Harp & Lyre – Believe, Divide, and Find Yourself Alone

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Unsigned heavy favorite Harp & Lyre would like to announce their new record title and cover art. The much anticipated record, “Tribes”, will be coming this fall. In the meantime, the band would like to give fans a preview of what’s to come.

Vocalist Tyler Carder had this to say about the new track from their forthcoming record Tribes.

“’Believe, Divide, and Find Yourself Alone’ is and intimate view of the Christian Church through the eyes of a believer looking to see a change in the false ideas and personal agendas of the body of Christ. It’s not meant to elude the point to make a good song, but clearly states a problem and makes a point, and that point is relative to everyone by means of misrepresentation of what the body of Christ should ensue. It is a more real look at the institution that many of us attend on a regular basis and a call to move, to fight, to not settle in to a simple routine but to live out the belief you and I claim.”

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2 Responses to 'Harp & Lyre – Believe, Divide, and Find Yourself Alone'

  1. MrM says:

    Only song I’ve heard by them was: “Bare Knuckles Meets The Source Of The Problem”, because I liked the title. Wasn’t a fan, but I rather enjoyed this song

  2. evan144 says:

    Liked the lyrics…that’s about it, sadly! I loved this bands past stuff, but this song just feels so mundane in comparison.

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