Song of the Day: Glen Galaxy - Waters of Life

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Glen Galaxy is perhaps best known for his work in two different San Diego-based experimental indie rock bands: Trumans Water and Soul-Junk. The former was a non-religious noisy indie rock band in the proper sense of the term. Soul-Junk was a truly experimental band dabbling in a dozen different genres with lyrics filled with Scripture. On the one hand, you never knew what you were going to get musically (would it be hip-hop or noisy punk?). On the other hand, you knew that each and every album or 7″ EP was going to be chock full of quirky scriptural renditions and psalms of praise. While this formula kept fans’ eyes peeled for each new release, it simultaneously limited their fanbase spreading much beyond the small group of intense fans.

Galaxy (born Glen Galloway) has kept the scriptural/praise focus for his solo work, but has gone in a mildly more accessible route with the music. It’s still quirky to be sure, but it’s also poppier than anything Soul-Junk or Trumans Water ever recorded. “Waters of Life” opens his one and only full-length, the aptly-titled Thankyou (2011), and is a thank you list of all the spiritual benefits of following Christ.

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Jason Brandvold
Jason Brandvold
April 7, 2024 4:33 pm

I like quirky. Going to check out the rest of the album

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