Meet Ryan Brogan of pmtoday

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With being unsigned for so long, what kept you guys from giving up?
Our goal wasn’t to get signed when we started this band so it was not hard to continue writing music. Being unsigned made things a lot more difficult, but it was all worth it.

Why Rise Records and how have they helped you guys?
Rise Records was the best deal we’ve received. They called us and we talked to them over the phone rather than through email like our previous offers. They also really believed in our music and that was a huge thing for us. Rise records helped us get booking agency, purchase a new van, record a new record, promote our new record in various ways we couldn’t do on our own, booked us a tour, provided hospitality, got us in music magazines we used to read when were 14 years old, got us a publicist, and exposed us to their fans.

What does the album title mean?
It basically means in the middle of things. there’s a lengthy explanation on our formspring somewhere.

How has your music changed since your 2007 release?
We listened a lot of different music when we were writing this new record than we did with our 2007 release. We wrote “In Medias Res” focusing on what was best for each song. Rather than writing a bunch of cool parts. I don’t know this is a weird question to us. Listen to them and let us know what you think.

What/Who are your musical influences?
We listen to a lot of muse, Frank Sinatra, movie scores by Johnny Greenwood, As Tall As Lions, Brand New Right Now.

What do you draw on as inspiration for your lyrics?
life experiences, literature, poets, lyricists.

Do you consider yourselves a Christian band or Christians in a band?
Neither. We all believe in a higher power but we haven’t studied/researched enough on any religion to label ourselves one.

How do you find time for your faith on the road?
We’ll occasionally bring books on tour just to educate ourselves on this subject.

What do you do when you are not on the road?
We live at home, play/practice music, work, hang with our friends, play video games, and hang out with our dad.

What is the meaning behind PMToday or is it (pmtoday, PM Today, or what?)
It is pmtoday. There is no special meaning behind. We thought it sounded cool back in high school ha-ha.