Exclusive Premiere: Brotality - Biohazard

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We are excited to bring you the brand new music video from heavy (metal) band, Brotality. This song is heavy, it shreds, and is full of head banging fun. The band mixes up sub genres of METAL while remaining true to themselves and composing a sound all their own. It is an impressive accomplishment especially considering the collective ages of each band member. This band should be commended for their skill and for rising to the top despite their young age which might be a hinderance to other bands of this caliber. “Worldwide Desolation” is now available through Rottweiler Records.

“Our debut album, “Worldwide Desolation” brings in aspects of old school thrash, new school hardcore, prog, groove, and almost any genre you can think of! This epic journey through our sound has something for everyone, and it will have everybody on their feet and breaking their necks from the sheer amount of headbanging.”

“Biohazard is a raging bull that has just been released from its cage. Starting with a bone-crushing riff, the song makes its way into a slamming verse with aggressive vocals before our prog influences shine, leaving in its wake one of the heaviest moments in the album. And after all of that, you are revived with an open, uplifting sing-along chorus that will surely bring your spirit back into your body.”

-Brotality guitarist, Bryce Maopolski:

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February 21, 2021 5:23 am

I kinda get oldschool, Reject by Living Sacrifice vibes from this. I dig it. They’re unpolished, but in a charming way that makes me think this is what me and my brothers would be like if we started a metal band as young teens.

Ty DeLong
February 19, 2021 11:32 am

These dudes rip! Tight musicianship and fun songwriting. Can’t wait to see where they are in a couple of years.

Terry Miller
Terry Miller
February 19, 2021 9:44 am

It’s eh…I find their stuff rather comical. But, that’s just my opinion. Maybe with age, they’ll get better.

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