Song of the Day: The Insyderz - Oh Lord, You're Beautiful

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One of the “Big Three” in Christian ska, The Insyderz formed in Detroit, MI in 1995 out of their Salvation Army worship band. Like their counterparts in The O.C. Supertones and Five Iron Frenzy, the band featured a mix of third wave ska, punk rock tempos, and worshipful lyrics. Unlike their counterparts, The Insyderz were the first of the group to release an entire album dedicated to ska-core worship songs.

For their second album, the aptly-titled Skalleluia!, the band assembled a setlist of mostly modern praise and worship songs and turned them into ska anthems. This fusion was so successful that the band reworked the formula a few years later for their fourth album, Skalleluia Too!. Aside from their worshipful albums, the Insyderz recorded three other albums of ska-core mania, solidifying their place as leaders in the Christian ska scene.

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