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Rapper Braille (born Bryan Winchester) has been making hip-hop since at least 1998, first as a solo artist and then additionally as a member of Lightheaded (featured in an earlier Song of the Day), Acts 29, and most recently the worshipful project Beautiful Eulogy. The Portland-based rapper has released just under a dozen albums, including independent releases, a Japanese import, and a collaboration with Symbolyc One, not including his work in the aforementioned cyphers.

Although I’d heard of him through his association with Syntax Records, it was his 6th album Box of Rhymes where I was first introduced to his music. What caught my ears were satisfying beats, catchy tracks, and hopeful lyrics. Check out the lead off track from the album here:

This year, it’s all about this year right here
My wings are soaring
spent too many years held down by the forces of darkness
Exhausted with no energy
My box of rhymes filled with many thoughts and memories
Unforgiving those that trespass against me
My character in life to sacrifice against me
No regrets, self relentless on a journey
Another year, another opportunity – yeah.
A new sunrise, a new day to embrace
And make changes in my life, to rest in new stages
Restoration for my family
We felt the pains of broken-ness, loneliness
I’m hopin this year we can grow from the struggle
I’m holding this pen & expressing my heart
And I gotta show my love with actions
To focus on God and not get distracted

Check out the song here, and if you enjoy it, dig a little deeper into his impressive catalog.

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August 20, 2022 4:21 am

I don’t know what happened with Humble Beast but they made some good music.

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