Scene and Unseen: Flyer Art For The Lansing Underground

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A really great new book has been released titled “Scene and Unseen: Flyer Art For The Lansing Underground” written by Alex Delavan. The book chronicles the many shows that took place at The Lansing Underground (Michigan) from the late 90’s until 2003 when the venue held their last event. A lot of bands you may recognize as having played this venue as well as a bunch of indie acts that probably should have gotten more notice. I was sent the promotional materials for this wonderful book and from the looks of it, seems to be very well detailed an informative piece of work. The purpose of a book is to tell a story through whatever means that may be and I feel that Alex has done just that. He has conveyed emotions and stirred up nostalgic feelings in a lot of us old timers to remember a time when you could connect beyond just social media and websites, to interact with one another and discover new music on your own (without endless ads being flashed in your face). Check out this book on hardcover and paperback from Amazon here or Barnes and Noble here.

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