January 25, 2024


Head over to the Indie Vision Music YouTube page and turn on notifications for the new XREDLINEX song video that will premiere TOMORROW morning 6am PST (West Coast). Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the channel as well. You are free to comment and chat with other music fans about what to expect. Get ready.… Continued →

January 24, 2024

Song of the Day: Hellfighter Worship vs Hillsong - Life of Fire vs From the Inside Out

So today is my birthday and I have been recollecting my life these past 46 years & how it relates to the music I have grown to enjoy. I originated from the quad cities in Illinois. I accepted Jesus into my heart at around 5 years old from a lady who ended up being a missionary to Europe. My earliest music memory was calling in for Farrell & Farrell’s People in a Box to be played on my birthday for a couple years on local CCM radio.… Continued →

Protect Your Heart Youth Drops Tomorrow

Protect Your Heart, an Easycore/Heavy Pop-Punk band out of the Los Angeles, CA. area, are dropping their brand new song titled “YOUTH”, tomorrow. It’ll be available on all digital networks and streaming sites. This band has come right out of the gates with some of the strongest new songs I’ve heard recently and my expectations are high for this new material. Get into it and give these guys a listen!… Continued →

Take & The Forerunner "Split" Vinyl Release

Take are back with more music and their related band “The Forerunner” also return and back with a vengeance together on one sweet looking Vinyl. This “Split” will see a release on Deluxe 180G Vinyl through Resuscitation Records on March 15th and available for pre-order right now through their webstore. Check out a sample of the release below this post. While you’re on the store site, make sure to pick up new vinyl from Debtor and Plead The Widows Cause. Resuscitation Records is a new label to get excited about just like I’ve been with Small Step Records.… Continued →

January 22, 2024

Song of the Day: Archetype's Collide - My Own Device vs Fade Away (After Hours)

This crossover band’s sound totally reminds me of Wage War. I really like them as their vocalist is actually the creative director at his church. Check out these lyrics from another of their earlier songs. Follow this band as they are doing big things. I’ll shout Your name, for You alone are King. And I’ll sing Your praise, ’cause You reign in me. Though I stumble and stray from the path, You never cease to love me with open hands. Though I may falter, You never alter.… Continued →

January 21, 2024

for KING & COUNTRY - Place In This World feat. Michael W Smith (Official Lyric Video)

for KING & COUNTRY return with a special cover of “Place In This World” and it actually features Michael W Smith whose song this is a cover of. Very cool. The band is gearing up for the film “Unsung Hero” based off their song of the same title. Here is a synopsis.. “Based on a remarkable true story, Unsung Hero follows David Smallbone as he moves his family from Down Under to the States, searching for a brighter future after his successful music company collapses. With nothing more than their seven children, suitcases, and their love of music, David (for KING + COUNTRY’s Joel Smallbone) and his pregnant wife Helen (Daisy Betts) set out to rebuild their lives.Continued →

Most Anticipated Release List of 2024 (So Far)

A little disclaimer here, this is my (Brandon Jones) most anticipated list of 2024 (so far). I am open to suggestions and news I might not be aware of yet. Please post yours in the comments below. I’m looking forward to new albums/eps from: My Epic, Too Bad Eugene, Names Without Numbers, XREDLINEX, Slick Shoes, Hangnail (please?), Dogwood (double please?), Gametime, Cool Hand Luke, The Myriad, Stavesacre, The Rocky Valentines, Everything in Slow Motion, Nate Parrish, Empty Atlas, Homeplate, Starflyer 59, Sixpence None The Richer, Olivia The Band, Teeth For Eyes, Plead The Widow’s Cause, Spoken, new unamed hardcore band (ft.… Continued →

Sixpence None The Richer Set To Return With New Music and Touring

While it hasn’t gotten the worldwide promotion just yet, those of you following Leigh’s instagram account have become witness to the rebirth of Sixpence None The Richer. Yes friends, the band is returning with new music and touring in 2024 as a collective unit. The band known for some pretty big hits like “Kiss Me” and a cover of The La’s “There She Goes” alongside all their 90’s critically acclaimed indie releases like “This Beautiful Mess” and debut, “The Fatherless and The Widow”, are back in action and ready to reemerge as the heavy hitters they once were (are).… Continued →

XREDLINEX to Release Debut

A brand new hardcore band called XRedlineX from back east, are gearing up to release their 7 track debut (on 7″) through Steadfast Records/Coffee and Hardcore Records on January 26th. We will host a very special song stream of a new track this Friday on our YouTube page. This is a very excited debut and one I know many of you hardcore fans are going to absolutely LOVE! Pre-orders drop this Friday through Steadfast Records.… Continued →

P.O.D. - I Won't Bow Down (Official Music Video)

P.O.D. are back in a big way this year, from the new singles to a new album titled “Veritas” that drops on May 3rd, 2024. Check out the music video for the brand new track “I Won’t Bow Down” right below this post (or by clicking on our official website for you instagram followers). Let us know what you think and be sure to pre-order the album on vinyl and other formats right here.… Continued →

January 20, 2024

Song of the Day: Fourth Estate - Poet's Lament vs Everdown - One Knuckle Shy

I have listened to many instrumentals over the years. There are not too many that land on radio. Prog’s Fourth Estate’s song here did back a long time ago If I can recall through the 7Ball Magazine’s charts. I still think Whitecross’s guitar solos are so talented. But, alas I wanted to share this band as their member Dave Beegle is still going strong all these years later. Check him out on Bandcamp. And Everdown’s track is just plain awesome!   Continued →

