Month: February 2024

February 29, 2024

Daniel Markham Releasing New Album and Video

Texas-based indie rocker Daniel Markham is set to release a new full-length on April 5th, entitled Just Like a Dream. It will be released independently of a record label, as is his standard fare. The new material will add a heavy dose of power pop to his twangy alternative rock sound. He’s also released a super-fun new video for the lead single “Big Star,” a title which is surely a nod to the power pop greats themselves.… Continued →

February 28, 2024

New Releases: February 23, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Avery Pkwy – The Narrow Road [Single]
  • Behold the Beloved – Toxic Lullabies [Single]
  • Eonia – Passing
  • Jesus Wannabeez – Kiss The Son (Psalm 2) [Single]
  • Meadows – What Is Truth [Single]
  • Nate Parrish – Bad Excuse [Single]
  • Real Face – 222 [EP]
  • XREDLINEX – Ward of the State [Single]
  • The Rocky Valentines – Sing The Song [Single]
  • Spoken – Sleeper [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Aryn Michelle – Sovereign [Single]
  • Fulton Lee – Run [Single]
  • Nightbirde – You Get What You Give [Single]
  • The Rocket Summer – Don’t Be Yourself [Single]
  • Sajan Nauriyal – I NEED U!
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February 25, 2024

Lightworker Shows Us All How Heavy and Melodic Can Intertwine With Expertise

Lightworker return with their first new song in several years. The song is titled “First Light” and it’ll be appearing on the band’s new album “How The Beautiful Decay” which is out April 19th on Solid State Records. Imagine a Howard Jones led Killswitch Engage crossing paths with For Today, Phinehas, and Bleeding Through but even more spectacular. This band shows real promise and potential and I can’t wait to hear what album number 2 sounds like. Check out the music video for the song right here at IVM, below.… Continued →

Too Bad Eugene Get Divorced

Too Bad Eugene released their latest new song titled “Divorce Story” a couple weeks back that we neglected to post about (I’ve been busy sorry :(. This song is not autobiographical, it’s meant more as a play off of their song “Wedding Story” off their year 2000 debut “At Any Rate”. Check out this epic pop-punk, classic Too Bad Eugene song below this post. The band’s new album “Battle Scars” drops on March 8th via People of Punk Rock Records!!… Continued →

The Rocky Valentines to Release Debut Album "Erase"

The Rocky Valentines which is the project led by Charles Martin who happens to be an accomplished musician and songwriter by his own right, is releasing his much anticipated debut record titled “Erase” on March 29th through Tooth & Nail Records and Velvet Blue Music. Oh and his father just happens to be Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. Pre-order this album in a few different options right here.… Continued →

Nate Parrish - Bad Excuse (Official Lyric Video)

Nate Parrish returns with first new song since 2022. The song is titled “Bad Excuse” and it just released on Friday via his new label home, Fair Vaux. Check out the lyric video below right here on Indie Vision Music and make sure to stream the heck out of this song, I mean really do it. “Bad Excuse” is hecka fun (fka ‘Hella’) and if this is any indication of what’s to come in 2024 from one of my favorite punk rock artists, then we are all in for a real treat.… Continued →

XREDLINEX Drop Explosive New Track "Ward of The State"

A brand new hardcore band on the scene called XREDLINEX, are back with the 2nd track off their upcoming 7″ release “Tongue Tied”, this one titled “Ward of The State”. Check the song out below and comment with your thoughts. It’s a fair mix of both old and new with all that righteous anger and fists through the wall adrenaline that hardcore is famous for. This is a killer track by a killer band so give these guys a listen.… Continued →

February 23, 2024

Song of the Day: Caustic Eminence - Corporate Christianity

Caustic Eminence was a raw, fast, hardcore punk band from Marion, IN. The band formed when they met as students at Indiana Wesleyan University. They released 2 demo cassettes before issuing the fabulous Another Day, Another Dollar 7″ through Cling Recordings in 1996. Not much else is known about the band other than their recorded output. Their take on punk was fast and furious, raw and lo-fi, contrary to the gamut of pop-punk bands that were popular at the time, which were moving towards more sophisticated sounds and production techniques.… Continued →

February 18, 2024

New Releases: February 16, 2024

Rock & Metal Pop & Alternative Electronic & EDM Folk & Singer/Songwriter Worship & CCM Continued →

