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March 31, 2024

March 30, 2024

March 29, 2024

Song of the Day: Paradigm Shift - Grip

Paradigm Shift was an electronica duo based in the Dallas, TX metroplex. They released one full-length album (for N-Soul/Velocity) and a 4-song CD EP. Unfortunately, very little is known about the group despite lengthy web searches. And the common group name doesn’t help! The one and only full-length album was self-titled and featured some of the most creative electronica the Christian scene ever produced. In contrast to the over-saturated techno/rave scene as well as the popular praise-house genre (that often tended towards the generic), Paradigm Shift featured a creative take on house/breaks that featured both funky retro and forward-leaning/futuristic sounds.… Continued →

March 27, 2024

March 25, 2024

March 24, 2024

New Releases: March 22, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Abandon Kansas – Alligator (Live at Smoakstack)
  • Meadows – Fury For The Taking [Singe]
  • Then It Ends – Conflict [Singe]
  • Whitecross – Fear No Evil
Pop & Alternative
  • Daniel Hardin – Memory Salesman I
  • Fulton Lee – Roadrunner [Singe]
  • Henrik – Rich [Singe]
  • Isabella Erardi – Sad in San Diego [Singe]
  • Jason Wade – Stanley Climbfall (live)
  • Owl City – Coco Moon Deluxe
  • Vision of Leo – JESUS! [Singe]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Benjamin Daniel – The Rain Falls Sideways [Singe]
  • Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Suffering [Singe]
  • Skye Peterson – How I See The World [Singe]
  • Zane Vickery – Hydrangea [Singe]
Worship & CCM
  • Amy Grant – Songs From the Loft
  • Ben Trip – Need Your Love [Singe]
  • Citizens, Mitch Wong – hold him high [EP]
  • Civilized Creature – In Your Name [Singe]
  • Fount + Flame – O My Soul Will Sing [Singe]
  • OAKS – HIHLY & Lamentations [Singe]
  • The Porter’s Gate, Paul Zach – Spirit Move!
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March 23, 2024

March 22, 2024

Song of the Day: Six Feet Deep - Front

Cleveland’s Six Feet Deep were instrumental in the advent of “new school” hardcore that was emerging in the early- to mid-90s. They were one of the few Spirit-Filled Hardcore bands that didn’t end up on Tooth & Nail or Solid State (No Innocent Victim was the other major example). After an independent demo cassette aptly titled Self in 1992, they released two fantastic metallic hardcore albums: 1994’s Struggle and 1996’s The Road Less Traveled. The debut issued on Christian indie stalwart R.E.X. Music and the sophomore on Flying Tart/R.E.X.… Continued →

March 21, 2024

Daniel Markham Releases Third Video from New Album

Daniel Markham has just released a third video from his brand spankin’ new album Just Like a Dream. The Denton, TX-based multi-instrumentalist has crafted a powerful dreamscape that blends elements of power pop, classic rock, and alternative music straight out of the 90s. The album was recorded and mixed by acclaimed producer David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Son Volt, Deerhunter) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia, in May 2022, and features Kris Killingsworth on the drums and Kyle Harris on the bass. It is his tenth (!)… Continued →

March 20, 2024

March 18, 2024

Minor Rockstar Releases New Song “Rise”

March 18, 2024, Santa Cruz, California. Minor Rockstar has released its new track “Rise” that builds off its recently released Wasted EP on Thumper Punk Records. Minor Rockstar’s latest track is an emotional reset on life, as it urges the listener to rise from darkness to light. I’m getting back all the things that were stolen from me A sense of hope, peace of mind and my dignity Was living life cast aside, down and pushed around I feel myself rising up now Rise up, rise up, rise up, rise Armed for war the goal is clear, no more fear In battle we march straight ahead, does anyone hear?Continued →

March 17, 2024

RIP Ezekiel Vade of Stryken

It’s been a rough week for Christian rock fans. Not only did we lose Michael Knott, but also Ezekiel Vade, bassist for glam metal band Stryken. Ezekiel died on Monday, March 11th. He had been the bassist for the Paul Q-Pek Band (pre-One Bad Pig), Stryken, and later The Cry (not to be confused with Canadian band The Kry), known for their two songs featured on Light from the Underground Volume Two, on Ocean Records.… Continued →

