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Here we are at last, one week away from the much anticipated release from the veteran band, Switchfoot. Hello Hurricane is the start of something new for the band and you can read on to see how they used their new-found creative freedom. College Essay Self Introduction.

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Hello Hurricane is only a week and a half away but here’s an interview with Jerome and Drew of Switchfoot to tide you over until then. Read on and enjoy! http://www.maps.upc.edu/ghost-writting/ Ghost Writting.

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One week until the Hello Hurricane review and two weeks until its release but here’s a review of the 2006 gem Oh! Gravity. Switchfoot seem to get better with age as they fine tune their talent. http://talkingtech.net/essays-on-evolution/ Essays On Evolution.

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It’s week 5 of our 7 Weeks of Switchfoot and that means the 2005 release, Nothing Is Sound, is up to bat. You likely won’t find many albums that flow better than this one from one track to the next and if you’ve missed out you can get it for $2 new at Amazon! Just be sure to give it time to grow on you.

Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown

Review : Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown

We are now less than a month away until Switchfoot’s seventh album drops but this week it’s time to revisit their major label debut. Infectious hooks, memorable riffs, and passionate lyrics abound in The Beautiful Letdown. …continue reading

Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe

Review : Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe

Week 3 of our Switchfoot marathon (of sorts) is here and this time we visit Switchfoot’s transitional album that bridged the gap between two different eras of their career. Some of the best songs they’ve written are found here so you can’t miss it! …continue reading

Switchfoot – New Way to Be Human

Review : Switchfoot – New Way to Be Human

Welcome to the second week of ‘7 Weeks of Switchfoot’! Today we explore their sophomore album, New Way to Be Human which was released in 1999. You know, back when everyone was still freaking out about Y2K. Looks silly in hindsight no? This album sure doesn’t as they capitalized on their debut in every way. …continue reading

Switchfoot – The Legend of Chin

Review : Switchfoot – The Legend of Chin

Welcome to 7 weeks of Switchfoot! Every Tuesday I’ll be putting a review of the next album in the discography all the way until November 3rd, in which I’ll be reviewing their new album, Hello Hurricane. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their back catalogue now’s the time! …continue reading

Fiction Family – Fiction Family

Review : Fiction Family – Fiction Family

Artist: Fiction Family
Album: Fiction Family
Label: ATO Records/ Credential Recordings
Release Date: January 20, 2009
Reviewer: Eric Pettersson

1. When She’s Near
2. Out of Order
3. Not Sure
4. Betrayal
5. Elements Combined
6. War in My Blood
7. Throw It Away
8. Closer than You Think
9. Please Don’t Call It Love
10. Mostly Prove Me Wrong
11. We Ride
12. Look for My Baby

Jon Foreman is a busy guy. His main band, Switchfoot, has been seeing significant mainstream rock success since they released “The Beautiful Letdown” in 2005. Then, over the past …continue reading

Fiction Family "When She's Near"

Download : Fiction Family "When She's Near"

We are offering a special download of the track “When She’s Near” from the band Fiction Family. Fiction Family

features Jon Forman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickelcreek. The new album from Fiction Family hits stores nationwide on January 20th!!

Click Here to Download “When She’s Near” from the band Fiction Family
(Right Click “Save Target As”, Save to Computer”