Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus) Debuts New Song, Album Fundraiser

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Seth Davey of Attalus fame has broken what seems to be a long stretch of silence with a new single and a campaign for a new album. And while Into the Sea will live on as one of the most ambitious things to ever come off Facedown Records, Davey’s first solo album was very stripped back and simple in a way that didn’t seem to quite show the full dynamic I was used to.

This time around, the campaign makes it clear there will be plenty of drums, guitar, and strings alongside his trademark piano. That’s certainly the case on the first single. It kind of reminds me of the Post Tenebras Lux album.

You can check out the full campaign here.

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Seth Davey
Seth Davey
February 9, 2024 6:45 pm

Thanks guys! Definitely reminiscent of Post Tenebras Lux 🙂

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