Danielson New Music Film Featuring Fred Armisen and Andi Marie Tillman

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Danielson has returned with a new song and music film for “Come and Save Me” which will feature Fred Armisen and Andi Marie Tillman. The film is being directed by Electric Jesus creator, Chris White. Read on below for the teaser trailer, release date and further information on this exciting project.

The song ‘Come and Save Me’ came from writer-director Chris White and Daniel Smith’s collaboration on the film ELECTRIC JESUS, released in 2021 by 1091 Pictures after a long and award-winning film festival run. The accompanying soundtrack, written and performed by Smith, was released by indie label Joyful Noise Recordings.

The lyrics in ‘Come and Save Me’ are from the papers of legendary rocker and Jesus Music pioneer Larry Norman who died in 2008 and contained words for several never finished songs. The papers were uncovered by Norman biographer Gregory Alan Thornbury (Why Should The Devil Have All the Good Music?), who interviewed Smith for his book.

“Late in his life, Larry Norman heard my band (Danielson) and reached out to me via email, which led to several meaningful exchanges,” Smith explains, “Later, when Greg was interviewing me for the book, he mentioned he had these unpublished Larry Norman lyrics and would I be interested in looking at them. He sent me several songs and I connected with ‘Come and Save Me.’”
For the music-film, Smith has created a new mix for the song, and composed a stunning instrumental prelude of sorts called ‘Walk With Me’. Both tracks will be released on all streaming platforms April 26.

NEXT WEEK — April 19, co-producer Cargo drops a 12-minute making-of mini-documentary.

Then, April 26: the worldwide premiere of the music-film and digital 7” release from Joyful Noise.

Keep your eyes on all EJ socials for more news about this exciting new music-film from the world of Electric Jesus.

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Loyd Harp
April 16, 2024 7:07 am

This looks amazing. I can’t wait! I’m hoping Joyful Noise (who are local to me) do a screening for it. 🙂

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