Song of the Day: Blood & Water - Sleep It Off

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This pop punk band from California reminds me of ska elements at the same time without the horns which is probably since the band are big fans of Fire Iron Frenzy. If you like the band, check out their S/T on IVM’s Bandcamp page.



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Brandon J.
February 5, 2024 11:26 am

This band has long been a favorite of mine. I once sold their early recordings in my online Indie Vision store and offered demos as theirs as Free Downloads. When they broke up, I was deeply saddened as well as disappointed. They had such great potential to be the biggest band in the scene. Even that final recording they released “Traffic” after this album showed some true pop-punk influence. I’m sure Talkie is great and all but this band had that commercial appeal and instantly memorable songs that got stuck in your head for days. RIP Blood and Water, may… Read more »

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