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Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 2

Review : Canon – Loose Canon Vol. 2

Canon may take a shotgun approach, but this EP will certainly please fans & serves as a good intro to one of the more underrated artists iN CHH

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KJ-52 – Mental

Review : KJ-52 – Mental

Veteran hip-hop mainstay KJ-52 brings together a new EP with five new songs and several remixes. “Mental” features a bevvy of collaborations as Lecrae, Tedashii, KB, Flame, Propaganda, Soul Glo Activatur (several times), Social Club, SPZRKT and others make their mark. But, does the sum of all those parts add up? Read on to find out.

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Gideon – Calloused

Review : Gideon – Calloused

Gideon have made an extremely fun album full of tracks that will bring out the Hulk Hogan everyone.

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Severchain – The Petals and the Thorns

Review : Severchain – The Petals and the Thorns

Kentucky based alt-metal/ hard rock band Severchain follow up their self-titled debut with a reflective piece that looks at both the joy and pain of life and dares to hold them in the same hand. The style of the album is a blending of Invincible-era Skillet, Wyrick, and Depeche Mode, with just a hint of Stavesacre in some of the vocal moments.

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Colony House – When I Was Younger

Review : Colony House – When I Was Younger

A review of the debut, full-length album from Colony House.

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Dinner and a Suit – Stay

Review : Dinner and a Suit – Stay

Check out this review of Dinner and a Suit’s new EP, “Stay”

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Colossus – Badlands

Review : Colossus – Badlands

Colossus’ sophomore effort, “Badlands” uses a very similar formula as “Time & Eternal” while still showing a natural progression and maturity. This is still the young and energetic band we all fell in love with on “Time & Eternal”, just more refined in every way imaginable.

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Disciple – Attack

Review : Disciple – Attack

Veteran hard rockers Disciple return with their newest album, “Attack.” Functionally their first independent album since “Back Again,” and bringing a sound that combines that album with their later works, “Attack” is an assault from start to finish. But, does this album live up to its massively successful kickstarter campaign? Read on to find out.

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Lecrae – Anomaly

Review : Lecrae – Anomaly

Finding him at his most confident, this album is a shining example of who Lecrae is as an artist and individual. It’s structure & production may be wide-ranging, but Lecrae is attempting to present his eclectic sound to the widest audience possible. But in the end, what do you expect on an album called Anomaly?

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Sleeping Giant – Finished People

Review : Sleeping Giant – Finished People

For anyone familiar with Christian hardcore legends, Sleeping Giant, you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect on their newest release, “Finished People”. A raw production style, riffs focused more on getting the crowd moving than technicality, and front man Tom Green’s passionate vocal performance. “Finished People” takes this basic formula the band have used in the past and refines it to become perhaps the best Sleeping Giant record to date.

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Judah & The Lion – Kids These Days

Review : Judah & The Lion – Kids These Days

A review of the debut full-length album from Judah & The Lion! Spoiler alert: it’s really good.

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Household – With or Without

Review : Household – With or Without

I gave this album a 3 in my first draft of this review. I then changed it to a 4; let me tell you why.

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SPZRKT – Bonfire

Review : SPZRKT – Bonfire

Streets ahead of the music found on the Top 40 charts, Bonfire is one of the best pop/R&B albums in “Christian music.” It may ruffle some feathers, yet all his influences & ambitions are compiled into a clear picture of who he is as an artist. This is the best representation of the eclectic and unique sound of SPZRKT.

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UGLYTWIN – Oh, The Cost

Review : UGLYTWIN – Oh, The Cost

Anyone can throw some dissonant intervals together and make something that is noisy, but it takes something special to use chaos and noise to create something musical. After listening to UGLYTWIN’s debut full length Oh, The Cost, I think it’s safe to say that they may have that something special. Passionate lyrics, ferocious vocals, dissonant but creative guitar playing, and relentless drumming form the outline for their debut album, and it’s anything but empty.

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This Patch of Sky – S/T

Review : This Patch of Sky – S/T

As a fan of instrumental post-rock, this is the kind of album I will keep coming back to. Read on for the full review.

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Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate

Review : Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate

One of the most underrated bands on the planet creates their finest work to date.

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Thousand Foot Krutch – Oxygen: Inhale

Review : Thousand Foot Krutch – Oxygen: Inhale

Thousand Foot Krutch follow their career defining “The End is Where We Begin” with a more somber offering in “Oxygen: Inhale.” A spiritual successor to “The Art of Breaking,” TFK fans are in for a ride with this incredibly faith affirming album. But, will the more somber tone alienate those who were drawn in by their more raucous recent offering? Read on to find out more.

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Darkness Divided – Written In Blood

Review : Darkness Divided – Written In Blood

The record oozes nostalgia as it channels the pure things that made metalcore shine in the early 2000s. Guitar solos, stellar clean vocals, and an overall gritty tone abound on this wonderfully fun record.

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House of Heroes – Smoke EP

Review : House of Heroes – Smoke EP

Recently independent House of Heroes have now gone the fan funded route, launching their IndieGoGo campaign earlier this month. Along with the new campaign the band will be soon releasing an EP, “Smoke,” Check out the review here.