February 16, 2024

Song of the Day: Rev. James Cleveland - Lord Help Me to Hold Out

I had fully intended to cover something punk today, when I began listening to some old traditional Gospel for a project at work (I’m an associate pastor at a diverse, inner-city church). I was reminded of a Gospel song I first heard in the early 1990s when I was a member of a Gospel choir at my college. Yes, little ol’ white boy me, metalhead/punk rocker. In fact at one point in time I had a 4-inch mohawk while I was in this Gospel choir, but I digress.… Continued →

February 15, 2024

February 14, 2024

Unwed Sailor release New Album

Unwed Sailor announce the release of a new album. Entitled “Underwater Over There”, the album is available to pre-order! You can pre-order the album now on at the band’s official online store (, and on their Bandcamp page ( Be sure to watch the video for the first single “Final Feather” on Youtube, and you can also stream “Final Feather” on the streaming service of your choice.… Continued →

February 12, 2024

February 10, 2024

Cool Hand Luke to Premiere New Music Video on Valentine's Day at Indie Vision Music

I’m proud to announce that Cool Hand Luke have returned with their first new song in more than 7 years titled “If You Keep”. The song has an accompanying music video which we will premiere right here at IVM on 2/14/24 which for lovers is known as Valentine’s Day. You’ll be able to watch the video as it premieres on our YouTube channel right here. Make sure to sign up for notifications and subscribe to our channel. This is a powerful song and some of the best to come from Cool Hand Luke in years.… Continued →

Members of Slow Coming Day, Waking Ashland, and Watashi Wa to Embark on Short Tour

Orion Walsh of Slow Coming Day, Jonathan Jones of Waking Ashland/We Shot The Moon, and Seth Roberts of Watashi Wa, will embark on a 3 date mini-tour, acoustic oriented, and titled “Waking Ashland, Watashi Wa, and Slow Coming Day Goes Acoustic”. These guys will be reworking their band’s most fun hits into an acoustic format at each stop. You won’t want to miss this because it might never happen again. Play these bands loud and proud in your playlists then hit up a date.… Continued →

Meadows to Release "Familiar With Pain" March 29th

Facedown Records is proud to announce that indie darlings, Meadows, are dropping their brand new, full length record on March 29th. The album is titled “Familiar With Pain” and the first 2 singles have just been released. You can pre-order this huge album over on the Facedown store site here to grab the vinyl, and other Meadows merch. The Red vinyl is limited to just 300 copies fyi. Read more about the new album and listen to “Old Friend, New Leaf, below.… Continued →

Song of the Day: The Pits - Get in the Car

The Ohio band Pits are a band whose roots started in Panama. They are a hard band to list genre-wise, but I would say emo-pop punk-alternative esque. Appears they only released 1 full length & an 8 song EP on Angryson Records. This was the same label who released music from Neshamah & Aftertaste. The short lived Mono vs Stereo label picked up this SOTD for their The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye 2nd comp. Check this catchy song out & try not to sing along the 2nd time!… Continued →

New Releases: February 9, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Meadows – Barabbas (Silence Of Innocence) [Single]
  • Seventh Day Slumber – My Novocain [Single]
  • Too Bad Eugene – Divorce Story [Single]
  • VERIDIA – When the Moon Dies [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • almost a.m. – Locate [Single]
  • Bien – The Reminder [Single]
  • John Jin Han – Writing On the Walls [Single]
  • Kylie Odetta – stuck [Single]
  • NEEDTOBREATHE – CMT Campfire Sessions
  • Owl City – Boston [Single]
  • Xandria Cross – Loser Prince [Single]
Electronic & EDM
  • Everen Maxwell – Challenger [EP]
  • Jeremy James Whitaker – see (like you) [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Embleton – Every Corner [Single]
  • Jessamyn Day – Walking on This Road [EP]
  • Our Atlantic Roots – Medhel an Gwyns [Single]
  • Our Atlantic Roots – The Place I Call Home [Singe]
Worship & CCM
  • Alma Rei – Devotion [Single]
  • The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Aww Yeah [Single]
  • Elevation Worship – Another One (feat.
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February 9, 2024

Check Out Adjy (Appalachian Prog Rock W/ 100 Min Concept Album)

Even though I covered Adjy in the past here, it’s been a few years and a lot of time has passed. In 2021, the group released their ambitious debut album spanning nearly 100 minutes – the FIRST part of a larger tale. And if you are a fan of conceptual works and multi-media projects, this is THE album for you. An accompanying hard-cover book (purchased separately) lays out the lyrics in a way that might be compared to House of Leaves, and there are all sorts of references to history, psychology, mythology, and literature that abound.… Continued →

Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus) Debuts New Song, Album Fundraiser

