Introducing Spiritwalker (mini album review included)

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Wage War. DTGL-era Underoath. Confide. These are but a few of the names that readily spring to mind when I listen to Spiritwalker’s debut release, “Heretic”, which dropped this past July. The independent release is extremely well written and well produced, easily standing shoulder to shoulder with other well-known bands of the genre that have been at it for years. The project, based out of Asheville, NC, is the sole effort of one man, Brandon Marlowe.


The album is unashamedly direct about matters of faith, touching largely on where our hope and purpose lies, expressing the frivolity of seeking such things here and focusing our gaze to God, where we’re found in the fulness of all these things. Musically, the band has moments very reminiscent of the bands mentioned earlier, but not to the extent that Spiritwalker fails to find it’s own identity. While influences may seem fairly obvious, Spiritwalker has managed to implement similar sounds and feels, all the while making “Heretic” it’s own monster.


This band and this release may have flown under the radar for many and is more than deserving of far greater notoriety. For fans of hard rock, metal, metalcore, etc, this is one you don’t want to miss out on. Again, great sound, great heart and message. Heavy music for a risen King. Check it out.






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