Kye Kye – Young Love Remix EP

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Kye Kye – Young Love Remix EP
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4.4 (20 votes)

Artist: Kye Kye
Title: Young Love Remix EP
Label: none
Release Date: 4/03/12
Reviewer: Carter Fraser


  1. Broke (Remix)
  2. Introduce Myself (Remix)
  3. Walking This (Remix)
  4. Knowing This (Remix)
  5. Trees & Trust (Remix)
  6. My Sight (Remix)

The likely reason that Kye Kye’s Young Love Remix EP is such a horrible failure is that it flies in the face of the philosophy that made the rising stars’ debut one of the most notable releases of 2011. Where Young Love thrived on its organic atmospheres, Remix EP sees the Washington quartet milling their songs through an electronic dubstep grinder. But even without the atmospheres Young Love would have still been a satisfying release; Kye Kye here have completely “remixed” the songs to such a ridiculous extent that the new versions sound more like joke renditions than an actual release. Absurd synth beats and extreme auto-tuning make Remix EP a project to definitely pass on.

First track “Broke” is one of the biggest offenders, completely butchering what was before a terrific song and making a mockery of Olga Yagolnikov gorgeous, breathy vocals. “Trees & Trust” features heavy vocal distortion that I believe was intended to sound bleak and desperate, but instead comes off as silly and obnoxious. Curious, too, is the fact that Young Love did make occasional use of auto-tune effectively to legitimately add mood to the songs, leaving one to think that Kye Kye would have the ability to maintain this delicate balance. Such is far from the case. Here the band has blown up the electronic editing to such a degree that I doubt even fans of electronic remixes could find things to their taste.

The remix of “Walking This” is perhaps the only track that stands up to the original by maintaining most of the poignancy of the original song and keeping the synths to a relative minimum, though there are a few moments in which the vocal effects do come in to ruin things. For the most part there is a general sense of homogeny to the album, and not in a focused way. It’s clear that these remixes were all done in the same style and generally deviate from the original formula in the same, painful way. Thankfully, at least, Kye Kye left out some of the most tranquil songs on Young Love like “Rooftops” and “Peace Song,” a favor not given to some other notable tracks, such as “My Sight.” Whenever it seems that a pleasant moment is being experimented with on Remix EP, a senseless synth effect is usually just around the corner to spoil it.

Overall: Thankfully this is just a side EP that (hopefully) is not indicative of any new material or direction. You can easily skip out on this one, fan or not, but those new to this incredibly talented group should check out 2011’s Young Love.

RIYL (for Young Love): Bon Iver, Eisley, Sigur Ros, Future of Forestry

Kye Kye - Young Love Remix EP, 4.4 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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23 Responses to 'Kye Kye – Young Love Remix EP'

  1. Spot on, could not have said it better.

    • ed says:

      Here’s an excerpt from a reviewer with better sense… and who did say it better.
      “Kye Kye has done a brilliant job pushing their ambient-electronic sound to new heights with these remixes. Simply put, The Young Love Remix EP is wonderfully irresistible.”
      “The remix is an art form in itself. I find myself ignoring remixes as a whole due to their general lack of genuine creativity from the original work. But Kye Kye doesn’t fall in to that category whatsoever. Each of the six songs has been deconstructed, and tastefully put back together, accentuating the paint on the lyrical canvas therein. The end result is a moving, progressive take on 6 incredible songs.”
      They gave it an 8.8 out of 10.

  2. JoshIVM says:

    I haven’t given enough attention to be able to rate it accurately but I know it would be 3 or lower for me. However, I actually enjoyed both releases but that might be because I’m a big fan of electronic music in general & remixes.

  3. Masters Thesis Microbiology Auburn University. says:

    The opposite of this review. Go buy the EP, it’s quality remixes done by the band. There’s only one song that features any dubstep and it’s more akin to Lights’ “classy” use than anything. Where as the Young Love *is* great because of the atmosphere, this EP is equally great in that the tracks take on a new life precisely because the *aren’t* of more of the same. Favorite track has to be the remix of “Introduce Myself” where there is a couple sections where the vocals are chopped and layered brilliantly.

  4. Corey Pigg says:

    “I’m a 17 year old high school student from Arlington, TX. I enjoy baseball, running, fishing, art, sleeping when there’s time, and of course music. I mostly listen to anything under the indie umbrella” I think your description of yourself says your not qualified to review this album accurately. How about we get someone who has knowledge and appreciation of electronic music review the album? I agree with the aforementioned statements of how these remixes show a variety of what these guys are capable of and how it adds new life to the existing songs. This review is horrid and I am surprised Brandon allows 17 year olds to review albums. Sort of disgusted with IVM and their choice of album reviewers.

