Song of the Day: Number One Gun - This Holiday

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The North Pole Project (2008) wasn’t supposed to be a Number One Gun album. Rather, this was once the name of vocalist/guitarist Jeff Schneeweis’ solo project in the aftermath of Number One Gun’s breakup. In any case, The North Pole Project is a beautiful indie rock anthem. Not only did Schneeweis play every instrument on the album, but he also produced and mixed it. In these songs, he goes beyond some of the margins of the band’s past work, and this is best exemplified by closing song “This Holiday.”

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August 14, 2019 11:21 pm

Great album, very talented man. Hooked a younger, ansgtier me with “The Massacre”, and kept it going through the album straight through to this ending track. A big highlight for me was “Thank You Ending” but honestly it’s all so good, all worth a listen.
Thanks for the reminder. It was nice to come back to this song.

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