Icon for Hire – Cynics & Critics

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Daniel Hardt Dissertation. have released their new song titled “Cynics & Critics” which you can listen to below. The group’s new “Self Titled” album will be out October 15th on Tooth & Nail Records. [Thanks Sam M]

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54 Responses to 'Icon for Hire – Cynics & Critics'

  1. Justin (emergenscenery) says:

    Icon For Hire = Superchick vs. Paramore.

  2. Iaya says:

    I like this song, I think. The production is iffy in parts and fantastic in others, and Ariel’s voice shows a decent variety of styles. What bothers me is the lyrics. Are they completely tongue-in-cheek, stereotypical emo/misunderstood teen lyrics written as a joke, or are they seriously meaning what they say? The answer really affects how much I like it.

  3. Dave86 says:

    I believe it’s meant to be a commentary on the prevalent attitude of today’s society.

  4. Dave86 says:

    I like the song. The artwork, not so much. I really enjoy their debut album. I hope that this album will be equally as good.

  5. Taylor C. says:

    I usually hate this kind of stuff, but I dig it. The video gave me vertigo during those spinning bits.

  6. Lucas says:

    Totally not my style, but man this is catchy.

  7. Sam M. says:

    I actually like this better than Scripted. It seems like they’ve downplayed some of the flaws from that album (generic riffs, vague lyrics) while increasing the stuff that worked (the energy, synth influences, and satire of angst-rock bands). If they keep up with is, I could probably get into this next album.

  8. MrM says:

    This is actually really good, the fast bits before the chorus are perfect. Icon For Hire is one of the few female fronted bands I can actually seem to get into

  9. Bryce says:

    I don’t like this one bit. In terms of lyric video production value, this is years behind what’s coming out these days. The spinny bit during the chorus is distracting and unattractive. I’m really put off by the attitude that Ariel portrays in this music. Despite what she’s trying to say, all I hear is, “We’re better than you…we know more than you…we’re too good for you.” That’s the vibe I get from her in interviews and live performances as well. Just the fact that she distances the band from the word “Christian” is a good indicator of what I’m talking about. Musically, yeah, it’s catchy, but it’s recycled material and that shouldn’t be that controversial of a statement. Their songwriting is about as diverse as Red’s. I’m also not a fan of the higher pitched pseudo-rap-shouting (like at 0:32). Alright, I’m sure I’ve picked some fights here. Let’s play nice.

  10. FadiNg says:

    Pretty good, very interesting starting single, looking forward to their album, but seems like they matured their sound and this album will be better than the last one.

  11. MrM says:

    Ended up listening to the new album yesterday, and actually really enjoyed what I heard

  12. Dave86 says:

    I loved Scripted and I really liked Cynics and Critics, but after listening to the rest of this new album, I realized that I am definitely no longer part of their target audience. I just could not get into it at all. I must be getting old. :(

  13. Sam M. says:

    I personally liked (most of) the new album, but I can see why others wouldn’t be into it. Out of curiosity, is IVM going to be reviewing it?

  14. T says:

    I will give it a review.

    Bad album that hasn’t sold well. One of the worst “Christian” acts out their currently.

    Rating: 1/10. If you don’t believe me you can listen to the entire record on youtube. I actually tried, but turned it off in the middle of track 4.

    • Sam M. says:

      Actually, judging by Billboard (which may or may not be a good yardstick), it’s actually sold better than their last album. Not making any quality judgements, just pointing that out.

    • JoeShmooga says:

      I agree with you, T, though I do think that Icon for Hire still is a good band (albeit with only one good album to their name so far). Their second album may have sold well initially, but if iTunes is accurate, it has quickly fallen from favor with many of IFH’s fans. I didn’t even really like “Cynics & Critics”, either, and I had bad feelings about the album after that song. There were only two tracks from the album that were true keepers (“Sorry About Your Parents” and “Rock and Roll Thugs”), and “Fix Me” was the only other song besides “Cynics & Critics” that was even worth listening to.

