Day: April 3, 2024

April 3, 2024

Introducing: Feeble Attempt

I’d like to introduce you all to this really killer new melodic/skate punk project called Feeble Attempt. It features members of MEANS and The Holly Springs Disaster and has a huge sound that is going to please fans of all these old school melodic punk bands as well as new school stuff just dropping in the scene. It’s quite astonishing how much I enjoy this and the album hasn’t even dropped yet. Did I mention it features a whole line up of guest vocalists from bands you might recognize (Hi Josh from Dogwood).… Continued →

Lightworker - Evergreen (New Song)

Lightworker just dropped another new track that’s hot like the sun and fiery like the depths of…well a bowl of carolina reapers! It’s a really great sounding song with unrelenting passion and melodic singing parts that keep you entertained throughout the length of the track. They really do remind me a little of Howard led Killswitch Engage which is a good thing because Joe Calderon is an insanely talented lead vocalist and screamer. These guys have a bright future with the release of “How The Beautiful Decay” (Out April 19th) and beyond.… Continued →

Squad 5-0 Documentary Trailer

A really cool look into the life and times of the band Squad 5-0 in the form of this documentary “Squad 5-0 is Here to Stay”. Check out the official trailer for this upcoming documentary right here below this message. Let us know your thoughts and feelings about the band and this wonderful looking documentary. It’ll be out soon on streaming services and a handful of in-person screenings. It’s so awesome that there are genuine people who care about some of these legacy artists enough to make things like documentaries, re-releases, write ups, etc.… Continued →