New Releases: March 15, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Becoming Sons – Awakened [Single]
  • Convictions – Sleeping Lotus [Single]
  • The Forerunner – The Beginning of Sorrows [EP]
  • Make Sure – Burning Heap [Single]
  • The Rocky Valentines – Stick It Out [Single]
  • Seventh Day Slumber – Fractured Paradise
  • Shorthanded – Writer’s Block [Single]
  • Spoken – Reflection 
  • TAKE – The Beginning of Sorrows [EP]
  • XREDLINEX – Tongue Tied [EP]
Pop & Alternative
  • Kylie Odetta – Grown [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • DJ Kirk – Love That I’m Dreaming About [Single]
  • Gui Brazil, Antonela Castillo – Holy Forever (Remix) [Single]
  • JOSHUA LAZER, Kalisito – Heaven [Single]
  • Pembers – Komorebi [EP]
  • Roberto Rosso, Bassanova, Aisling Fuller – You’re Gonna Be Ok [Single]
  • TRTLE – Turtle Step VIP [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Chase Tremaine – Unfall II [EP]
  • Thomas Austin – Let There Be [Single]
  • Timothy Leaven – Lessons In Self Defense [Single]
Worship & Gospel
  • Apollo LTD – Dreaming [Single]
  • As He Is – King of the Heavens [Single]
  • Ben Laine – Counterfeit [Single]
  • Chris Renzema – Manna 
  • Common Hymnal, Royce Lovett – Passover [Single]
  • Dâmares Gomes – The Kingdom [Single]
  • The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Wait (On the Lord) [Single]
  • Forrest Frank – ALWAYS [Single]
  • Future Divine – God Is Still Good [Single]
  • Jimmy Clifton – Twisted [Single]
  • Marc Vanparla – Outside [Single]
  • METRUTH, Christian Singleton – Steady My Heart [Single]
  • Newsboys – Heaven On Earth [Single]
  • Paul Demer, Justin Philip Brooks – Peace Is My Last Gift to You [Single]
  • Seph Schlueter – Counting My Blessings [EP]
  • StereoSnap – Wild Unknown (Sped up) [Single]
  • Taylor Armstrong – Again [Single]
  • We the Least – Visiting Hours [Single]
Instrumental & Other
  • Cory Shane – Nostos [Single]
  • Eric Owyoung – Let There Be [Single]
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March 16, 2024

Song of the Day: Proclaim the Sky - The Battle Within

This deathcore band is comprised of 2 friends from high school. Hailing from Indiana, I have had the privilege to talk with Ryan Miller for the show I produce on Ripper Radio. This song also reminds me of the metalcore band Context whom I saw live a couple years ago. Listen to this song loud and follow this band as they are working on releasing the full length Over Goshen. Some of the lyrics reference 1 John 1:9. Continued →

REVIEW : Take / The Forerunner - The Beginning of Sorrows

This split LP is a vinyl release featuring two hardcore/metalcore bands from Las Vegas. It appears from the photos that both bands also share some members. One of the first things you’ll notice about this 12” is the provocative cover art and exquisite packaging. Liner notes are printed on a full 12” booklet with glossy printing. It’s very similar to the booklets that have traditionally come inside CD packaging, except this is like 4 times the size. I don’t know if this is becoming a trend in vinyl packaging, but I’ve never seen anything quite this extensive.… Continued →

Song Premiere: Zane Vickery - Hydrangea

Zane Vickery has been trickling out new songs from his forthcoming behemoth of an album, Interloper. These songs have seen Vickery shift toward an incredibly personal and vulnerable approach, watching him wrestle with concept of belonging through a lens of faith, grief, his near-death experience, and the rejuvenated outlook on life which has followed. That certainly doesn’t mean the entirety of the record is bleak by any stretch, and “Hydrangea” is a perfect example of this. It’s addressed to Vickery’s wife and it’s a confession of longsuffering and mutual endurance through life’s challenges.… Continued →

March 15, 2024

Song of the Day: Michael Knott - Jail

As you’ve undoubtedly already read elsewhere, and seen all over the chrindie corner of the internet, Michael Knott died earlier this week. Much has been written about the man, the music, the iconic artist, so I don’t intend to re-tread any of that ground here. This is a Song of the Day post after all. Nonetheless it does seem fitting to use this week’s SOTD column to feature more of Knott’s work. He wrote and recorded so many incredible albums from the 1980s through the 2020s that it’s hard to pick a “best” or even a “favorite.”… Continued →

March 13, 2024

We've Lost an Icon--R.I.P. Michael Knott

The world of Christian music has lost a true icon. Michael Knott was confirmed dead yesterday, March 12th. Knott was a true pioneer in independent Christian music, leading a plethora of bands, dabbling in multiple genres, engaging prolific solo work, in addition to being a visual artist. Starting in the 1980s, Knott joined existing band Lifesavors, a Southern California power pop/new wave band, but later took leadership of the band. Initially Knott continued the new wave direction, but things took a darker shade in 1987 when he rebranded the outfit LifeSavers Underground and released one of the most influential album our scene ever produced, Shaded Pain.… Continued →