January 19, 2024

New Releases: January 19, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Battled – Growing Pains (EP)
  • Micah Ariss – Even If No One Believes (Single)
  • Nations – Hollow (EP)
  • P.O.D. – I WON’T BOW DOWN (Single)
  • NLM – Isn’t It Obvious? (Single)
  • Spoken – Anymore (Single)
Pop & Alternative
  • DecemberAir – Wintertide (Single)
  • Fulton Lee – Symphony (Single)
  • Mat Kearney – Headlights Home (Single)
  • Modern Temple – Agents (Single)
  • Silent Culture – Second Chances (Single)
Electronic & EDM
  • JOSHUA LAZER – Jesus is Lord (Single)
Hip Hop & R&B
  • Matt Macleod, Dillon Chase – Patience (Single)
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Burgeon – Perfect (Single)
  • Embleton – All of this Fuss (Single)
  • Make Sure – Comedown (Single)
Worship & Gospel
  • Andy Kyte – Yours (Single)
  • DAMIAN – Beautiful (Single)
  • The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Like Sugar in My Blood (Single)
  • Forrest Frank – GOOD DAY (Single)
  • Project of Love – 1 Peter 5 – Cast All Your Care (Single)
  • Sarah Nathalié – delightful (Single)
  • The Worship Initiative – The King of Love My Shepherd Is (feat.
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Song of the Day: Melk the G6-49 - The Instantaneous Mobilization of All The Resources In The BURROW and All The Forces of My Body...

Milk the G6-49 was a two-man noise rock/math rock band from Indianapolis, and spearheaded by Joyful Noise Recordings founder/owner Karl Hofstetter. The band was entirely instrumental, yet reflected biblical themes in its song titles and album titles. Their debut is based around the “writing on the wall” story from Daniel chapter 5. Having said that, it’s not clear the band’s (nor label’s) current take on faith, despite early recordings being inspired by and/or dedicated to it. The band was active in recording from 2001 – 2004 and then went quiet until releasing a 7″ in 2022, so here’s hoping that means the band will kick back up.… Continued →

January 17, 2024

Song of the Day: System Failure - Cry To Heaven

This “metal/hxc core” band hits hard. I first heard about them through a darn good comp called Battle of the Bands released by Rugged Records back in ’99. Appears they were from Nebraska & disbanded in 2003. They stood out from other bands as the bass guitar stands out & you can understand the vocalist mostly. Check em out.  I have also added live distorted footage from another great song of theirs called All Is Silent. Continued →

January 15, 2024

Opinion: The Bewildering Confusion of "Christian" Music

The following ideas are my own opinion and do not represent IVM as a whole. For all the creeds and confessions we have, for all the things Christians past and present have died and are currently dying for, for all the sentiments of things that were simply understood in regards to what it means to be human, the present understanding of what it means to even be a Christian is about as abstract as trying to define which subgenre of punk this or that band is.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Arkport - Let Me Love

Female vocalist led Arkport released their only LP back in 2000. Most who have heard of them would know them from the 2nd Ronnie Martin’s (Joy Electric) label Plastiq Music 2nd compilation that featured great synthpop bands such as Norway or Fine China. Arkport isn’t really a synthpop band though. They create dreamy atmospheric pop music. This  SOTD was played on a really great online station ran by Dan Preston called Freerock1 whose site is still accessible. Enjoy & take a breather with this one.… Continued →

January 14, 2024

Luxury Return With New Single "The Wilderness"

Long running indie band Luxury, have just released a brand new song titled “The Wilderness” and you can watch the lyric video for the track, below. The band’s hot new album “Like Unto Lambs” will be out this year and the second single is coming soon. Let us know what you think of this banger in the comments below.… Continued →

Introducing: OM53

I just recently found this pretty cool Synthwave project under the name of OM53. All the songs sound really good and extremely catchy. You can check out the most recent track “Waiting For The Day” in lyric video form, below. Search “OM53” on YouTube to see/hear more. is the website. You can find a recent album and more singles over on digital networks like Spotify and Apple Music. Let us know what you think about OM53 in the comments below.… Continued →

Living Sacrifice "Reborn" Gets Re-Pressed and Packaged on Vinyl

The Living Sacrifice classic “Reborn” has gotten the rerelease treatment on Vinyl which is different from the last pressing. The one with the team at UnoriginalVinyl has a ton of very special features and unique elements that keep apart from the last pressing. Check out what is included below this post. You can order the Vinyl now in the Solid State Records store. Living Sacrifice’s “Reborn” is available on Black/Silver Vinyl! Collaborated from-start-to-finish with Bruce Fitzhugh, this LP: • Has, for the first time, been re-mastered specifically-for-vinyl..… Continued →

January 13, 2024

Song of the Day: Bottlerockit - See You in Space Tonight vs Duddle a Duh

This British band completely flew under my huge “Christian” music radar. I discovered them through a British website/radio station called CrossRhythms that basically houses tons of Christian artists bios. Anyways, the band reminds me of quirky music akin to Canada’s Hokus Pick or even Believable Picnic or Rhubarb. Great band names I know :). Anyways, the first SOTD was released as a single from their 2nd LP & the 2nd is the first song of their 1st LP. They released a 2nd LP before changing their name to Audiogene.… Continued →