Check Out Adjy (Appalachian Prog Rock W/ 100 Min Concept Album)

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Even though I covered Adjy in the past here, it’s been a few years and a lot of time has passed. In 2021, the group released their ambitious debut album spanning nearly 100 minutes – the FIRST part of a larger tale. And if you are a fan of conceptual works and multi-media projects, this is THE album for you. An accompanying hard-cover book (purchased separately) lays out the lyrics in a way that might be compared to House of Leaves, and there are all sorts of references to history, psychology, mythology, and literature that abound.

Musically, it’s an adventure that spans the likes of emo, math-rock, folk, pop punk, and film score influences.

Last summer, the group released a companion project of songs from the same world – while the overall conceptual end of things is a bit lighter, the songs are just as strong and are actually some of my favorites to date.

Rumor has it that vinyl, demos of Part 2, and other updates are not too far out, so now’s a great time to get onboard.

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Loyd Harp
February 10, 2024 6:01 am

I saw them at Audiofeed last summer and had been previously unaware of the band. They were great live. Looks like I need to dig much deeper!

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