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Ospreyshire - Verses Vs. Anhedonia

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Label: ZAP Records
Release Date: November, 30th 2016


  1. Carapace
  2. Servile Fear/Theophobia
  3. My Heart is a Crater
  4. Gilded Lives
  5. Incomplete Specters
  6. You Are a Constellation
  7. Osteopathic Mutation

Ospreyshire, the moniker of Illinoisan artist Curtis M., is a project that involves spoken word vocals, abstract soundscapes, and postminimalist aesthetics. His debut EP Verses Vs. Anhedonia is a brief seven poem journey. The urgency and brevity in these tracks lend itself to our attention deficit and sound byte culture.

Verses Vs. Anhedonia is a mini-concept EP that revolves around the brief psychological journey of someone who is losing interest in the meaning of life before slowly becoming aware that there’s some semblance of hope in this otherwise dark world. Manipulated found sounds and the occasional omnichord make appearances to give an avant-garde edge to this truly experimental album.

The art discovered on Verses Vs. Anhedonia is set to stretch the mindset of listeners whose only music influence is found in our pop culture. Curtis M’s straight-forward lyric approach, overlaying the atmospheric background, creates a distinctly curious aesthetic. Be prepared for this five minute long game changer.

Find Verses Vs. Anhedonia on Bandcamp.

About the reviewer: Dave Hawkins is host of The Antidote, a syndicated weekly radio broadcast featuring interviews with innovative artists who share a Christian worldview.

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