Song of the Day: The Call - All About You

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I never did listen to this band when they were around, but caught up to them much later sad to say. This song has an awesome groove & is basically a worship song as shown by the lyrics below. The band got some mainstream success ban in the day when their song I Still Believe (which was also covered by Russ Taff) was in the vampire movie The Lost Boys Listed also is a live version just because 80s live videos are always a treat!

I was never too wild about big shots
I was never too calm about pain
I was never too cool about the heat
But I’m [burning again?]

I was never too wild about politics
I was never too keen on school
I was never too easy with strangers
But I’m easy with you

God, I’m mad about you
Love is all about you

I was never too hot on earthquakes
I was never too crazy about bars
I was never too mad about power
You can take it too far

I was never too hungry for loneliness
I was never too jealous about jewels
I was never too good with crowds
But I’m good with you

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