    • MrM says:

      It’s funny, after listening to it fairly regularly for about half a month now, I can’t really say anything all that bad about it. “Sorry About Your Parents” doesn’t stand out to me all that much, and is more likely to get skipped over, but it’s not bad. “Rock and Roll Thugs” is a terrible song name, and I’m not the biggest fan of the lyrics, but it still sounds pretty good. Aside from that, I absolutely love the rap influences in it, and the synth and pop elements, it’s actually just ridiculous how much I’ve found myself enjoying it. So many standoutish moments throughout. The first album was pretty good, the latter half hasn’t stood out so much, whereas their self-titled has been extremely memorable.
      I hope if/when they make a new CD they don’t get any more pop influenced though.

    • Smacky X says:

      MrM- totally with you dude. I have nothing else like this in my music library, but I gave the album a listen on YouTube a few times, bought the album, and am taken a back by how much I am enjoying it. (I am enjoying it A LOT!) It’s way more diverse than their first album and I think they have put together an album that sets them apart from the glut of female fronted rock bands in that “Paramore” vein.

    • Lucas says:

      Well Smacky and MrM’s endorsement makes me want to give this album another shot. I think the lyrics annoyed me a bit at first (this coming from a big Paramore fan), but I didn’t give it a really solid listen. Definitely gonna have to do it again!

      Speaking of Paramore, has anyone heard their new self-titled album yet? I know they aren’t being covered here anymore, but I haven’t heard anyone even acknowledge it and it’s pretty awesome IMO.

    • MrM says:

      Haha thanks for the support Smacky, glad I’m not alone here.
      And Lucas, post here after you’ve given it a shot, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Just go in to it with no expectations, because it is pretty diverse.
      But totally fantastic. Still enjoying it all.

    • Smacky X says:

      Seriously MrM, I didn’t know that you had you posted that when I looked up the thread to comment, but when I checked it out I saw that you basically already said everything I was thinking and wanting to comment on…right down to finding it “ridiculous” how much I’m digging it.

    • MrM says:

      Well that is downright uncanny. But also fantastic. It is really just ridiculous, isn’t it? This and Beautiful Eulogy just can’t seem to make their way out of my playlists. No matter how hard I try they just work their way back in again

    • Graham says:

      MrM = Lucas? Lucas = MrM? Almost the exact same picture.

    • Lucas says:

      Not quite the same. It’s clear that MrM is much more of a downer than I am.

      Also, that’s funny MrM that you can’t take this or Beautiful Eulogy out of your player. I am loving Beautiful Eulogy’s album cause of its depth (favorite of the year), but can’t get into Icon For Hire because there’s just not enough depth. I have trouble just having fun with music… I need substance. It’s one of those things I’d probably enjoy with my friends in the car but just can’t listen to alone. (similar to FF5’s “Business Up Front…”)

    • Graham says:

      Aha! I see exactly what you did there. Except, I am not sure I believe that you are truly the same person. I am 99% sure that you are, but hey, I cannot say for sure.

    • Smacky X says:

      There’s no way they are different people with avatars that look THAT similar….

    • Lucas says:

      But does Batman change into Bruce Wayne just by taking off his mask or does he not take the entire costume off in favor of a nice suit so that it doesn’t become painfully obvious that he is the same person? As such, if I wanted to have a separate identity then I wouldn’t simply burn out my candle but replace it altogether. It would be way too obvious. Or I’m just crazy and like talking to myself in public forums… :)

    • Lucas says:

      But does Batman change into Bruce Wayne just by taking off his mask or does he not take the entire costume off in favor of a nice suit so that it doesn’t become painfully obvious that he is the same person? As such, if I wanted to have a separate identity then I wouldn’t simply burn out my candle but replace it altogether. It would be way too obvious. Or I’m just crazy and like talking to myself in public forums… :)

    • Someone who isn't Lucas says:

      I think you’re just crazy.

    • Lucas says:

      No one asked you just go home!

    • Another someone who isn't Lucas says:

      You also double posted. You’re a failure.

    • Lucas says:

      NO!!!!!! Graham Smacky, make them go away!

    • Graham says:

      Smacky X, you stole my picture … give it back!

    • Lucas says:

      Or you and Smacky X are the same person. I mean… the pictures. They’re the EXACT same. :)

    • Smacky X says:

      If you look on my Gravatar profile and on yours, you will see that the pictures while similar, are not exactly the same. I made sure of that so that no one mixes us up.

