Too Bad Eugene "Battle Scars" New Album Out on Friday

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The brand new 14 track Too Bad Eugene full length titled “Battle Scars”, is out on Friday. This isn’t really a review, more of just a quotable summary 😉 This sonic masterpiece finds the band at their absolute best playing songs that are slightly out of the box for TBE and tackling themes that keep them a few steps ahead of fellow punk rockers who seem more obsessed with just relationship drama and political retread. The sounds on this record are crisp, clear, and full of that thick bass feel that keeps a fullness in sound. While the record isn’t too far of a drastic leap from prior material like “At Any Rate”, “Moonlighting”, “Distance”, and even the early Craig’s Brother stuff, there is enough unique variety here to warrant multiple listens. This is one of those moments that calls out for the use of headphones and “Battle Scars” certainly doesn’t disappoint. A lot to digest lyrically but some beautiful moments can be found throughout all 14 tracks including more really great guest vocals from Adam’s (Nigh) wife Rachel, and daughter Mercy. I’m most impressed with the mixing on “Battle Scars” and the background vocals in the way that they are interwoven throughout the songs found here. A really great, solid 4th full length record from a band I hope to hear much, much, more from in the years to come! Make sure to buy a physical copy of this record by clicking this link here.

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