Song of the Day: Rackets & Drapes-Turn UpThe Downside

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Rackets is the best shock rock band imho with loyal fans called Therapy Patients. Led by vocalist Kandy Kane (Kiffany), they have definitely had a controversial impact on the Christian music industry & have been repeatedly listed as sounding akin to Marilyn Manson. Starting out in 1994, they formed under the name Human Soup. Many years have passed & they have released recent music more akin to their first 2 albums. The first was released under the moniker of A Violent System with this new one back to Rackets & Drapes. I have been talking with Kiffany since the MSN messenger days circa 1998 & have had the joy/opportunity to hear both songs before being officially released. The 4 band members (Kiffany, Rabbit, Battz Belfry & Stykzen Stones hail from Colorado & Louisiana & are currently working towards an EP coming soon. This new one gives an 80s vibe & releases to most digital platforms by Saturday. Check it out!

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