Song of the Day: Kristyl - Together

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While much of the music we cover here has its origins–or at least its influence–in the music scenes that developed in the 80s and 90s, there was independent Christian music long before that. I won’t get on that soapbox once again, as I’ve written about it multiple times elsewhere. All I’ll add for now is that there was some incredible and influential faith-oriented music in the 1970s.

One such act was Louisville-based quartet Kristyl. The band only released one album, 1975’s eponymous full-length, and then disappeared. In fact, very little is known about the band or its members after the album released. But despite being an independently-released/private press record, Kristyl has gone down in psych rock halls of fame on various fronts.

Featuring a sound that is reminiscent of Wishbone Ash, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, the acid rock quartet wove faith-filled lyrics into swirling guitars and vocal harmonies:

Together we can tell the world, together
Together we can change the world, together
Together we can look at the past, together
Together it will always last, together

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