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October 10, 2021

REVIEW : Wage War - Manic

Wage War hit the metalcore scene with a ferocity in 2015 with the release of their debut album, “Blueprints”. Prior to this, they were known as Empires and had an ep called “The Fall of Kings” which is quite impressive! The first two albums, “Blueprints” and “Deadweight” were very well received by fans of the genre, however the third, “Pressure”, which was released a little over 2yrs ago, had something of a mixed reception. While ardent fans of the band’s previous material thought they were getting too poppy or mellowing out, others applauded some of the new directions the band was branching out to.… Continued →

December 31, 2020

Best of 2020: Rob Jensen

I was going to write a little intro to this list of mine, but in the end I figured I’d just let it speak for itself. Alot of great music dropped despite all the year brought us and these are my top 20. Let me know what you think!     20. Everything In Slow Motion – “Influence”. (Rock/Hard Rock) Released 10/16/20 on Facedown Records. Influence was the band’s first release since the 2016 ep, Laid Low. While it didn’t feel like a whole lot of new ground was covered, that is a good thing, especially considering their sound.… Continued →

January 6, 2019

Best of 2018: Rob Jensen

2018 had a number of great albums, all of which I couldn’t list here, but after careful consideration, these are my top 20, none of which are listed lightly. See which ones you’d have picked out and maybe find some new music to check out. And please remember, if you do end up finding something new, please support the artist by picking up some of their music! 1. Amongst The Giants – Obscene Part of the roster of the fairly new label, Rockfest Records, this hard rock/metal outfit released not just the best album of 2018, but the best in their genre over the past few years.… Continued →

November 25, 2018

REVIEW : Review: Memphis May Fire - Broken

Back in May, I was able to catch Memphis May Fire on a show they added to an off night on their tour with Sevendust. I was fortunate enough to have secured a VIP for that show, part of which included a pizza party and getting to listen to the new album well before it was even announced, much less released. While the pizza was good, the listening party aspect was pretty rough; not so much because the album wasn’t any good, but hearing it was a bit of a challenge with everyone hanging out and talking and everything else going on.… Continued →

August 18, 2017

April 28, 2017

February 24, 2017

Acceptance Release Brand New Effort, First in 12 Years!

Alt-Rock band Acceptance have released their first full length of new material since the 2005 hit record, “Phantoms”, this time through Rise Records. This Aaron Sprinkle produced effort titled “Colliding By Design” sees the band picking up where the fine “Phantoms” left off with even bigger production and a tad bit of electronic influence. If you dug any of the band’s two prior efforts, you’ll love this new album. Check it out wherever fine digital music is sold or on Spotify, below. You can also stream the entire record over on Billboard right here.… Continued →

December 6, 2016

November 8, 2016

REVIEW : Memphis May Fire - This Light I Hold

  Over the years, the name “Memphis May Fire” has become nearly synonymous with the genre commonly referred to as metalcore. Some love metalcore, some not so much, but regardless of your preference, it’s hard to deny that Memphis May Fire is one of the best the genre has to offer. From the guitars chugging away in dropped tunings, to the breakdowns, to the versatility of Matty Mullins’ vocals, the band offers a variety of things to love, and more recently, a few laid back tunes have even made their way into the band’s catalog, showing off their ability to maintain the listener’s interest with some slower, melodic, catchy material.… Continued →

November 4, 2016

October 23, 2016

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April 2, 2013

REVIEW : The Color Morale - Know Hope

“Know Hope”, the band’s third full length studio album brings to fruition the emotions of the passionate frontman. All the highs and lows, the doubts and fears, and ultimately the underlying peace with it all, “Know Hope” is a journey of converse emotions.

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January 16, 2009

REVIEW : Before Their Eyes - The Dawn of My Death

Artist: Before Their Eyes Album: The Dawn of My Death Label: Rise Records Release Date: October 28, 2008 Reviewer: Scott L Tracklist: 1. Life Was All A Dream 2. Because 7 Ate 9 3. The Beast Within 4. So In Love 5. The Things We Stood Against 6. Dawn Of My Death 7. The Way We Operate 8. Their Throats Are Open Graves 9. New Kids In Town 10. The Me I Used To Be This was an album that I was looking forward to. I had stumbled across Before Their Eyes’ self-titled debut online but while it was good enough to draw me back periodically to listen to samples, it just didn’t have what was needed for me to actually throw down some cash for it.… Continued →