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Everything Is Gonna Be Alright, Be Strong, Believe: 15 Hits From 15 Years Ago

15 years ago a collection of what can now be determined as “classic hits” were unleashed on a crowd that had an insatiable appetite for what was new and and considered “ROCK” music. This was sorta near the end of the Bye Bye Byes and I’m Not That Innocent, charting new territory into the popular spectrum by a bunch of bands not exactly ready for that sort of success.… Continued →

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The Blamed is Back!

The Blamed has been a Christian Hardcore/Punk band since the 90s. The Line up for the Blamed is going back to its roots with Original band members: Jim Chaffin on drums and Bryan Gray on guitar. Joining them will be Sid Duffour on bass (formally of Headnoise) and guitarist Jeff Locke (who recorded in 1998 on the album “…again” and toured with the Blamed) and New lead vocalist of October Bird Of Death, Wiley Willis.… Continued →