeKept – Smoke & Mirrors [Single]
  • Searching Serenity – Solace [Single]
  • Sower – rocky ground (false conversion) [Single]
  • Sower – thorns (false profession) [Single]
  • Then It Ends, Wolves At The Gate – Fraud [Single]
  • Torndown – Warriors [Single]
  • Undefeated – Insane [Single]
  • The Undertaking!
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June 21, 2024

Anberlin Release First New Song With Matty Mullins and Music Video for "Walk Alone"

Anberlin have returned with their slightly revamped lineup featuring Matty Mullins taking over lead vocals from Stephen Christian who is on a hiatus from the band. Check out the brand new song “Walk Alone” in this imaginative and fun music video, below here on our website. The band’s new album “Vega” is available August 2nd through Equal Vision Records and is up for pre-order right here. Super limited vinyl so get yours now! (follow at Anberlin on socials to get the direct link).… Continued →

Song of the Day: U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love)

Let’s get this out of the way. Some of you hate U2 for one reason or another–the ‘pompous’ nature of the lead singer, the ‘self-importance’ of their message, the fact they had the audacity to include a free digital album to people who didn’t ask for it. Others of you will love U2–the ingenuity, the forward-thinking approach to a genre that was struggling when they reinvigorated with new life, and the sincerity with which they tackled a whole host of social issues. Then a few more will be indifferent to the band whatsoever.… Continued →

June 20, 2024


xREDLINEx is somewhat of a supergroup, from the DIY/independent hardcore scene, featuring ex-members of Zao, 2Minute Minor, October Bird of Death, Blindside (the one from Chicago, not Sweden or Pennsylvania), and several others. The music on Tongue Tied features a throwback sound that is a mixture of late 80s hardcore and mid-90s metallic hardcore. Unlike 2Minute Minor, there is not a strong punk presence, and while there is no metalcore whatsoever, there are some clearly metallic riffs a la 90s ‘chugga chugga’ style hardcore. That’s all cool in my book as that’s one of my favorite subgenres of hardcore, and there seems to be a real lack of the style is the current scene.… Continued →

June 17, 2024

CHPTRS - You Changed Everything (LIVE, Feat. Marie Hines)

CHPTRS return with yet another beautiful song that defies all comparisons, similarities, and definition. This group continues to pump out quality music in the realm of experimental, indie, pop, post rock kinda stuff but like I said above, defies definition. Go check them out and listen to their new LIVE version of their track “You Changed Everything”, a collaboration with vocalist, Marie Hines. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on “Chapter Eight” which will be their next release. Follow them on instagram at wearechptrs or on the web at… Continued →

Introducing: Descriptor

Today I am going to spotlight a killer new post-hardcore/post-metal heavy yet melodic band called “Descriptor“. They recently released a new song titled “Deathwork” and it is beautifully heavy, really great and hits me in all the right places. The vocalist can sing with the best of them and whoever is doing the screamed parts does it to the best of his abilities. Very passionate, hopeful, and heart piercing stuff. Imagine HANDS meets Least of These meets My Epic meets La Dispute meets Touche Amore.… Continued →

Lambs & Lions Bring Their Street Punk Oi! Sound to a Worldwide Audience

A brand new punk band “Lambs & Lions” with a heavy emphasis on Oi! and Street Punk, are taking the punk world by storm by unleashing their furious blend of passion, energy, and a strong spiritual connection through a biblical narrative. The group featuring a member of Living Fire (Luis Medeiros) and featuring a really great multicultural aspect with members from Croatia, the UK, and Brazil (now living in California). If you don’t know Lambs & Lions yet you certainly will in the near future.… Continued →

June 14, 2024

Song of the Day: E.D.L. (Every Day Life) - Endurance

Every Day Life, commonly known as E.D.L., was an early innovator in the rap-core scene, fusing hip-hop and hardcore into something new, several years before it morphed into nu metal and became ubiquitous on rock radio. The band came from Southern California, and while musically innovative (our featured track also has a slight nod to industrial), they were also not afraid to touch controversial subjects in their lyrics, especially those related to racial relations in the United States, and other social topics and justice-related issues. Their debut album cover featured a scene from the L.A.… Continued →

June 13, 2024

My Epic - Make Believe (New Song + Music Video)

We are getting so close to the release of the new My Epic album and this is the 3rd song from that new album, “Loriella”, due out June 28th on Tooth & Nail Records. Check out this new song titled “Make Believe” below this post. The song takes on a decidedly more chill, electronic infused vibe not all that far in sound from say The Postal Service, Unwed Sailor, even some Band of Horses. You can find the lyrics to the song over on this YouTube page that the song appears on.… Continued →

Hopeful. Rise Up From the Sun Swept Beaches of Southern California With Their Own Unique Blend of Indie Rock

A new band has emerged from sandy coastline of Southern California with a mission to share their own unique blend of positive, hope filled rock n’ roll that’ll chase away the despair and fill one with passion. That band is called Hopeful. I stumbled upon this band from an ad on Instagram and lately that’s how I’ve been discovering some great indie talent. These guys are fantastic and I encourage you to check out their songs below. Look up Hopeful. “When The Turbulence Hits” EP on digital networks and give them a solid listen.… Continued →

June 9, 2024

Max McNown - Macbeth (Live Performance Video)

A really great up and coming young alt-folk-country artist by the name of Max McNown just dropped his debut full length “Wandering” a month ago and has just put out a new song “Macbeth”. The song is available through all digital networks and you can now watch a killer live performance video of the song below, right here on our website. For more info on Max McNown, click here.… Continued →

