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Choirs Of Veritas – I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life

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Label: Underground Symphony
Release Date:  April, 14th 2017


  1. God First
  2. Ask Him
  3. The Searching
  4. Thank You
  5. Vanitas Vanitatum
  6. Miracles
  7. Religiosity
  8. I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life
  9. A New Commandment
  10. The Passion And The Cross
  11. He Has Come To Forgive
  12. Grace

Choirs Of Veritas is a symphonic metal project that literally means “Choirs Of Truth”, symbolizing the union between music and the spiritual truth of Jesus Christ. Those Christian themes are made abundantly clear on their debut full-length, I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The project was birthed from the mind of Davide Scuteri, keyboardist and composer, as an offering to God and from a desire to thank God for the gift of music. The album’s purpose is to unite both the love for God and metal music.

It’s Scuteri’s extraordinary keyboard skills that places I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life out of the typical sound of symphonic metal. The keys build each song to a crescendo then back to a stripped down melody, and deliver a strong emotion to the song lyrics (“Vanitas Vanitatum”).

The lyric content is central to the release, with words and meaning that draws inspiration from the Holy Bible. The unfortunate aspect is the vocal delivery of those strong lyrics. Davide Schiavi is a solid vocalist, but periodically struggles to maintain high notes. The addition of mezzo-soprano Eliana Sanna, is the album’s downfall. The combined voices of Davide and Eliana fail to produce any sense of vocal harmony, creating a distractive tone on several of the songs (“Religiosity”).

Good intentions are a wonderful thing, and those intentions were the premise of I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. However the ambitions of Choirs Of Veritas fall somewhat short on the band’s debut release. Perhaps the future will find their members better able to unite in the musical creativity.

Purchase I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life through Underground Symphony.

Choirs Of Veritas is:
Davide Schiavi: Vocals
Eliana Sanna: Mezzosoprano
Davide Scuteri: Keyboardist/Composer
Roberto Curtoni: Guitars
Cesare Ferrari: Bass
Alessandro Baglioni: Flute

About the reviewer: Dave Hawkins is host of The Antidote, a syndicated weekly radio broadcast featuring interviews with innovative artists who share a Christian worldview.

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