Album Review :
Rackets and Drapes - Chapter One: Welcome Home (New album)

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Shock rockers R&D have released their new album which is the first of the Sanatorium collection & is currently on all digital networks as of tomorrow. I have been friends with Kandy for many years & have enjoyed all the music I have been sent that they have been working on. If you are a long time fan, you will recognize the reworks such as Milk & Cookies & Stix & Stonz. There is also a new one Suicide Machine which I had the opportunity to hear a demo probably a year or so ago now. Check it out as this is one of my fave all time artists & trust me as I have heard most everything that has even had a small footprint in the “Christian” industry. I have also included a couple of other ones that will be more than likely released later on another chapter.┬áCheck out my other SOTD for another one called Turn UpThe Downside

Song of the Day: Rackets & Drapes-Turn UpThe Downside



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