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Mouth of the South – Struggle Well

Review : Mouth of the South – Struggle Well

Expect a heaping dose of down tuned guitars and pummeling drum beats, accompanied by Josiah Lyle’s furious howling and brutally honest lyrics.

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Swoope – Sinema

Review : Swoope – Sinema

It may take a few spins to recognize it, but Sinema may be Swoope’s true magnum opus. For now it remains the defining artistic statement of the Christian’s struggle with sin. And so far, most likely the best full-length hip hop album of 2014. I give it two thumbs up!

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Vailant- Transition EP Part 01

Review : Vailant- Transition EP Part 01

A review of the Norway-based Vailant’s debut EP, Transition EP Pt. 01.

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Forevermore – Telos

Review : Forevermore – Telos

While not breaking any new ground in the genre, Forevermore create a perfect blend of progressive metal that is equal parts technical and easy to listen to.

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B. Cooper – While The City Sleeps EP

Review : B. Cooper – While The City Sleeps EP

Relatable and encouraging to anyone who’s had a dream, While The City Sleeps easily accomplishes what it sets out to do. The EP is nearly flawless and proves that Cooper is an emcee you shouldn’t sleep on.

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War of Ages – Supreme Chaos

Review : War of Ages – Supreme Chaos

Following 2012’s modest “Return to Life,” War of Ages return to form with “Supreme Chaos.” But, is this album a worthy addition to WOA’s impressive discography? Find out here.

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Beleaf – Red Pills + Black Sugar

Review : Beleaf – Red Pills + Black Sugar

Unafraid and honest, Red Pills + Black Sugar is a powerful concept album that shines a light on issues that aren’t discussed a lot in hip hop.

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Forfeit Thee Untrue – Blood Soaked Splinter

Review : Forfeit Thee Untrue – Blood Soaked Splinter

Check out my review on Forfeit Thee Untrue for their album Blood Soaked Splinter.

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Suspiria Profundis – Divine Knowledge

Review : Suspiria Profundis – Divine Knowledge

Suspiria Profundis’ album Divine Knowledge may be the gateway into unblock metal you need.

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Essentials – Trials

Review : Essentials – Trials

From the no-frills, organic sound, to the powerful, faith filled themes, this EP from Essentials is a home run for me. Read the entire review here.

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Oh Tear the Veil – EP

Review : Oh Tear the Veil – EP

Four Brothers from Ohio form the metalcore band Oh Tear the Veil. Check out the review of their new self titled EP here.

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Remington Stallard – Houses

Review : Remington Stallard – Houses

The debut offering from Remington Stallard, a singer songerwriter from Waco, Texas, Houses, is a blend of worship and indie rock that sounds like it would be at home on Come&Live!

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Aaron Strumpel – Vespers III & IV

Review : Aaron Strumpel – Vespers III & IV

Vespers III & IV challenges the complacency of the listener and forces them to engage with the music beyond merely letting it wash over them.

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Sleep for Dreaming – Heartless

Review : Sleep for Dreaming – Heartless

Check out this review of Sleep for Dreaming’s “Heartless” EP.

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Numbers – Three

Review : Numbers – Three

Numbers carve out a niche for themselves with Three. The album smashes together technical metal riffs, copious electronic elements, touches of jazz, and strong vocals of both the clean and screamed variety. Read on for the full review.

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Sundance – Midlife Marauders

Review : Sundance – Midlife Marauders

dvocating that high-quality and creative hip hop still exists, Sundance’s debut album isn’t perfect although it’s a step in the right direction. Midlife Marauders may have a few weak spots and a short length but it’s a solid project with inventive production and just the right group of guest artists.

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The Old-timers – Be Reconciled

Review : The Old-timers – Be Reconciled

The Old-timers are releasing ‘Be Reconciled’, their brand new album on July 1st. Check out the review below!

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Those Who Fear – Death Sentence

Review : Those Who Fear – Death Sentence

Those Who Fear’s newest album is about as subtle as a sledgehammer blow to the skull. Following last year’s brutal “Unholy Anger,” “Death Sentence” is an even more lyrically aggressive follow up. Check out the full review here.

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Sleeping At Last – Oceans

Review : Sleeping At Last – Oceans

Sleeping At Last’s Oceans may not be a complex cornucopia of sounds and instruments, choosing instead to rely heavily on the piano, but its deceptive simplicity will reel you in.

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NEEDTOBREATHE- Rivers In The Wasteland Tour

Review : NEEDTOBREATHE- Rivers In The Wasteland Tour

Let me start off by saying *spoiler alert* if you are planning on going to this tour and don’t want to know any of the surprises, stop reading now.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the review.

Opener Foy Vance took the stage at 8pm in a jaunty cap and with an impressive handlebar mustache. If his looks aren’t your style, his voice and stage persona would probably win you over within a few minutes of his set. The Irish singer-songwriter…

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This Is The Giant – Speak Every Word

Review : This Is The Giant – Speak Every Word

New to the Come and Live roster, This Is The Giant deliver an ambient full-length that is subtle, reflective, and avoids being dark or moody. Read on for the full review.

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