Blindside – Pitiful

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Today’s Video Flashback comes from Sweden based Post-Hardcore band, Cheap Windows 7 In Sydney. , and their song “Pitiful” (from “Silence” 2002 Atlantic Records). So many different viewpoints and opinions arise when talking about Blindside and their vast collection of music over the years. My personal favorite is still this album, although the 2011 release is also quite good. Discuss your favorite Blindside albums and how this band shaped your musical taste, below. Also, in case you missed last years’ video for “Our Love Saves Us”, you can find that below too.

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22 Responses to 'Blindside – Pitiful'

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed With Shivering Hearts We Wait, but I don’t think I can decide which album of theirs is my favorite. All of it is so good. My favorite song from them though is and always will be “King of the Closet”.

  2. CommanderKeen says:

    I was wondering when this video was going to come up! Love this!

  3. ezekieldeal says:

    sweet video. good memories. hopefully ‘king of the closet’ pops up on this rotation eventually. that video is crazy.

  4. thruchristalone777 says:

    I always liked this video. It’s simple but still kind of cool. Plus “Silence” such a good album.

    WSHWW is one of the albums I failed to pick up last year… I was going to but never did. I think I should fix that…

  5. eman says:

    Everything blindside does is awesome! From thier earlier self tilted on solid state to thier latest one. But will always love A thought crushed my mind. It was weird and heavy and melodic and rocking all into one! They were a huge influence on me musically. They thought outside the box and I love Christian’s vocals. Great screamer and singer! Smooth. And chaotic.

  6. DT says:

    I’m with Brandon. Silence is my favorite Blindside album. Track for track, I enjoy it the most. It’s really strange I had never seen this video before, ha. Cool video.

  7. I’ve been listening since the beginning, so I am likely a bit biased towards those first two. Here is my official ranking of their discography.

    About a Burning Fire > Silence > A Thought Crushed… > Self-Titled > The Great Depression > With Shivering Hearts We Wait

  8. I own every album minus silence.. still need to buy that one… I have the mp3s like forever..
    My album ranking would be
    About a Burning Fire > Silence > A Thought Crushed…> WSHWW > The Great Depression >Self-Titled

  9. Kurtis says:

    My ranking;
    About a burning fire> Self-titled>The Great Depression> Silence> WSHWW> A Thought Crushed…

  10. Brett says:

    Such a great song!

  11. KeithX says:

    I think “The Color Of My Eyes” from “The Black Rose” EP is my favorite Blindside song of all time. With the exception of “The Great Depression”, I have liked each subsequent release better than the last. In other words, I think they just keep getting better. But that’s just me. No, based on the comments, it’s just me.

  12. KIRKadurka says:

    Sleepwalking is my favorite music video from Blindside. My ranking of albums would be:
    Silence>About A Burning Fire>A Thought Crushed…>The Great Depression>WSHWW>Black Rose>Self-Titled……..It’s hard to rank the albums though because there are a few that I like the same amount and would rate them as a tie.

  13. Scott says:

    For a while Blindside was my fav. band before Maylene knocked them off. My favorite video was “All of Us”. Sooooo good and the girl was hot. Haha. Favorite song is “About a Burning Fire” or “When I Remember”.

    • fusse says:

      “About a Burning Fire” is an absolute classic and will always stay as one of my fav songs. I even have an amazing painting based on the song that a very talented fine artist painted for me.

  14. MrM says:

    The Great Depression is actually the one that made me find out about Blindside, but then I never was interested enough to buy more by them. After previewing their other stuff, I wasn’t intrigued enough to make a purchase, aside from “Pitiful” and “Sleepwalking”. I actually really liked The Great Depression, more so the slower songs, for some reason they still stand out to me. “When I Remember” is probably my favourite

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