    • MrM says:

      I wanna be Graham too!

      And back to Lucas, it’s kind of an odd mix, I gotta admit, but I never found Icon for Hire all that fun. They can sound kind of upbeat sometimes, but songs like “Hope of Morning” are what hooked me on the album in the first place, with (what I find) personal and well crafted lyrics with an excellent and memorable vocal flow. Not to mention the angelic chorus. I’ve always been a big fan of Icon’s lyrics, they just somehow work well for me.

      If you can’t get into it, that’s fine, just sucks to be you. But I’m totally with you on fun music. FF5 was cool back when Business.. came out, but fun music is just an occasional novelty for me.

    • MrM says:

      Also, Lucas, if you’re Batman, you have to tell me. Please. I want to believe.

    • Graham says:

      Well, since you guys like me so much … maybe you should give my blog a “follow?” ;) Yes, I just unabashedly made that plug. Haha, onto more serious matters …

      I’m really at a loss of words right now. I never imagined seeing myself with a Fu Manchu mustache – but wow, I look pretty good with a mustache and lasers shooting from my eyes! And that halo … I know that I’m almost perfect, but I’m not sure I quite deserve to have a bright, glowing circle above my head. And Smacky X … nice touch with adding that blur to my photo. I thought it made it look, oh I don’t know, a little more … nostalgic. Guys, we are making IVM history right here.

      Oh, and Lucas IS Batman.

      I want everyone on this website to have my photo.

    • MrM says:

      I barely even remember how the me being Lucas thing started. All I remember is I was anti-Smacky X briefly, and suddenly Lucas had a gravatar and I was parodying him. (Excellently executed picture, btw, Lucas.)
      And you can’t tell me what to do, Graham. I will not follow! But I did enjoy. And your blog has my recommendation for anyone else who happens across this comment thread we have so finely hijacked.

    • Lucas says:

      Thanks MrM! I look GOOD!! Don’t think anyone will believe that I’m Batman now though. :(

    • Graham says:

      “And you can’t tell me what to do, Graham. I will not follow! But I did enjoy. And your blog has my recommendation for anyone else who happens across this comment thread we have so finely hijacked.”

      Haha, I can vibe with that. Overzealous advertising is annoying, and that’s what I did, so I don’t blame you for not following. Ah, I’m a walking contradiction! I’m like Kanye, except I don’t claim to be Shakespeare in the modern day flesh – YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS! ;) I’m glad you enjoyed it though – thank you kindly for checking it out. Also, I will hopefully get to answering your email today.

    • Lucas says:

      Graham, please don’t say you’re like Kanye. I can’t read a blog written by somebody like Kanye.

      MrM, I’ve been giving Icon For Hire more listens today and I’m really enjoying it now. I think “Hope of Morning” is remarkable and the rest of the album is at the very least decent. I didn’t like Scripted at all (sounded like a lesser version of Flyleaf and Paramore) so I’m surprised at how inventive this album is and how much I’m enjoying it at this point. :)

    • Graham says:

      Hahaha. I made the comparison because we are both prone to conjuring up fallacies.

    • MrM says:

      Glad to hear it Lucas! Overall Scripted was only alright for me, but it had it’s moments. 1:49-2:15ish of “Get Well” kept me replaying simply for that spot. The pre-chorus of “Cynics & Critics”, the beginning of “Pop Culture” (I know it sounds pretty mainstream radio pop music-ish, but I love how they incorporated it and have a soft spot for that as it is:P), the verses of “Sugar and Spice” as well as “Watch Me”, all memorable moments that kept me coming back.

      Also, news flash everyone, Graham is actually Kanye.

  15. Dave86 says:

    I had the opposite experience. I’ve spun this album a few times now and each time I like it less and less. I loved Scripted, but this one is just not enjoyable to me. There are a few “catchy” synth/hip hop moments, but they are definitely not enough to keep me coming back. I also failed to connect with the majority of the lyrical content. I can still see this album being successful, but some folks who really dug Scripted may find themselves disappointed like me.

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