Song of the Day: Mad at the World - It Can't Rain Forever

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Mad at the World has had a very interesting and diverse career as a band. They started out doing somewhat dark synth-pop on their self-titled debut (in the vein of Depeche Mode, New Order, Clan of Xymox), then added guitars to their new wave sound for Flowers in the Rain. By their third album, they ditched the synths and morphed into a full-fledged alternative rock band with metallic influences. This carried on for three albums (Seasons of Love, Boomerang, and Through the Forest). The next phase was a retro-sounding jangly alternative rock with nods to the 60s and 70s (Ferris Wheel and Dreamland Cafe). After a long hiatus, they released a new album called Hope in 2017 that stylistically was a return to their alternative rock days.

As disjointed as all that may sound, they’ve managed to keep a remarkably high standard of quality throughout (not to mention other projects that brothers Roger and Randy Rose have been involved in: Rose, The Crocodiles, Mothership, Saturn Project, and more). My chosen Song of the Day is from their debut. “It Can’t Rain Forever” is a quasi-ballad that has been used by the Spirit to give me hope on more than one occasion. In troubling times like these in which we find ourselves, hope is desperately needed. Enjoy the track. I hope it speaks to you as well.

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