June 7, 2024

Song of the Day: Johnny Q. Public - Body Be

Welcome to the 1990s, the decade of alternative rock, grunge, flannel, and a time when MTV still played music videos. While the Christian music scene had tons of alternative rock bands, few were as effective as Springfield, Missouri’s Johnny Q. Public. The band found the right combination of distortion, melody, noise, and big rock hooks (but not too big) to make a huge impact on the music scene. They released two albums, 1995’s Extra-Ordinary (for Gotee Records) and 2000’s Welcome to Earth, which was also on Gotee but licensed to the mainstream Roadrunner Records.… Continued →

June 2, 2024

New Releases: May 31, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Classic Disaster – Too Blind To See [EP]
  • Luxury – Like Unto Lambs
  • Remedy Drive – Steady [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Fulton Lee – Sunny Side [Single]
  • Joseph O’Brien – WON’T LET TOMORROW [Single]
  • SOFYKA – Waterfall [Single]
  • Samuel Day – Living Lovely [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Chris Howland, Audicid – Novus Lux [Single]
  • JOSHUA LAZER – Be with You [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Ivan Theva – Waiting Here For You [Single]
  • Jon Foreman – In Bloom 
  • Jonathan Allen Wright – The Sea [Single]
  • Marie Miller – The Way of Love [Single]
  • Our Atlantic Roots – Memories Live On [EP]
  • Skye Peterson – Sound and Silence [Single]
  • Zambroa – Oxford Candles [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Collington – In The Fire [Single]
  • Colorvault – 24/2 [EP]
  • The Corner Room – Romans 3:23-24 (English Standard Version) [Single]
  • Crowder – The EXLIE
  • Josh Wilson – Mental Help
  • Mission House – Day for Singing [Single]
  • Rachael Thomas – Stayed [Single]
  • Renew Creative – You Alone [Single]
  • Vivid Era – Anxious Mind [Single]
  • The Young Escape – Drives [Single]
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May 31, 2024

Song of the Day: Famous Names - Talk it Out

Not so much a new band, as a continuation of a previous one, Famous Names was essentially the same line-up as Writz. The core of the band is husband-wife duo Steve and Bev Fairnie. They had begun earlier in the 1970s as Fish Co. doing folk-pop not too dissimilar to a lot of Jesus Music of the day, before heading into a distinct punk/new wave direction in the late 70s as Writz. However, they had to change their name due to an American pop group of the same name.… Continued →

May 29, 2024

New Releases: May 24, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Brotality – Cryptic Worship [Single]
  • Earth Groans – Chasm [Single]
  • Fight The Fade – Gangrene [Single]
  • Ignescent – Goodbye [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Grace Graber – No Regrets [Single]
  • Henrik, Nic D – All to myself [Single]
  • Matthew Mole – Okay [Single]
  • The New Respects – YBA [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • JOSHUA LAZER – Just Believe [Single]
  • Pembers – Nani Kama Yesu Wetu [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Allie Crummy – Caving In [Single]
  • Benjamin Daniel – Fear Hymn [Single]
  • Callan Brown, Yaz Williams – Air of Summer [Single]
  • Former Ruins – Western Edge of Eastern Time [Single]
  • Jason Wade – All of My Life [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Andrew Ripp – Loves Got a Way [Single]
  • Aryn Michelle – Evil Kings [Single]
  • Austin Koukal – Redemption [Single]
  • Christian Singleton – I Just Want To [Single]
  • Civilized Creature – Spirit Move [Single]
  • Dâmares Gomes – Even Better [Single]
  • Josh Garrels – Rock My Soul [Single]
  • Josiah Queen – The Prodigal
  • Kadin Whitney – ALIVE [Single]
  • LZ7 – Be Forever [Single]
  • Redemption Arc – The Purple Song [Single]
  • Marie Miller – The Way of Love [Single]
  • Project of Love – Lamentations 1/3 – Your Faithful Love Never Ends [Single]
  • Saintz – Hope Future Destiny [Single]
  • Steven Malcolm, Sanctus Real – Feels To Be Free [Single]
  • Taylor Armstrong – When It Rains [Single]
  • Verses – Acts 2:17 [Single]
  • Zion Goins – 100 BRIAR GROVE [Single]
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May 28, 2024

Demon Hunter "Summer of Darkness" 20th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Demon Hunter’s sophomore album “Summer Of Darkness” which is heralded as a classic among fans and peers alike, is getting the vinyl re-release treatment. Not only are there 4 different color variants but you also get this: “IT’S HERE. Summer Of Darkness on 2xLP vinyl. 20-page large format booklet w/ extensive liner notes by Ryan Clark, 24×24 foldout poster, silver metallic ink throughout. 4 color variants, each limited to 500.” So pick up your copy from either the… Continued →

Names Without Numbers Join the Fair Vaux Family

Names Without Numbers are proud to announce their signing to new label home – Fair Vaux. The band will release their brand new single “Box Fort Kingdom” on July 5th via the label. Stay tuned for further news and updates on both the band and label. I am proud to say I once worked with this killer band back when they were on the IVM label and going back 2 decades ago when I put them on my first compilation experience with Tooth & Nail Records called “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol.Continued →

May 27, 2024

May 24, 2024

Song of the Day: Eyes of the Defiled - Buried as Saints

Eyes of the Defiled was a deathcore band (death metal + metalcore) from Maryland. Information about the band is scarce, but it appears that they formed in the early 2010s, putting out their debut EP in 2012 before signing with Vision of God Records, for 2016’s Distant Tellings album. They were also involved in almost every installment of the Christian Deathcore compilations on Bandcamp. The band’s sound focused on traditional deathcore–heavy riffs, often in a breakdown style, the occasional melodic lead guitar, and lots of pig squeal-type vocals that are associated with the genre.… Continued →

May 20, 2024