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The Ongoing Concept have delivered another unique, high energy album. The logical continuation in style after “Saloon”, “Handmade” features a more reigned in style with songs that work in conjunction and don’t feel like a greatest hits album. Professional Written Papers. Research Papers On Gandhi.

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Formed in 2008, New Hampshire based metal outfit, Ana Sapphira, brings us their debut LP, Edge Walker. Having opened for many national touring acts including War of Ages, Wolves at the Gate, August Burns Red and Impending Doom, the group will mark it’s sixth year of playing together in 2015. Check out the full review here. Order Law Essay. Scholarship Essay For Highschool Students.

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Check out Ian Zandi’s final review for IVM and find out if you should put “Long Drive” on your hard drive. Windows Xp Pro Sale. Calicut University Phd Thesis.

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Haste the Day have made a record with the people, for the people. Average Length Of Dissertation check. Rose For Emily Essay.

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After a successful crowd funding campaign, then signing with Facedown records, alt-rock band Attalus has really delivered with their new marine themed concept album, ‘Into The Sea.’ Read on for the full review of this epic record. Lightroom 4 Student Discount.

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“My name is Blurryface and I care what you think”.
Okay, here is what I think. How Can A Business Plan Help An Entrepreneur.

Review : Bill Mallonee & The Big Sky Ramblers – Lands & Peoples

Former Vigilantes of Love frontman Bill Mallonee just simply continues to make good music. His latest, ‘Land & Peoples,’ spills out lyrical pictures of the many sights and sounds of this nation’s past and present. Check out the full review here, and get to know this truly unique artist. …continue reading

Emery – You Were Never Alone

Review : Emery – You Were Never Alone

While there will always be those people who refuse to move on with Emery and hang on to their more vintage stylings, I believe that “You Were Never Alone” is the most robust and fully rounded album the band have offered to date …continue reading

Josh Garrels – Home

Review : Josh Garrels – Home

Josh Garrels’ falsettos. That should warrant a listen itself. …continue reading

Dustin Kensrue – Carry the Fire

Review : Dustin Kensrue – Carry the Fire

Check out this review and I will tip my metaphorical hat to you. …continue reading

Manafest – The Moment

Review : Manafest – The Moment

Manafest returned in August of last year with “The Moment.” Better late than never, we check out this album and how it compares to his past work. …continue reading

Foreverlin – Still After

Review : Foreverlin – Still After

Being one of several former Red Cord artists that have now migrated over to Pando Records, Foreverlin brings us their third recording project, “Still After.” Read the full review here. …continue reading

Alex Faith & Dre Murray – Southern Lights: Overexposed (Album / Visual Album)

Review : Alex Faith & Dre Murray – Southern Lights: Overexposed (Album / Visual Album)

Alex Faith + Dre Murray have teamed up for ‘Southern Lights: Overexposed’ which was released in both audio & visual formats. Read my thoughts on the album …continue reading

They Will Fall – On the Depths of Depravity

Review : They Will Fall – On the Depths of Depravity

Creating a unique metalcore album this day and age can’t be an easy task. How can a band separate itself from the mass of bands out there that all sound like each other? Well, that’s the task set before They Will Fall with their newest full release, ‘On the Depths of Depravity.’ Check out the full review here. …continue reading

Abandon Kansas – Alligator

Review : Abandon Kansas – Alligator

Abandon Kansas are back with their second full length album, ‘Alligator’ on Bad Christian Music. ‘Alligator’ offers a sundry cornucopia of lush musicianship and emotions. I think there’s truly something for everyone and every mood on this record. …continue reading

Pacific Gold – Sing My Welcome Home

Review : Pacific Gold – Sing My Welcome Home

Pacific Gold manages to not only re-energize lyrics from old, but also fosters a style that reawakens musical genres from bygone eras. Check out the review here. …continue reading

Come and Rest – Blacklist

Review : Come and Rest – Blacklist

Come and Rest have crafted a great hardcore record. “Blacklist” has something for nearly everyone, be it in the form of diverse vocal delivery or hellish riffs, this album will be sure to emanate from metalheads speakers for some time to come. …continue reading

Fireflight – INNOVA

Review : Fireflight – INNOVA

Female-fronted fan favorite rock band Fireflight are back with a new album that explores new musical and lyrical territory. With this bold new sound, is it time to check out this well-loved band? …continue reading

Rachel Taylor – Magnetic

Review : Rachel Taylor – Magnetic

When there is a handful of solo artists who share the name Rachel Taylor, its hard to not bring a comparison to their music. Let me introduce you to the one who isn’t from He Is We… …continue reading

