Song of the Day: Paradigm Shift - Grip

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Paradigm Shift was an electronica duo based in the Dallas, TX metroplex. They released one full-length album (for N-Soul/Velocity) and a 4-song CD EP. Unfortunately, very little is known about the group despite lengthy web searches. And the common group name doesn’t help!

The one and only full-length album was self-titled and featured some of the most creative electronica the Christian scene ever produced. In contrast to the over-saturated techno/rave scene as well as the popular praise-house genre (that often tended towards the generic), Paradigm Shift featured a creative take on house/breaks that featured both funky retro and forward-leaning/futuristic sounds. The album was entirely instrumental save for a few non-lyrical vocal contributions here and there. Another cool feature was how each track blended into the next, creating a ‘mixtape’ feel as opposed to an album of individual songs.

While the whole album is fantastic, few of the individual tracks are available online. Here’s the album opener, “Grip.”

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