A World Of Second Chances

Relase date : August 4, 2017

Available At The Counter Sign to Indie Vision Music for Limited U.S. Release of “A World of Second Chances” on CD/Tape August 4th 2017

Purchase Link:

http://indievisionmusic.storenvy.com (preorders to launch in July)

Available At The Counter is:

Chad Fraser – Vocals
Tom Fullarton – Guitar, b. vox
Elliot Charleston – Bass, b. vox
Aaron Jenkin – Guitar
Jack Fullarton – Drums

‘A World of Second Chances’ is a journey, not just a journey through personal experience but also a journey through my head. It’s about experiences through heartbreak and loss as well as triumph over circumstance and mental health. We hope you’re inspired and we hope you can relate. This album is for encouraging those who need encouraging and to uplift those who are downtrodden. You are never alone and there’s always someone else who knows what it’s like to be where you’re at. Don’t ever give up. This is a world of second chances and at the very least, you’ll always have us to fall back on. We love you. We’re always here.

The band features hard hitting melodic pop punk with an aggressive edge, sure to bring back those nostalgic feelings of the past while wrapping your head around the current music scene.

Indie Vision Music will be exclusively releasing the new album “A World of Second Chances” on CD and Cassette Tape through the Indie Vision Music webstore here: http://indievisionmusic.storenvy.com We will also have limited copies available at Uprise Fest in September.

The album is now available wherever fine digital music is sold/streamed. Check out Available At The Counter “A World of Second Chances” on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. Just search the album on your favorite preferred service and you’ll find it.

All tapes bought through the IVM Webstore will include a free sticker and download code of the digital files.

Indie Vision Music is also offering exclusive Tape releases from Light The Way, Mainsail, and At The Wayside. Plus we have CDs from At The Wayside (soon), Light The Way, Mainsail, American Arson, DENS, and a select few others will be available in a new IVM Webstore this summer, along with a few low priced tshirts.

Also check out our releases on bandcamp here:
If you enjoy the sounds of Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Seraphs Coal, Knuckle Puck, A Loss for Words, Fenix Tx, and even New Found Glory, then you’ll find something to appreciate here.

Available At The Counter on Social Networks:
Twitter: @aatcmusic
Instagram: @available_at_the_counter

Make sure to check out the Indie Vision Music booth at Uprise Fest this September. Tons of merch including the latest Tape/CD releases will be available.

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Alexander Sliepka

Definitely my favorite recent Indie Vision release!