Seth Davey of Attalus fame has broken what seems to be a long stretch of silence with a new single and a campaign for a new album. And while Into the Sea will live on as one of the most ambitious things to ever come off Facedown Records, Davey’s first solo album was very stripped back and simple in a way that didn’t seem to quite show the full dynamic I was used to. This time around, the campaign makes it clear there will be plenty of drums, guitar, and strings alongside his trademark piano.… Continued →

Song of the Day: Windy Lyre - Drink

Blonde bombshell Windy Lyre appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 1991 with her self-titled debut on Blonde Vinyl Records. Truth be told her connections to alternative Christian music ran deep, but on a personal level, which is not appropriate to go into here. The album was a refreshing display of acoustic alternative, which hinted at folk rock, jangle pop, and in a way preceded the dream pop/alt country craze that swept the middle part of the 1990s and beyond. Lyrics and music were all written by label owner Michael Knott (LSU, Lifesavers, Aunt Bettys, etc.)… Continued →

February 7, 2024

Song of the Day: S.S Bountyhunter - I Hunt It Down

This band delved into a rare subgenre of heavier surf rock. The site has an interview with the band if you want to read all about the theory behinds the bands’ name. Also, vocalist John used to be in the old skool hxc band Clay. The live version if of their song The Arsenal which is their interesting take on the armor of God. Check this one of a kind band out. Continued →

February 5, 2024

Song of the Day: HandsXFeet vs Man Ov God - Judas' Suicide Note vs Church in the Dark

There is really such a thing as a heavy trap subgenre. Artists which have elements include Autumnboy, Man Ov God aka Brook from Impending Doom, Bella Futuro (members of MewithoutYou & The Operation) and Arizona artist HandsXFeet. Check out these thought provoking lyrics from HandsXFeet. Oh my God What have I done what have I done Oh my God I killed Your son, killed Your son The devil he entered my body All of that money it got me Our time spent it meant nothing An army of demons surround me I betrayed who set me free It should be me up on that tree Weight’s too much, fall to my knees Kiss of death was on my breath Take it back, I don’t want it All this blood money is haunted I just let the devil taunt me Shut your ears to sins confessed Broke that bread, passed that cup Flesh torn apart, You gave that up No salvation, out of luck Innocence now laid to rest [MAN OV GOD:] Lost, can’t believe I forgot Lost, can’t believe I forgot All alone in my sin Betrayed the Son of Man Guillotine, that’s the plan Hanging from a tree Flesh, the heart of man Save me from my grave My soul is strong, but my flesh is weak    … Continued →

February 3, 2024

New Releases: February 2, 2024

Rock & Metal
  • Asfirefalls – Oblivion [Single]
  • Luxury – One Of Those Things (The Temple) [Single]
  • Then It Ends – Unseen [Single]
Pop & Alternative
  • Fulton Lee – Mufasa [Single]
  • Henrik – Liar [Single]
  • Hyper Fenton, Chris Howland – Scary Love [Single]
  • Jaisua – hollow [Single]
  • Sixpence None The Richer – Sixpence None The Richer (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)
Electronic & EDM
  • Gui Brazil, CalledOut Music – Thank You Lord (Remix) [Single]
  • JOSHUA LAZER – right on time [Single]
  • Pembers – clocks [Single]
Folk & Singer/Songwriter
  • Chris Renzema – Square One [Single]
  • Drew Holcomb, Ellie Holcomb – Brick by Brick [Single]
Worship & CCM
  • The Belonging Co – TEN
  • eightFour, Calah Mikal – Better Plan [Single]
  • Eliza King, Kate Gurren – Foolish & Ruined [Single]
  • The Fuzzy Robes – Invocation [Single]
  • Glenmerle – ACHING FOR THE SKY [Single]
  • Lazuli – Bought by Blood [Single]
  • Pulaski & Co.
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February 2, 2024

Song of the Day: World Theatre - Water Spill

World Theatre released only one album, the brilliant eponymous full-length, for Frontline-imprint Graceland Records in 1989. But the band’s credentials are deeper than that might suggest. Founder Tim McAllister (vocals, guitar, bass, programming) had previously been in another one-album-only new wave band called Flock 14. Jim Abegg (AKA Jimmy A, from Vector and more recently The Ascendants) provided some guitar work. Gene Eugene (Adam Again, Lost Dogs, hundreds of production and studio credits) mixed the album. And piano and keyboards (along with some additional bass guitar work) were provided by none other than Cincinnati’s own Linford Detweiler (this was pre-Over the Rhine).… Continued →