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Caldwell - Accidental Renovation

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Band: Caldwell
Album: Accidental Renovation
Label: Indianola Records
Reviewed by: Cory (xBeaconx)

Hailing from the orange juice state, Caldwell slams down a nice freshly squeezed glass of post-hardcore. They offer up something for everyone, extra pulp, no pulp, and 100% juice. Why all the orange juice analogies? Well they are from Florida and I’m trying to get some comedy points. Anyways……Caldwell. Great band; roaring, fast guitars. Well laid vocal tracks, gang vocals, guest vocals; the works. The band brings in former Across Five Aprils singer Steve Taylor to lay down some vocals on the track, “Two Months Til Takeoff”.

These guys put in some very interesting elements to their music. Some parts they sound like an old school revival hardcore band with gang vocals and all, then the next throwing it down metalcore style, and actually having talent to boot. All together their sound reminds me of early Evergreen Terrace, which is a very good thing in my opinion.

Though the band never comes out directly with their message, there are some good spiritual nuggets found in the songs. From “Behind The Wheel” I got that someone had to choose between two paths, one that will lead to their destruction, the other to Heaven (possibly?). Then “The Walls Between Us” talks about breaking down the walls we have put up between each other and “The Deadline” say not to wait until the last minute to make your decision (To go to Heaven?)

This band is pretty good overall. If they had more old school hardcore elements in it and less emo in it I might have given it a perfect score, but that is just my personal taste. If you dig emo-ish (post) hardcore/metalcore then be on the look out for Caldwell.

The Good: -Lead singer reminds me of Evergreen Terrace
-Good mix of all the genres
-Good vocals

The Bad: -If they are a ministry oriented Christian band they need to ante up on the message, because shallow people like me can’t understand the deep poetic lyrics.
– If the added more hardcore parts and a little less singing, it would be phenomenal.

The Ugly: -Nothing bad enough to go here.

Score: 8 out of 10

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