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Captain the Sky

Captain the Sky

We had a chance to talk with Beaver Falls, PA indie rock group Captain the Sky about their new deluxe EP, the future of the band, and Chick-fil-A. Check them out on Facebook and be sure to follow them on Spotify!

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November 5, 2016

Alan Sears of Mortal Treason

Awhile back, I was able to interview, via Instagram private messaging, with Alan Sears of the deathcore band, Mortal Treason. We talk about the Mortal Treason Hiatus, Issues with the band’s former label, and ZAO References. Those first two specifically. I saved this interview specifically for the IVM Rebirth!… Continued →

June 26, 2015

Stephen Cobbuci

Stephen Cobucci of Wolves At The Gate

Recently, I got the chance to chat via email with Stephen Cobucci of the stand-out metalcore act, Wolves at the Gate. We got to talk songwriting, faith, and Thrice – 3 of my favorite topics. Check out the conversation below and don’t forget to pick up WatG’s newest album, “Reprise” wherever digital music is sold.… Continued →

June 18, 2015

Come and Rest

Chances are you might not have heard of Come and Rest. The metalcore group out of Atlanta, GA, recently released a new EP called Blacklist. This stuff is hard-hitting with dark melodies and a tone to match. Frontman Noel Alejandro was kind enough to chat with me over the phone to discuss the thought process behind their second independent release.… Continued →