Shorthanded to Return With "Writer's Block"

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A pop-punk band that many consider to be critically underrated, are back with a collection of songs and the first of which will be “Writer’s Block” and drops for pre-order on 3/9. These new songs were all recorded at the world renown studio, The Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson. These are going to be some of the best punk rock songs you’ve never heard. Change that perception and give Shorthanded a listen (and follow) today. Check out the band’s 2023 EP that’s up on all digital networks right now.

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Loyd Harp
March 7, 2024 5:21 am

I agree they are highly underrated. The pop-punk tag almost does them a disservice. Yes, they’re melodic, but they have complex arrangements and song structures, weird chord progressions, etc. I think they’re even slightly more complicated than All, their closest comparison, IMO.

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