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TAKE - The Dead Will Rise

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Label: None
Release Date: August 15th, 2017


  1. Right Now
  2. Abandoned
  3. More to Live for (feat. Quin White)
  4. My Story
  5. Sleep Now in the Fire
  6. Never Forgotten
  7. Never Backing Down

Although TAKE has been around for some time, this review will serve as an introduction to many. In the current climate of the long standing pillars of Christian metal being slowly eroded away with time, (Sleeping Giant, Haste the Day, For Today, Hands) it is vital that new bands come and pick up where they left off. Not only continuing Christian metal, but metal with such a strong stance in faith; this is where Take comes into play.

The 2017 EP The Dead Will Rise is anthem of what can be accomplished in faith. The short opening song gives off a feeling of old Sleeping Giant. Right Now is a fast paced hardcore with screams, yells, and breakdowns. Lyrically, it calls out the lukewarm, the complacent and calls them to devotion.

Seamlessly transitioning into the strongest song on the 7 track EP, Abandoned begins with brutal honest lyrics coming from a deep betrayal, “You ripped my heart out and fed me lies, you pushed the knife deep in to my back and watched me die, all I can say is you feel nothing at first, then the world comes crashing down on you.” However the true message of the song is the power of grace given through faith. The following verse speaks, “I couldn’t move, so You set my feet in motion, I lost my site, so You restored my vision, I struggled to love and You showed me the cross, I struggled to forgive and You showed me Your hands.”

The following is one of the catchier songs on the album with prevalent double bass and lead guitars. The song centers on the fight within oneself against the nature of sin to give up, that true atonement isn’t possible. It’s a common theme of the entire album; resisting doubt regardless of whatever troubles may come and staying true to one’s faith. A testament to TAKE’s ability as musicians and songwriters is when there is such an emphasis placed on near worshipful lyrics, oftentimes the music can be lacking with bands in this genre. However, this is not the case with The Dead Will Rise. They even travel outside the boundaries of traditional hardcore and mix a bit of rapping into the fourth track, My Story.

Never Forgotten takes another personal tone of a loved one who is no longer here. The song screams with vehemence that they will never be forgotten despite whatever time passes. It’s a sentiment and a promise that hits home. The EP ends similarly to how it began, with a fast, in your face screaming/gang vocal filled verse maintaining a theme of praise.

The timing of this EP couldn’t have come better placed, with there being a glaring hole wanting to be filled in the Christian metal world. The album is relentlessly honest, yet with the diversity of songwriting and style, can be repeated without blending too much into each other.

RIYL: Sleeping Giant, Take It Back!, Call To Preserve

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I always hate people that say that metalcore isn’t metal but at the same time I wouldn’t call Sleeping Giant, Haste the Day, For Today, Hands really pillars of Christian Metal.. but maybe i am getting old lol

Sam Wise

What would you say take is?


I think they are more on the hardcore side of the metalcore spectrum.. when i think about pillars in Christian Metal i think about Deliverance, Stryper, Tourniquet, Mortification, Antestor, Extol etc… But you can easily put August Burns Red and Demon Hunter in there these days.. But maybe its just what i am used to.. This release is pretty decent.. songwriting is good.. production could be better imo

Pretty good for an independent unsigned band with little budget am I right?


Yeah we spent as much as we could which wasn’t much lol


Yeah that’s true :)


Is this the singer of The Forerunner? Sounds like him. Either way very good EP!


Yup. It’s me ;)


Honestly, I really enjoyed every track on this EP. I’ve probably listened to each song over 50 times by now. Take is definitely one of my favorite hardcore bands. Keep it up dudes!

The Forerunner, peeps! This helps fill the void that was left in me when The Forerunner called it a day. Although sound is different, vocals still unique. Be sure to get their first for name your price at their band camp page or on other digital outlets.

Sam Wise

A unique, hard hitting EP like I’ve never heard before. Who is that guy singing on more to live for? Cats got some pipes!!!


The album really makes you think. It changes you from the beginning to end. I love me a good challenge. Nice works guys.




There isn’t a band I can compare them to straight up. Maybe if you combine sleeping giant like the author said with rage and then some early metal bands you would get take. It’s refreshing to hear in an age of recycled metalcore.


The rage cover is spot on.


This album hit very close to home for me as I had a very bad breakup like the singer did. Abandoned had me in tears. The rest of the songs are awesome but abandoned is something special. Thank you for sharing that dark moment in your life and remdinging us all where our trust needs to be.


Sho ukd have been 5/5. It’s that good!


The album as a whole has something for everyone. There’s thrash, hardcore, metal, rock, and more. It’s hard to imagine all jammed together but they did it very well.


The EP is brilliant. There is no other band that combines hardcore with 80s metal and some rap so well. It really is like nothing I’ve heard before.