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January 9, 2018

REVIEW : Praiser - 20 Again

  “Blessed Be The Punk” We all want relive the days of our youth. Remember being young, vibrant, forceful in our thoughts and actions? Age doesn’t necessarily take those attributes away. Praiser makes that abundantly clear in their punk music. The band’s latest album, 20 Again, doesn’t bring age as its theme, but rather a collection of twenty great songs from their past.… Continued →

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November 30, 2016

Salt Of The Sound releases new EP

Salt Of The Sound‘s new EP centres around the theme of light, which is echoed in different ways across all of the songs, and features heavily in the Advent traditions of Nordic countries. Waiting For The Dawn combines these Scandinavian influences with an focus on natural soundscapes, as well as featuring the unique blend of electronic synths, subtle vocal harmonies, and thoughtful lyrical messages that the duo have become known for.… Continued →

November 21, 2016

REVIEW : The Brilliance - All Is Not Lost

Worship music has always held a troubled place in my heart and my music collection. Looking at the genre from a spiritual level, I know that I, as a believer, should have an affinity to music created to glorify God. The reality is that I find the majority worship music to be contrived, repetitive, and failing to deliver any degree of originality.… Continued →

November 17, 2016