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Movies with Heroes - Nothing Here Is Perfect

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Artist: Movies with Heroes
Album: Nothing Here Is Perfect
Label: CI Records

Back in November I went to see The Juliana Theory play in Lancaster, PA. One of the opening acts I had never listened to before was Movies with Heroes, and they blew all of us away. I went with some friends from school and since then have heard at least one of them singing “Wake up. Wake up. Is this what you want?” probably about once a week. Then came March. Movies with Heroes was having their CD release show, and we had to go. The show itself was amazing (minus half the opening acts), and the CD we all received with it was equally amazing.

This album bursts open with the synth intro to “Wake Up,” a passionate rock tune about the corruption of our government and how we should be voting to correct this problem, declaring to listeners “This land is mine. This land is ours. Let’s drop the leash, pick up the whip, and drive the money changers out.” The next song, “Ink,” is not quite as edgy, and speaks of each day being a chance to start over and do better. The first verse of “Wildflower” is a fine display of secondary vocalist Jeff Royer. While front man Keith Wilson has a passionate tremble to his voice, Jeff is much smoother, yet not lacking in the emotion department. “Warmer” is happily melodic with an amazing guitar solo towards the end. It speaks of not worrying about the world’s label of failure and continuing to seek the truth. A small choir is brought in for some additional vocals on “The Wave,” a beautifully thought out song about the hardship of life with lyrics such as “The wave is catching up with me. And it might drag me out to sea. But I’ll go anyway.” The album is slowed down a bit for “Moth and Rust,” one of the more outspoken songs on the album. This one (without pointing to anyone specific) denounces political figures who use the name of Christ to their advantage, with an undertone of hope for those who “march to war without reason.” My favorite song is “Need It Now,” which sings boldly of the numbness of routine and the need to feel alive through simple things like songs, fresh night air, and rain. The technicality on this track is a perfect example of Chiemena Ukazim’s extremely talented guitar work. Everyone loves an acoustic closer, and Movies with Heroes does so with “Miracle Drug.”

From a look at the band photo in the album liner, you wouldn’t guess these guys could rock so well. Nothing Here Is Perfect is strong from start to finish, with amazing musicianship, rivaling anyone else who has ever played melodic rock and roll. As was stated by my one friend as we listened to the CD the day after the release show, “These songs are lovely.”


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