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

Review : Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

There’s no shade being thrown at Sufjan Steven’s latest album. Charlie Brown got it right when he said “good grief”. …continue reading

Exiting The Fall – Bloodline

Review : Exiting The Fall – Bloodline

Indeed, it’s always sad to see a talented band call it quits, but at least they’re going out with a bang. Check out my review of Exiting the Fall’s latest and last release, ‘Bloodline.’ …continue reading

We Are The City- Violent

Review : We Are The City- Violent

This is an excerpt of my review of We Are The City’s latest album. You should read the full review instead of the excerpt. It’s much better. …continue reading

Naturalist – Friends

Review : Naturalist – Friends

Oklahoma band Naturalist is all set to release their new EP, “Friends.” Check out the full review here. …continue reading

New Waters – Venture

Review : New Waters – Venture

Despite a late coming review, don’t miss out on this fiendishly good album from Finnish heavy hitters. …continue reading

The Dwelling – Strive

Review : The Dwelling – Strive

Full of uplifting themes laced with heavy grooves, we take a look at Oklahoma City metalcore band The Dwelling, and their soon to be released EP, “Strive.” Click here for the full review. …continue reading

Sarah Brusco – The Woven Whisper

Review : Sarah Brusco – The Woven Whisper

Sarah Brusco is an amazing female artist who demonstrates to us what raw, genuine and heartfelt worship truly is. …continue reading

Ravenhill – Soul

Review : Ravenhill – Soul

How about some good ol’ blues rock ’n roll? Ravenhill manages to meld music from a by-gone era into something surprisingly new and fresh with their new release “Soul” Check out the review here. …continue reading

Copperlily – Copperlily

Review : Copperlily – Copperlily

My review of Copperlily’s first full-length album #PutABirdOnIt …continue reading

The Brilliance – Brother

Review : The Brilliance – Brother

I like vanilla ice cream. I really do. It’s simple, sweet, and to the point. No quirks, nuts, or slime to get in the way of what really matters. On the other hand, vanilla ice cream can get old really fast. Who would want to eat the same-ol same-ol “normal” vanilla ice cream 24/7? Nobody, that’s who. CCM worship music is exactly like ice cream (in fact, I sometimes confuse them and put sonicflood albums in my freezer). Vanilla …continue reading

Rapture – Trials

Review : Rapture – Trials

Frenzied grooves and uplifting messages are the calling card for this new hardcore band, Rapture. Check out this review of their debut EP, “Trials.” …continue reading

Mat Kearney – Just Kids

Review : Mat Kearney – Just Kids

Read my review of Mat Kearney’s latest (but not greatest) album yet. …continue reading

Tracings – Bloodlines & Anchors

Review : Tracings – Bloodlines & Anchors

From Fargo, ND post-hardcore band Tracings brings their newest EP, Bloodlines & Anchors. Read on for the full review. …continue reading

kids – Rich Coast

Review : kids – Rich Coast

A review of Kids’ debut LP, Rich Coast. …continue reading

My Ransomed Soul – Trilateral

Review : My Ransomed Soul – Trilateral

This album shows immense growth from the group, along with an unharnessed potential for continued growth. In short, this is the album that won’t let me forget about My Ransomed Soul anytime soon. …continue reading

Red – Of Beauty and Rage

Review : Red – Of Beauty and Rage

Following a middling album in “Release the Panic,” veteran rockers RED seek to redeem themselves with “Of Beauty and Rage.” Does this new album prove to be a return to form? Find out here. …continue reading

Atrocities – Demo

Review : Atrocities – Demo

Atrocities brings an energetic, robust hardcore sound into this short, but power packed three song demo. Read on for the review. …continue reading

6’10” – The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin’ Soul

Review : 6’10” – The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin’ Soul

Tobin Bawinkel and his new project 6’10,” dropped the thrashing guitars and bagpipes of in his usual gig, Celtic Punk band Flatfoot 56, and has gone unplugged. Read on for the full review. …continue reading

Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – Medicine

Review : Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – Medicine

Continuing their union of melancholy and redemption, the album is consistent from start to finish. Blending the traditional singer-songwriter template with contemporary sensibilities, it may be a modern classic. So if you’re sick of today’s mainstream music, Medicine is the perfect remedy. …continue reading

Aaron Strumpel – Bright Star

Review : Aaron Strumpel – Bright Star

Aaron Strumpel continues to push against the limits of Christian music, and although Bright Star may not be his most experimental, it’s a fine showcase for the care, creativity, and simple beauty of his music. …continue reading

Flyleaf – Between the Stars

Review : Flyleaf – Between the Stars

Click ahead to read my review of Flyleaf’s transition from metal to pop-rock. …continue reading