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March 12, 2019

Who Is This God Person Anyway?

Lee Brown who was a writer and prominent member of the IVM family here (not to mention a Pastor), has written his second book and it is available via Amazon right here. The book is titled “Who Is This God Person Anyway?”. The forwards of this book were written by Leanor Ortega Till of Five Iron and Seth Hecox formerly of Becoming The Archetype. I think you’ll all find something of great depth here in this book and some challenging questions that are raised. The book is available both as a paperback and as a digital copy via Amazon here.… Continued →

January 19, 2018

Scene and Unseen: Flyer Art For The Lansing Underground

A really great new book has been released titled “Scene and Unseen: Flyer Art For The Lansing Underground” written by Alex Delavan. The book chronicles the many shows that took place at The Lansing Underground (Michigan) from the late 90’s until 2003 when the venue held their last event. A lot of bands you may recognize as having played this venue as well as a bunch of indie acts that probably should have gotten more notice. I was sent the promotional materials for this wonderful book and from the looks of it, seems to be very well detailed an informative piece of work.… Continued →

February 1, 2017

Seth Davey (Ex-Attalus) Sets Up New Publishing Imprint, "Fiction Forest"

Seth Davey (former vocalist/songwriter for Attalus) has launched a new website and publishing imprint titled “Fiction Forest”. Check it out here. Seth has written several recent Children’s books (I bought a few and gave one to my kid’s kindergarten teacher last year) and they are just wonderful stories filled with hope. The stories are all rooted firmly in Biblical principals and teach your children valuable life lessons. Speaking of Attalus, the band will be performing at “AURA Fest” in Savannah, Georgia on February 18th!… Continued →

December 10, 2012

INTERVIEW : Andrew Schwab

Project 86 frontman Andrew Schwab sits down with IVM to talk books, Christmas Music, and how the fans are eating up their latest album Wait for the Siren! Read on to see just how amazing Schwab really is and how big his heart is for a broken generation of men.