Precious Death Return and Working on New Album

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I always enjoyed the music from Precious Death. Their albums “Southpaw” and “If You Must” are just plain great classics, groove metal mixed with a little hardcore. They were unique, bold, and not afraid to share their thoughts and feelings through the music they created. Unashamed about who they were and what they believed. There was one last album in 1996 before they went on hiatus. Now they are back, over 25 years later. According to their Facebook page, they’ve been working on a new album and as of this January, the writing had begun. It’s all hush hush but it’s supposed to be huge and will be even better than past material. If you liked Precious Death or are curious about past material, you can stream everything now on Digital platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. I recommend “If You Must” and “Southpaw” but really, all are good.

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