  5. Dave Swanson says:

    Corey – calm down dude it’s just an album review and one guys opinion

  6. Corey Pigg says:

    I am a huge fan of being polite, but it seems as though the vast majority of this community bashes electronic music or whatever the opposing genre is, Chris Works – I’m sure would agree. To have the first sentence start off with claiming it as a “horrible failure” – that’s a pretty bold remark in and of itself. What I am saying is for this site or community to have good credibility or have any real weight – they should focus on having people who are more for that specific genre review the album. Otherwise it’s pointless.

    • Business Paper Writing Service. says:

      Since when does this community bash electronic music? Chris W.’s stuff gets a lot of positive responses, and the last electronic artist I remember being reviewed here (The Jellyrox) received almost universal praise. All that doesn’t matter, anyway; this is one very mature writer’s well written review. You should give him more respect.

    • JoshIVM says:

      I listen to lots of electronic music, & as I said above, the album was average for me on a scoring scale. I did like it though. It is clear from the review that Carter likes the band as well but he was not a fan of the remixes. Regardless, I am not going to let it bother me when another person doesn’t like an album that I do. It’s really not worth getting upset over.

      Please utilize the user scoring system. If a reviewer scores an album really low & we have 20 readers score it really high, the problem has solved itself. It works the same in the opposite direction as well.

      On a side note, we are working to focus reviews towards reviews who are familiar with the genres but the entire system isn’t in place yet. It takes time since this has never been done before on IVM. However, our readers should have noticed a difference recently seeing certain reviewers tackling genres they listen to regularly. I am attempting to improve our overall reviewing system because, as was stated in the Site Update, we have some issues we need to address.

    • I actually love electronic music. Opinions are opinions. We have freedom of speech in the United States…last time I checked, IVM was started in the U.S. It isn’t pointless to have a reviewer look into an album that isn’t their favorite genre. If they can appreciate the talent or criticize the lack of, what is the problem? I personally hate country music, but if I were to review a country album, I would look at the lyrics and the music rather than bashing the genre itself, then go by those aspects and possibly give it a high score if it deserved that. This is what Carter did with the review. He went straight for the album rather than complaining about the genre. Like fusse, I haven’t heard this album. But from the mixed messages coming from people (and the review itself) I am actually more intrigued than if it had gotten 4/5 or 5/5.

  7. To respond the the general criticism….

    I am a huge fan of the band Kye Kye, which is why I requested to review this. Young Love was my favorite Christian album released last year. I stand by what I said in this review, and I feel that I expressed my opinion clearly and articulately. I am familiar with electronic music, although I will readily admit that it is not my main focus.

    I encourage anyone who disagrees with my review to continue using IVM and not let one bad experience leave them with a bad impression of the site as a whole, as it is a terrific source of music news and reviews for all types of music.

    • Lucas says:

      Very well said Carter! :)

    • catherine says:

      Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It said exactally what I thought about the EP (but in a more articulate way than I would have been capable of). Normally I would not comment on a post like this, but I felt like I needed to let you know that I love hearing reviews from teenagers like me!! In my opinion, I would rather read a review by someone close in age to me because it shows a more valid point of view than someone who has nothing at all in common with me. Haha I only wish that I could write as well as you can! I am definitally a fan of Kye Kye, but agree that the mixes in this EP are not the best and honestly do not reflect the same sound as in earlier releases and am glad that the band is not going to continue moving in that direction. But thank you, again, for the marvelous review and just know that you are a amazing writer!!! :)

  8. cazakara says:

    I really enjoyed this album. But I can see where the reviewer is coming from. It is a different “sound” from their earlier release. If in doubt listen to the preview clips up on Amazon. :)

  9. ed says:

    The likely reason that this review is such a horrible failure is that it flies in the face of the philosophy that makes for an educated informative review. I’m not sure what you expected from a remix album. If I took your review at face value, I would have imagined this album to be something altogether different than what it really is. You are way too harsh! Throwing in lines like, “Here the band has blown up the electronic editing to such a degree that I doubt even fans of electronic remixes could find things to their taste” is over the top and just plain wrong. Obviously others strongly disagree with your sentiments as the user rating is 4+ to your measly 1.

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