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October 10, 2021

REVIEW : Wage War - Manic

Wage War hit the metalcore scene with a ferocity in 2015 with the release of their debut album, “Blueprints”. Prior to this, they were known as Empires and had an ep called “The Fall of Kings” which is quite impressive! The first two albums, “Blueprints” and “Deadweight” were very well received by fans of the genre, however the third, “Pressure”, which was released a little over 2yrs ago, had something of a mixed reception.… Continued →

December 31, 2020

Best of 2020: Rob Jensen

I was going to write a little intro to this list of mine, but in the end I figured I’d just let it speak for itself. Alot of great music dropped despite all the year brought us and these are my top 20. Let me know what you think!     20.… Continued →

January 6, 2019

Best of 2018: Rob Jensen

2018 had a number of great albums, all of which I couldn’t list here, but after careful consideration, these are my top 20, none of which are listed lightly. See which ones you’d have picked out and maybe find some new music to check out. And please remember, if you do end up finding something new, please support the artist by picking up some of their music!… Continued →

November 25, 2018

REVIEW : Review: Memphis May Fire - Broken

Back in May, I was able to catch Memphis May Fire on a show they added to an off night on their tour with Sevendust. I was fortunate enough to have secured a VIP for that show, part of which included a pizza party and getting to listen to the new album well before it was even announced, much less released.… Continued →

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REVIEW : The Color Morale - Know Hope

“Know Hope”, the band’s third full length studio album brings to fruition the emotions of the passionate frontman. All the highs and lows, the doubts and fears, and ultimately the underlying peace with it all, “Know Hope” is a journey of converse emotions.

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