Introducing: Feeble Attempt

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I’d like to introduce you all to this really killer new melodic/skate punk project called Feeble Attempt. It features members of MEANS and The Holly Springs Disaster and has a huge sound that is going to please fans of all these old school melodic punk bands as well as new school stuff just dropping in the scene. It’s quite astonishing how much I enjoy this and the album hasn’t even dropped yet. Did I mention it features a whole line up of guest vocalists from bands you might recognize (Hi Josh from Dogwood). Click below to see the full list of guests. The album will be out soon, hopefully. Follow them on instagram at feebleahhhttempt. Album will be titled “Absolute Trash” and the album cover is the image you are seeing for this post.

•Adam Lorbach (Homegrown) • @radicalradicalmusic
•Mike Froh (The Holly Springs Disaster/Not Low) • @mike.froh
•Kyle Devlin (Gametime) • @kyle_devlin__
•Richie Gregor (Farewell to Freeway/Music Producer) • @richiegregor
•Todd Barriage (YouTuber) • @toddbarriage
•Jason Danzelman (YouTuber) • @fuzzpixels
•Peter Munters (Over It/Runner Runner) • @peterismunters
•Rick Mcdonald (No Bragging Rights/easy out) • @a_nervous_rick
•Josh Kemble (Dogwood) • @joshkemb

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