Song of the Day: HandsXFeet vs Man Ov God - Judas' Suicide Note vs Church in the Dark

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There is really such a thing as a heavy trap subgenre. Artists which have elements include Autumnboy, Man Ov God aka Brook from Impending Doom, Bella Futuro (members of MewithoutYou & The Operation) and Arizona artist HandsXFeet. Check out these thought provoking lyrics from HandsXFeet.

Oh my God
What have I done what have I done
Oh my God
I killed Your son, killed Your son

The devil he entered my body
All of that money it got me
Our time spent it meant nothing
An army of demons surround me
I betrayed who set me free
It should be me up on that tree
Weight’s too much, fall to my knees
Kiss of death was on my breath

Take it back, I don’t want it
All this blood money is haunted
I just let the devil taunt me
Shut your ears to sins confessed
Broke that bread, passed that cup
Flesh torn apart, You gave that up
No salvation, out of luck
Innocence now laid to rest

Lost, can’t believe I forgot
Lost, can’t believe I forgot
All alone in my sin
Betrayed the Son of Man
Guillotine, that’s the plan
Hanging from a tree
Flesh, the heart of man
Save me from my grave
My soul is strong, but my flesh is weak



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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
February 9, 2024 11:38 am

Ok, but wen r we gona get an album from “man ov God”? 💔😢🙄🤦🏻‍♂️😴

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