March 10, 2024

New Releases: March 8, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Cool Hand Luke – If You Keep [Single]
  • Heliograph – THEREALTHING [Single]
  • Lightworker – Burn Scar [Single]
  • Meadows – Heavy Eyes [Single]
  • Thousand Foot Krutch, Red – I Get Wicked – Reignited [Single]
  • Too Bad Eugene – Battle Scars
Pop & Alternative
  • Asher Postman – Home, Alright? [Single]
  • Fulton Lee – Temperature [Single]
  • Mat Kearney – Palisades [Single]
  • Mōzi – walk away [Single]
  • Working Hour – What Are You Waiting For? [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Pembers – belief [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • John Ward – Don’t You Know [Single]
  • Jon Foreman, Joy Oladokun – In Bloom [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • BEACH W, Embleton – Perfect Friend [Single]
  • Darla Baltazar – Sweeter [Single]
  • Ellie Holcomb – Where Can I Go – Psalm 139 [Single]
  • Grace Graber – Breakthrough [Single]
  • Jason Gray, A New Heaven and A New Earth – Awestruck (On My Way Home) [Single]
  • Jimmy Clifton – You said [Single]
  • Jonathan Allen Wright – Call Me Down [Single]
  • Josh Garrels – Watchman [Single]
  • K.
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March 8, 2024

Song of the Day: Kristyl - Together

While much of the music we cover here has its origins–or at least its influence–in the music scenes that developed in the 80s and 90s, there was independent Christian music long before that. I won’t get on that soapbox once again, as I’ve written about it multiple times elsewhere. All I’ll add for now is that there was some incredible and influential faith-oriented music in the 1970s. One such act was Louisville-based quartet Kristyl. The band only released one album, 1975’s eponymous full-length, and then disappeared.… Continued →

March 7, 2024

New Releases: March 1, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • CRYWLFCRY – Pursuit of Happiness [Single]
  • Demon Hunter – Worlds Apart [Single]
  • Mourning Eve – The Noise [Single]
  • Pipe Bomb – Stomp [EP]
Pop & Alternative
  • CHPTRS – Feels Like Home [Single]
  • The Gray Havens – Anywhere [Single]
  • Judah & the Lion – Great Decisions [Single]
  • Lauren Preuss – Dreaming Of [Single]
  • Matthew Parker, Sam Bowman – Weatherboy [Single]
  • Lecrae, for KING & COUNTRY – I Still Believe [Single]
  • Owl City – Car Trouble [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Edu Linares – You Like This [Single]
  • JOSHUA LAZER – Praise His Name [Single]
  • Kingdom Squad, TRTLE – Pressure [Single]
  • Man Cub – Still A Light (Instrumental) [Single]
  • Pembers – anywhere with you [Single]
  • Roberto Rosso, God’s Nation, dawnpatrol – WHAT YOU’VE DONE (Edit) [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Benjamin Krogh – Faltering [Single]
  • Faith Ling – Look Around [Single]
  • Our Atlantic Roots – Cornwall My Home [Single]
  • Wilder Adkins – Birthday Cards [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • Branan Murphy – Life is Hard.
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March 6, 2024

Shorthanded to Return With "Writer's Block"

A pop-punk band that many consider to be critically underrated, are back with a collection of songs and the first of which will be “Writer’s Block” and drops for pre-order on 3/9. These new songs were all recorded at the world renown studio, The Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson. These are going to be some of the best punk rock songs you’ve never heard. Change that perception and give Shorthanded a listen (and follow) today. Check out the band’s 2023 EP that’s up on all digital networks right now.… Continued →

Too Bad Eugene "Battle Scars" New Album Out on Friday

The brand new 14 track Too Bad Eugene full length titled “Battle Scars”, is out on Friday. This isn’t really a review, more of just a quotable summary 😉 This sonic masterpiece finds the band at their absolute best playing songs that are slightly out of the box for TBE and tackling themes that keep them a few steps ahead of fellow punk rockers who seem more obsessed with just relationship drama and political retread. The sounds on this record are crisp, clear, and full of that thick bass feel that keeps a fullness in sound.… Continued →

March 4, 2024

Illect Recording artist Newselph announce listening party

Join Newselph and Illect Recordings for a free listening party to celebrate If It Ain’t Broke, Remix It (vinyl & digital). Come along to listen to the music with the artist and chat about the making of the album. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It features an incredibly lengthy list of collaborations including K.I.N.E.T.I.C., Sareem Poems, Sivion, Rel McCoy, Ozay Moore and many others. Follow the link below to RSVP: →

March 3, 2024

Elijah Herrell - not as easy as it seemed

Despite a central theme of the Christian faith being the betrayal, desertion, and execution Jesus endured and the consequent call for us to lay down our lives in similar fashion, the reality is that, to some degree, it’s still okay to be a Christian in the Western world. It’s easy to piecemeal select verses into a textbook suburban life. But what about when a conviction costs you your job? What about when committing to a church means you drop all your hobbies? What about when things like marriage, retirement, a long life, or owning property are off the table?… Continued →

March 1, 2024

Pipe Bomb Releases Mind Bending, Explosive Debut EP "Stomp"

Chaotic, and heavy, this one man project known as “Pipe Bomb”, just dropped the explosive (no pun intended) debut many of us have been waiting for. The 6 song ep titled “Stomp” is out now on all digital networks and streaming sites. It’s tough to describe this project and it’s one of those things you just have to listen to and draw your own conclusions. It can’t be summarized into a nifty little “review” that as they are, can be quite subjective. This is heavy and chaotic and if you listen, any traits of a typical “one man band” kind of sentiment will wear off quite quick.… Continued →