Song of the Day: Mortal - Mujo (Uncertainty Mix)

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Sometimes the songs that sound least like a band as a whole are their best songs. Mortal’s Nu-En-Jin (2002) is not a particularly calming album. They like to use a lot of distortion, and with the postmodern lyrics and spooky samples, this can make for a claustrophobic listen. However, “Mujo (Uncertainty Mix)” is about as chill as electronica can get, and reminds me of the perfect autumn day. Take a listen and see if the leaves don’t start changing colors.

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Phil metalhed

Its gud 2 c sum mortal luv on here. Maybe jyro+ jerome hav sum leftova unrel trax sumwer.

Michael H

I love to see recognition for Mortal’s album Nu-En-Jin on here. This song is one of the most unique and laid back on an album full of the most unique industrial music that you’ll ever hear. I remember randomly hanging out with friends, going to the Christian music store, finding this album with really strange coverart on it and deciding “why not?” and buying it on a whim soon after it came out in 2002. This literally was one of, if not the best, whim purchase I’ve ever made in my life, and though Mortal isn’t my favorite band, after… Read more »

What a find! I always liked the artwork for this album, though I just bought it on iTunes. Your discovery reminds me of when I found Lucerin Blue in a bargain bin (another underappreciated T&N album). ;)


Lucerin Blue! I loved that album. I agree that they were highly under-appreciated at the time.


Mortal’s Nu-En-Jin was an incredible album at the time. There’s nothing quite like it in T&N’s backlog, even from their industrial albums. I completely missed Mortal during their first run, as I was a bit young at the time, but I was a big fan of Fold Zandura’s electronic rock music. Not even “Ember” was as heavy as some of the songs on this album. I’m sure Nu-En-Jin went over a ton of heads, but at the time, me and my college friends played this album a ton. Would’ve loved to see a follow up album, but alas, it wasn’t… Read more »